Premium Stylist

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Premium Stylist

Premium Stylist consists various customization for your character, including Aura Stylsit that can go to hundreds of different combinations, different Race and Skin Colors, and also Nickname Colors.

To access these premium features talk to:

Premium Stylist NPC


Location 1: caspen 180 215
Location 2: bat_room 150 140

To access/unlock the Features you need to have the item: Premium Stylist Service; a usable item given by donation girl by using 25 Donation Credits or buying the consumable from the miscellaneous shop in our @go Market for 35 BraveRO Tokens. For a limited time, it is also available via the Coronavirus Shop for 10,000 Appreciation Tokens.


The Service is Character Bound which means you have to unlock the service per character. 25 Donation Credits per character OR 35 BraveRO Tokens per character

Here are the services included in the NPC:

Skin Colors

You can choose your Race/Skin Color for unlimited times! You can also have customized clothes and hair palettes. To see more info, go to Skin Colors

Aura Stylist

Try out different combinations of personalized aura in Aura Stylist

Nickname Colors

With the premium service you can also change your name up to 56 different colors! Name Colors

Credits to Jell-O for this guide. Also credits to GM Frosty for the Aura Stylist Guide and Xu-Xi for the Skin Color Guide