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HaZeHarvest Automated Event
Dear BraveRO Players,

We're excited to announce a new automated event where everyone's a winner! This event will run 3 times a day and will be added to the rotation of automated events. 

Event Schedule:
  • The event runs every day at hour 4, 12, and 20 server time.
  • Check the server's time using the @time command to stay updated.

How to Participate:
  • When the event is in queue mode, head over to Prontera 150 230 and speak with the Harvest NPC to join.
  • If you join during the queue period, you'll be warped to the Harvest Field.
  • Once the event starts, you will not be able to join the event.

During the Event:
  • Ensure you have enough inventory space for the items you'll gather.
  • You have 5 minutes to harvest up to 10 plants.
  • Each plant contains random items, so make the most of your time!
  • After harvesting 10 plants, you will be automatically warped back to Prontera.
  • You can use @showmobs 3910 to locate the harvest plants around the map!

List of Possible Rewards:

[*]Bitter Herb
[*]Deadly Noxious Herb
[*]Dew Laden Moss
[*]Orange Juice
[*]Rainbow Carrot
[*]Singing Flower
[*]Baked Yam
[*]Tropical Banana
[*]Unripe Apple
[*]Very Soft Plant
[*]Inspector Certificate
[*]Red Potion
[*]White Potion
[*]Blue Potion
[*]Red Herb
[*]Yellow Herb
[*]White Herb
[*]Blue Herb
[*]Green Herb
[*]Fruit Of Mastela
[*]Royal Jelly
[*]Pet Food
[*]Piece Of Cake
[*]Wing Of Butterfly
[*]Branch Of Dead Tree
[*]Seed Of Yggdrasil
[*]Union Of Tribe
[*]Crystal Blue
[*]Wind Of Verdure
[*]Yellow Live
[*]Flame Heart
[*]Mistic Frozen
[*]Rough Wind
[*]Great Nature
[*]100m Money Bag
[*]500m Money Bag
[*]250M Money Bag
[*]1b Money Bag
[*]War Supplies RO
[*]V4P Token
[*]BraveRO Token
[*]Heroic Cocktail
[*]Ghostring Scroll
[*]Bloody Branch Of Dead Tree
[*]Bloody Branch 10pack
[*]HE Gum
[*]Victory Badge
[*]Str Dish20
[*]Int Dish20
[*]Vit Dish20
[*]Agi Dish20
[*]Dex Dish20
[*]Luk Dish20
[*]Flame of True Sight
[*]Attack PowerUp
[*]Magic PowerUp
[*]50 STR Dish
[*]50 AGI Dish
[*]50 DEX Dish
[*]50 INT Dish
[*]50 VIT Dish
[*]50 LUK Dish
[*]Super Size Scroll
[*]Pure Oridecon Fragment
[*]Pure Elunium Fragment
[*]Meele Surprise Box
[*]Magic Surprise Box
[*]Card Summoning Voucher
[*]Fresh Lobster
[*]Leviathan Potion
[*]Ambergis Potion
[*]Sea Magnet Potion
[*]Sand Crab Potion
[*]Companion Potion
[*]Exp Explosion Potion

We hope you enjoy the new event and we look forward to seeing your feedback and participation!
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