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★ Fool's Odyssey 2024
Duration: Apr 1, 2024 - May 5, 2024

★ Elite Enchantress Revamp
Duration: Permanent

★ Elite Hero Equipment Revamp
Duration: Permanent

★ Hero Specialty Skills
Duration: Permanent

★ Fishing System
Duration: Permanent

★ Vanilla Headgears and their Enchants
Duration: Permanent

MAR 25, 2024

  • Added Lysandra Card in Card Summoner's 3% pool
  • Changed the location of Card Summoner and Voucher Seller. They're now inside the BraveRO Casino [cmd_in02 206 98]

MAR 24, 2024

  • Fixed a bug with Randgris Card having a 5% chance to autocast Dispel instead of the intended 1%.
  • Fixed a bug with Fallen Valkyrie Card having a 5% chance to autocast Dispel instead of the intended 1%.
  • Fixed a bug with Gem of Dispel having a 5% chance to autocast Dispel instead of the intended 0.5%
  • Modified Gem of Pneuma to reduce the chance of autocasting Pneuma when receiving attacks from 10% to 5%.
  • Fixed a bug with Gem of Safety which was autocasting Safety Wall when receiving attacks at 10% instead of 5%.
  • Fixed a bug with Ignus Fatuus Aura and Ignuss Enchant having incorrect script for Wall of Fog.
  • Modified Ignus Fatuss and all similar headgears that autospell Wall of Fog. The trigger rate has been reduced from 10% to 7%.
  • Fixed a bug with Fallen Sakray giving 500 ATK instead of the intended 250.
  • Increased the Demi-Human reduction from Noble Hat and all other upper headgears that boost Healing Skills from 25% to 30%.
  • Fixed a bug with Elite Rope and Elite Guitar not autocasting Tarot when using Vulcan Arrow.
  • Modified Demi Freya's Mad Bunny Shield so that 5% damage reduction is only activated when VIT is less than or equal to 200.
  • Fixed a bug with Ygg Berry & Ygg Seed stacking. They share the same delay now (applies to infinite yggs as well).
  • Fixed a bug with Elite Katar (Ripclaw) allowing players to equip another weapon on the left hand.

MAR 21, 2024

MAR 15, 2024

MAR 13, 2024

  • Modified the Event Manager NPC to link to the Event Schedule information on the wiki.
  • Modified the Event Manager NPC to list the latest automated event winners, and showcase a random winner using a chat rooms across town.

MAR 10, 2024

MAR 7, 2024

  • Prices of Tradable and Account Bound Headgears from the BraveRO Market have been increased by 5 BraveRO Tokens.

MAR 4, 2024

  • Added BraveRO Tokens as a currency option for Vending Shops.
  • Added Zeny as a payment method to enchant Elite Weapons and Specialist Gloves

MAR 3, 2024

  • Reduced whale call fishing skill Zeny gain dramatically.
  • Zeny gain through whale call is now based on shoal level. The higher the level of the shoal, the better the amount of Zeny it could give. Seasonal shoals are the highest.
  • Removed scratch-off tickets as fishing drops. Change to other valuables.
  • Increased Zeny reward from Zeph hunting mission by 20-25%.
  • Removed cooldown from Zeph Hunting Mission

Make it a habit to regularly check the Discord Changelogs, the Wiki Changelogs, and/or the Forum Changelogs, to stay informed of other updates and bug fixes.




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000 guide title.png
A1 Newbie Guides.png

Testimage099999111.png Guide Image F 002 Job Changing.png Guide Image F 003 Earning Zeny.png Guide Image F 004 Stylist.png
Guide Image F 005 How to donate.png Guide Image F 006 Donation Services.png Guide Image F 007 Item Mob Database.png Guide Image F 008 Monster info.png
Guide Image F 009 Marketplace.png Guide Image F 010 Elements.png Guide Image F 011 Quest Headgears.png Guide Image F 012 PvP Arenas.png
Guide Image F 013 Gems of Power.png Guide Image F 045 Refine Repair Removal.png Guide Image F 046 Socket Enchanting.png Guide Image F 047 Enchanting.png
Guide Image F 049 Status Ailments.png

A2 Feature Guides.png

Guide Image F 014 Zeph Mission.png Guide Image F 015 Daily Quest.png Guide Image F 016 Mining.png Guide Image F 017 Forging.png
Guide Image F 018 Hero Elite Hero.png Guide Image F 019 Achievements.png Guide Image F 020 Battlegrounds.png Guide Image F 021 Automated Events.png
Guide Image F 022 Casino.png Guide Image F 023 Combat Training.png Guide Image F 024 Fused MvP Cards.png Guide Image F 025 Skin Colors.png
Guide Image F 026 Elite Temple.png Guide Image F 027 Custom MVPs.png Guide Image F 028 MVP Hunter.png Guide Image F 029 Divisions.png
Guide Image F 030 Spirit of Heroism.png Guide Image F 031 Phantasmagoria.png Guide Image F 032 Custom Pets.png Guide Image F 033 Premium Stylist.png
Guide Image F 048 WoE.png Item catalog.png

A3 Instance Guides.png

Guide Image F 051 Elite Dungeon.png Guide Image F 052 Horror Factory.png Guide Image F 053 Orc Memory.png Guide Image F 054 OGH.png
Guide Image F 055 Endless Tower.png Guide Image F 056 Malangdo Culvert.png Guide Image F 057 Nydhoggur Nest.png Guide Image F 058 Hazy Forest.png
Guide Image F 059 Faceworm Nest.png Guide Image F 060 Buwaya Cave.png

A4 Game Guides.png

Guide Image F 034 Installation Guide.png Guide Image F 035 Client Commands.png Guide Image F 036 AtCommand List.png Guide Image F 037 Skins and Themes.png
Guide Image F 038 Stat Explanations.png Guide Image F 039 Warping Teleporting.png Guide Image F 040 General Card Effects.png Guide Image F 041 MVP Card Database.png
Guide Image F 042 Party Guilds.png Guide Image F 043 Using Storage.png Guide Image F 044 Keyboard.png Guide Image F 050 Macro.png