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The Mining System is another good way of earning zeny! You can use the minerals that you mine and forge them into various items and equipment via the Forging System

Start Mining

1. First, you must purchase the Drilling Boots from David Goldstein in @warp einbroch 50 200. The Normal price of the boots are 500.000.000 Zeny. You may have a chance to get the boots offered by the NPC at 250.000.000 Zeny sometimes.

2. Equip your new drilling boots to gain access to the new mining skills. The first step in the mining process is making a drill.

3. In order to make a drill, you must type in the "whisper" chat box (located on the small left chat box) "npc:mine" with the word "make" (typed on the right long chat box). 

Note: It may take several attempts before you can succeed in making your drill. Keep repeating the process until you successfully made one. Once you have your Drilling Boots and you have created your drill, you will be ready to start drilling..but first, you have to find a mine!

4. You must go to a Mining Maps and to locate the exact spot of where the mine is detected. The Mining Guide NPC in Caspen will show you the maps with active mining areas. Mines are invisible, however if you have a "Detection" miner skill, it will guide you on finding the mine's location.

5. In order to detect the mine simply send any message to "npc:mine" - For example, "Drill", "Detect", or.."sdjskja". Anything will work.

Note: The Detection skill will advise you to move up, down, left or right until you find the exact location of the mine. It may take a few attempts before you actually find the mine, but once you can mine it for quite a while before the mine is destroyed.

6. Once you find the exact location of the Mine, you can send any message to "npc:mine" to start drilling into mine and excavating valuable minerals.

Please remember that there's a captcha enabled in mining. It only appears every 10th mining attempt. The answer is already given and you only need to choose the answer from the given choices. If you chose the correct answer, you can proceed normally. If you chose an incorrect answer, you will be placed in a 15-minute cooldown period, and you won't be able to mine for that duration.

7. Once you start mining you will start noticing that the Drill gets hotter whenever you continue to drill on a mine. You must pay attention to the "Heat" in your chat box because if your drill reaches a Heat of 100 the drill, it will break and you will have to create another drill whispering "make" to "npc:mine" (from step 3.). You can increase your drill's resistance to heat by leveling up the Diamond Head mining skill, and it will increase your Heat limit from 100 up to 200 at max skill level.

8. It is recommended that you stop drilling when you reach a heat of 80-90 in order to make sure your drill does not break (If you have Diamond Head level 10, you can stop depending on how much heat is added to your drill for every mining attempt, but make sure not to go beyond 200). It usually takes only a few seconds for the drill to cool down after you stop so you can begin drilling again soon after.

Miner Skill

Whenever you mine you will earn Miner EXP. This experience is used to level up your Mining Skills. Even when you do not find any items in the mine, your miner exp will still increase. The deeper you dig, the more experience you will earn. However, keep in mind that if you break your drill or you move while drilling, you will lose Miner EXP. You can check your current mining level and experience on the message that appears each time you drill.

When you level up, you will be awarded with Miner Skill points. These points can be used to level up Miner Skills that will increase your productivity while mining. You get at a minimum 3 skill points per level, but the number of skill points received may vary depending on your Miner Level.

To view all skills and/or to level up Miner Skills send a whisper to "npc:mine" (small left chat box) with the word "skill" (large public chat box on the right).

