How to Level Up

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Instant Job Changer

Instant job changer.png

At BraveRO, we don't want to force anyone to do something they have probably done dozens of times before... We have plenty of other unique features that we want you explore instead!

The fastest and quickest way to level up in BraveRO is via the Instant Max Level & Job Change service. It is offered for free to every new character.

Use @go level in-game to find the Instant Job Changer NPC

Using this service will increase your base level to 500 and will maximize your job level. In addition, it offers you the ability to choose which job you want to be and will automatically level up all your skills!

  • Select preferred job class
  • Instant Max Level (500)
  • Instant Job Level (120)
  • Instant Max All Skills
  • Receive Free Equipment

Using this service will save the average player over 30 minutes, and will save them from repeating a process they've probably not interested in doing again.

Note Using this service will forfeit a reward of 1x Bubblegum awarded for leveling up normally.

Once you use this service, your adventure can begin!

** Are you into more instant services such as this one? You may be interested in the Spirit of Heroism.

Other Quick Ways to Level Up

Leveling in BraveRO is extremely easy, as the game really begins after you are Level 500. Follow the quick steps below and you will be max level in less than 20 minutes!

There are 2 maps available for leveling in BraveRO. The Poring Island is much safer but slower than the the Death Island, which as the name entails, it's very risky for a newbie.

Follow the step by step guides to easily level.

1. Type "@go level" on your char bar. (You will complete an achievement and obtain field manual)

Type @go level to visit the Poring Island

2. Open your inventory and use your field manual. (Press Alt + E then click consumables) The field manual will increase the rate at which you level up.

Use your Field Manual to increase the experienced earned from killing monsters.

3. Still on your inventory use your Spearman scroll. You will receive 3-10 pcs of Spearman scroll depending if you finish your newbie tutorial or you skip it.

Summon a mercenary to help you kill monsters and level up.

4. Use "Ctrl + R" or right click your mercenary to open your mercenary interface and click the "Skill Button"

Use the Mercenary Skills to kill monsters

5. Drag your Mercenary Skill "Spiral Pierce" to your Shortcut Key.

Use the Mercenary's Spiral Pierce to kill monsters nearly instantly.

6A. Kill monsters in the Poring Island using your Mercenary skill "Spiral Pierce" by pressing F1 or wherever you put it on your hotkey.

Use the Mercenary's Spiral Pierce to kill porings in the Poring Island


6B. Use "Alt + M" to open your shortcut list and put @warp izlu2dun. In my example I put it on Alt + 1.

Use alt+M to open your shortcuts bar

Now you are ready. Warp to the customized map izlu2dun and use your mercenary skill "Spiral Pierce" to 1 hit your enemies.

Attack monsters in the Death Field using your Mercenary's Spiral Pierce

Note: Exp in Death field (izlu2dun) is higher. It is faster to level up there but avoid moving your character after warping. Monsters will attack first your mercenary if you don't move. If a monster hits you, random warp (@jump) again and do not move. Repeat this method until you reach level 500.

~ If you do not want the Rule books in your inventory or @storage, you can delete them via Inventory Cleaner NPC located in Caspen 183 186.
- Brave RO Rule Book ID's (21577) & (21590)
- As for the Returner's set, if you do not want them in your inventory or @storage you may delete them as well (I recommend that you keep them if you are a starting player)...
- start from (21804 ~ 21797)