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This is a semi-official changelog list for BraveRO. For the official Changelog please visit the BraveRO Forums Changelog. There may be some updates that I'm not aware of or the changelog might have been changed. Sometimes there may be slight differences in the information contained within this page compared to the official changes. Nevertheless, this page shall be updated from time to time.

This Changelog will contain the changes found within the official changelog and the changes that are found within other media, such as the forum shoutbox, other forum threads, forum thread replies, discord messages, and any other locations.

To ensure the veracity of the information found within this changelog, the only ones allowed to edit page this shall be me, the Administrators, or any other personnel of higher authority. If you're a player who wants to share some missing info, please do send me a message in my forum profile. Thank you!

Official Forum Changelog

Year 2022

  • May 30 2022
    • Enabled the Vote for Points system.

  • May 16 2022
    • Disable Convex mirror in seasonal maps.

  • May 15 2022
    • Allow artifact of trial to be carted and vended.
    • Allow some old obsolete seasonal materials to be thrown in the ground and sold to npcs.

  • June 1 2022
    • Added an Premium Tailor Enchant NPC to the BraveRO Market (@go market) which allows players to enchant their Temporal Boots, Artifact of Trials with their choice of enchants from the list of possible Temporal Boots Enchants and AoT Enchants. This NPC is limited to Donators only and uses Donation Credits.
    • Added a Brave Card Album to the Donation Girl NPC, which has a chance to contain 1 of the BraveRO custom cards. All custom cards are included in the list of possible drops.June 3 2022:
    • Added invisible garment costume at Seasonal shop npc.
    • Added 20+ new items on HoT shop.
    • Increase re entry cost for house of trials to prevent players from repeatedly abusing re entry to avoid time consuming stages
    • Enable mystic box to be opened.
    • Enable treasure box at easter and christmas city.
    • Added Rose Orb to the Donation Girl NPC for 0.04 credits each.
    • Added HoT Purchase Right to the Donation Girl NPC for 25 credits each.

  • June 8 2022
    • Release patch to Fix Fiery Vigor and fix some mistake in item description.
    • Allow special exchange coupon to be used, giving a random christmas pet.
    • Added new epic aura. Obtainable through attendance NPC at 25th day.

  • June 9 2022
    • Added Variant Enchanter that uses Legendary Rose Orb at caspen 203 250. It will enchant variant for free if you have Legendary Rose Orb.

  • June 15 2022
    • Patch Notes: Added new garments and headgear sprites for Raid Instance Update.
    • Added guild reward on the guild instance.

  • June 16 2022
    • Patch Notes: Updated Iteminfo.lua

  • June 18 2022
    • Added max skill points option in main npc under stat/skill reset option.
    • Added oboro, kagerou and rebellion in classes that can receive libra shield's bonus neutral resistance.
    • Fix Wyvern Helm bug giving +3 attack range.
    • Temporarily disable betelgeuse card when equipped by a guild leader while we are working on a fix. A report said it's working on e-call
    • Reduced the Max Party size from 30 to 20 to match the current guild cap. (Requires a reboot to go into effect)

  • June 20 2022
    • Patch Notes: Added description for new instance items
    • Release Guild Instance.

  • June 21 2022
    • Modified the Automated Guild Dungeon. Added Raid Bosses.
    • Fix Glorious Bloody Roar giving out a maximum of 15% demi human resistance instead of 13%.

  • June 24 2022
    • Added Permanent Vanilla and Mystic Enchanter NPC at prt_gld 175, 110. They uses Enchanting Rose.
    • Added temporal stone (requirements for modified temporal shoes) as drop from monsters. (not yet loaded)
    • Patch notes: Added some new item descriptions.

  • June 30 2022
    • Patch Notes: Corrected Twisted Freya Garment description and Retribution enchant description
    • Added new shop for new guild related features at prt_gld 174 104
    • Guild Dungeon Phantoms now drop items for the whole guild inside the map. Essences and Roses.
    • Added enchantment option for new mid and low vanillas. (Bonus enchantment for mid and low is currently disabled for feature update).