Skill Effect Level
Lynx Eye Improved detection capability, at level 10 the player can jump directly to the mine or show it on the mini-map 10
Diamond Head Increases the heat resistance in (10 * Skill)% 10
Faster Drill Increase the Drill speed in a (2 * Skill)% 25
Lucky Miner Increases the chances of gain minerals (Skill / 20)% 10
Quick Rest The drill turns cold faster (10 * Skill)% 10
Money Maker Gives a chance of receiving 1,000,000 Zeny every time the Drill spins. (Skill)% 20
Merchant Blood Increases the power of the drill and gain more depth after each try (Skill)% 20
Weight Boots Increases the weight limit when using Driller Boots. (1 + Skill / 5)% (All Classes except Merchant) 45
Double or Nothing Gives a chance of receiving 2 items at once. (Skill / 10)% 100
Repair Gives a chance of cool the Drill without stop the dig process (Skill / 10)% 50
Drill Box Allow you to create more than 1 Drill, 1 x Skill 50
Magical Detection Increase the detection range in (Skill %) 100
Hero Exp Booster Increase the chances of gain 50k Hero EXP during the drill process (Skill / 10)% 100
Division Exp Booster Add chances of gain 50 Division EXP during the dig process (Skill / 10)% 100
Boot Care Decrease the chances of break the Driller Boots during the dig process (Skill %) 100
Copy-Right The items found while mining will be signed with the Miner's name. (Signed items don't stack with non signed items) 1
Mine Guardian Gives a chance of receive damage to protect the mine from the destruction. (Skill %) 50
Miner Aura Decrease the chances of receive damage during the dig process. (Skill / 2 %) 100
Corrosive Oil Softens the rocks reducing the drill deterioration during the dig process. (Skill / 25) 100

Mines Types

There are a total of 8 different mines, all of which drop minerals at different rates. The lower level mines are known for dropping more "trash" items than the higher level mines. It is important to increase your Miner Level so you can gain access to these more productive mines and skills that increase drop rate of minerals. The mines are:

1. Mayan Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0
  • Distance to detect: 100
  • Min level to drill: 0
  • Roughness: 12

2. Moonlight Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0
  • Distance to detect: 80
  • Min level to drill: 0
  • Roughness: 12

3. Pharaoh Mine

  • Min level to detect: 0
  • Distance to detect: 75
  • Min level to drill: 5
  • Roughness: 14

4. Amon Ra

  • Min level to detect: 10
  • Distance to detect: 35
  • Min level to drill: 15
  • Roughness: 16

5. Beelzebub

  • Min level to detect: 15
  • Distance to detect: 10
  • Min level to drill: 40
  • Roughness: 17

6. Scarabah

  • Min level to detect: 20
  • Distance to detect: 20
  • Min level to drill: 50
  • Roughness: 18

7. Valkyrie

  • Min level to detect: 30
  • Distance to detect: 50
  • Min level to drill: 75
  • Roughness: 19

8. Addax

  • Min level to detect: 50
  • Distance to detect: 15
  • Min level to drill: 150
  • Roughness: 20

Mine stats

1. Roughness: The roughness of each mine influences by how much your drill heat increases during each drill attempt. The range for increase is between the Roughness and Roughness + 4. For example for Pharaoh Mines, your drill heat should increase between 16-20 each drill attempt. Roughness can be reduced by Corrosive oil with every 25 points in it reducing the range by 1.[1]

Item drop rate formula and Minerals

The followed formula for drop is:

  • Mine Name: The name of the mine class.
  • Item Name: The name of the item mined.
  • Item ID: The item ID of the item mined.
  • Drop Rate: The base drop rate of the item, example: 1000/10,000
  • Rate Increment: This value is multiplied by the depth. Example: If rate increment is 100 and your depth is 6 the total drop rate will be (1000+(100*6) = 1600/10,000)
  • Max: The maximum possible drop rate that can be achieved for that item.

In the example above the drop rate for an item is 1600/10,000. The way the script works is, a random number will be generated from 1~10,000 if the number is less than or equal to 1,600 --> you will successfully mine the item. Otherwise, you will not get any item and will have to keep digging.

There are a number of new minerals introduced that you need to keep an eye for. These minerals will be used to forge new equipment and to fused mvp cards. Here the list:

Mineral Rarity
Adamite RARE
Bronzite COMMON
Corundum LESS-RARE
Graphite COMMON
Silicon COMMON
Titanium RARE
Pure Oridecon Fragment LESS-RARE
Pure Elunium Fragment LESS-RARE
Blood Stone RARE

Mining Maps

You can visit the Mining Guide NPC in Caspen (@warp caspen 174 231) to view the current active maps for each Mine Type. ScreenDreamerRO036.jpg