Instance Walkthrough (Hazy Forest)

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Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Skills: 3rd Job skills allowed

Consumables: Ygg/Mastella Allowed

Quest Reward: Access to Mora Daily Quests


1. Party leader needs to speak with the Laphine Soldier at (bif_fild01 158 340) and tell him you wish to Venture into the Hazy Forest.

bif_fild01 158 340

2. After the dungeon is created, speak to the Log Tunnel (bif_fild01 161 355) just to the north to enter the dungeon.

bif_fild01 161 355
  • There is a 2 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed.

In each section:

  • Kill the guardian labeled with a blue star.
  • Chop down the tree labeled with a yellow star.
  • In section 12, kill all 13 guardian. Chop down the tree, then exit out the portal.


Map Legend

  • Red lines are two way portals.

  • Blue lines are one way portals.

  • Yellow islands have a chance to spawn of Lost Dragon.

  • Green islands where there are souls.

  • The yellow/green circles are the islands with chance of spawn of The Lost Dragon and souls respectively

Hazy Forest Map