  • Jul 7 2022
    • Patch Notes: Added Ghost Bullet to the Projectile Dealer NPC in the Mall.
    • Added new command @cardalbum to allow player to store cards.
    • Added White Slim Potion (5m),Yellow Slim Potion(2m) and Red Slim Potion(500k) in Alchemist shop.
    • Added Witch Starsand in Alchemist shop for 4m zeny.

  • July 13 2022
    • Change murder poring skill to instant kill.
    • Change bomb poring self destruction cast time to 0.5 seconds.
    • Modified HP of bosses in guild dungeon to avoid deluge bug.
    • Patch Notes: Fix modified temporal boots descriptions.
    • Patch Notes: Fix Eastern Dragon Aura sprite when sitting (Credits: GM Elaina)

  • July 15 2022
    • Added NPC for modified temporal and elemental boots.
    • Added modified temporal boots in premium enchant (already loaded)
    • Added modified temporal boots in temporal enchanter npc (need reload script)

  • July 20 2022
    • Added search function on @cardalbum command

  • August 9 2022
    • Added Fishing World System.
    • Patch Notes: Added new item description, fishing tools etc.

  • August 22 2022
    • Added new vanilla items to fishing merchants. (requires patch)
    • Added new rods and companions for fishing
    • Added new fishing spots.
    • Made changes in HA Race. If less than 10 people participated in HA race, then it will no longer give rewards. (Since it's no longer encouraging a good amount of people to actively participate in the race then we might seek a different way to make HA PVP active again sometime soon. )

  • September 14 2022
    • Note: All of the following changes are under observation and can be reverted or modified without prior notice.
    • [Item] Fix a bug with modified boots auto casting earth spike with lightning bolts when upgraded to +10.
    • [Item] Guarana Candy's skill effect has been removed (it should no longer reset skill animation).
    • [Command] A new command has been added (@remount) it can be used to get a mount from anywhere. It has a 5 second cast time & 15 second cool down.
    • [Debuff] The duration of Strip Accessory has been decreased from 100 seconds to 30 seconds. The actual duration is affected by the caster and target stats.
    • [Soul Linker] Esma's damage against players has been reduced by 40%. This nerf does not affect monsters.
    • [Royal Guard] Pressure's cool down has been increased from 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
    • [Royal Guard] Pressure no longer triggers status ailments.
    • [Royal Guard] Reflect Shield's reflected damage has been reduced from 40% to 20%
    • [Royal Guard] Defender's reflected damage has been reduced from 80% to 40%.
    • [Royal Guard] Pinpoint Attack's damage formula that benefits from AGI has been doubled.
    • [Genetic] Potion Pitcher's cool down has been increased from 0 to 0.3 seconds.
    • [Genetic] Melon Bomb's slow effect can now be cured by Panacea.
    • [Genetic] Throw Large Potion heal rate has been reduced from 5% to 3%.
    • [Ranger] Land Mine's damage against players has been reduced by 20%. This nerf does not affect monsters.
    • [Wanderer] Don't Forget Me's ASPD reduction has been increased from 1% to 5% (default value is 30%).
    • [Sura] Skynet Blow's damage formula that benefits from AGI has been doubled.
    • [Sura] Finger Offensive's damage has been reduced by 10%.
    • [Sura] Palm Push Strike's damage has been increased by 20%.
    • [Rebellion] Desperado's damage has been reduced by 10%.
    • [Guillotine Cross] Increased the duration of Poisoning Weapon on the caster from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • [Guillotine Cross] Glorious Bloody Roar's total demi-human reduction has been reduced from 13% to 10%. (Requires item description update)
    • [Guillotine Cross] Increased the effect duration of new poisons from 30 to 50 seconds. The target's Luk & Vit can reduce the duration (i.e 100 vit lowers duration by 5 seconds)
    • [Star Gladiator] Hatred's damage has been increased by 300% (skill had incorrect formula)

  • October 5, 2022
    • Note: If you are having error after the patch, make sure that you are not using any modified GRF or npcidentity.lub, jobname.lub, jobidentity.lub. This will cause you error. This files need to be updated in this patch.
    • Added halloween items in preparation for halloween event.
    • Added new legendary sprite
    • Added new monsters sprites
    • Added/Fix some item descriptions.

  • October 13 2022
    • Remove BG joining closing time.

  • December 20, 2022
    • Removed Zeny as an option on the from the Currency Converter for BraveRO Tokens
    • Removed Zeny bags from the donation girl credit shop.

Year 2023

  • January 4 2023
    • Move host from Malaysia to West Coast (USA)
    • Added proxies for Singapore, Australia, North America, South America and Canada
    • Switch elemental table from Renewal to Pre-renewal table.
    • Increase exchange rate on fishing merchant npc for economy balancing.

  • March 9 2023:
    • Added 3 seconds cooldown on pick stone skill when using stapo card.

  • March 25 2023:
    • Modify prices in fishing shop.
    • Reduce fishing coins obtained from opening fishes. (desc to be updated)
    • Added new enchantment materials for fishing. (drop location to be announced)

  • June 8 2023:
    • Added a script to automatically remove Oboro & Kagerou charms upon entering the Hero Arena, Battlegrounds, 2nd Job WoE Maps and Caspen dungeon.

  • June 13 2023:
    • The exchanged rate of Battle Badges into BraveRO Coins has been cut in half! from 400:1 to 200:1. Exchange badges into bRO tokens at @go market

  • July 1, 2023:
    • Added a Rare Collector NPC in Caspen City fountain. It has a list of over 400 rare items including meele, magic rares and epic headgears from seasonal events. The NPC rotates the items and picks one every 24 hours, so you only have a limited amount of time to purchase.

  • July 5, 2023:
    • Ranger, Guillotine Cross, Wanderer and Minstrel have received a 15% base HP boost to bring it up to par with other classes.
    • Fire & Water Dragon Breath splash/range has been reduced from 4x4 to 3x3

Changelog from Other Media

Year 2022

Year 2023

  • January 17 2023
    • Added captcha for Mining that appears every 10th mining attempt. The answer is already given, so you only need to select the correct answer from the options.

  • May 13 2023
    • Permanent removal of the Account Bound Rare Headgears Shop and Account Bound Headgear Sets Shop in @go market.

Undated Changes

  • Required DEX for instant cast is now changed to 300.

Applied Fixes

If the fixes indicated below are not working, please report them as soon as possible, thank you.

Year 2022

  • June 4 2022 - Fixed Burning Fang Card wherein the uses doesn't transform into Burning Fang monster.
  • June 10 2022 - Recolored the "Ghost" text of Darbright Card into something more visible.
  • July 12 2022 - Fixed MK Charlestone Card, wherein the "Ignore 30% of boss monsters magical defense" isn't working.
  • July 18 2022 - Added suffix/prefix to Muspelkoll Card, Scimitar Buffalo Bandit Card, and Brinaranea Card
  • August 18 2022 - Fixed Modified Temporal Boots of Agi, wherein FCT, Flee Rate, and Physical/Magical Damage are lost due to increased refinement.
  • August 20 2022 - Fixed Modified Temporal Boots of Dex ACD reduction not working

Year 2023

  • May 3 2023 - Fixed Elite Weapon Expert wherein it can give +10 refinement non-elite weapons.
  • May 5 2023 - Fixed Wheel of Fortune refinement issue wherein the +5 armor script doesn't properly refine the armor.
  • May 21 2023 - Fixed Demi Freya Sandals 1% Demi Resist not working.
  • June 14 2023 - Fixed HSS Predator's magical Damage not working.
  • June 15 2023 - Fixed stacking Fused Dracula Card effect.

Fishing Changelog

Please refer to the Fishing Changelog in the Fishing wiki page