Instance Walkthrough (Elite Dungeon)

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  • This is a general guide on things you need to know to enter Elite Dungeon.
  • This is not a guide on how to do it easily.

Instance Requirements

  • 3x 1b zeny (entrance fee)
  • Elite Hero with at least 6000 elite weapon kills
  • Elite hero who finished nyd instance and endless tower at least once.
  • Heretic Ring (addax drop)
  • At least 2 party members inside the party.


To enter the instance you need to talk to the NPC called [Guide to Unknown] She is inside Elite Temple. (Note: To enter elite temple you must be an elite and you need to pay 10b zeny once) You need to make a reservation and she will ask you to pay the entrance requirement of 3x 1b zeny bag.


Inside The Dungeon



The Map has 9 rooms. (the number arrangement is how some veterans usually navigate the map):

  1. The entrance
  2. Tyrant Cecil Room
  3. Deceitful Kathyrene Room
  4. Vengeful Eremes Room
  5. Obssessive Margaretha Room
  6. Furios Seyren Room
  7. Crazy Howard Room
  8. Final Room Entrance
  9. Tiamat Room

The Map also have 6 barriers. Each barrier has a requirement; Only the leader could/should open this barriers.

Barrier Name Requirements
Arqa Barrier
Heretic Ring (custom monster Addax drop)
Tziah Barrier
6000+ Elite Weapon Kill
Thebel Barrier
Finished Endless tower instance once

Finished Nydhoggur instance once

Adamah Barrier
Defeat Deceitful Kathyrene

Defeat Obssessive Margaretha

Yabbashah Barrier
Kill 24 special mobs. This mobs are all outside the barriers just kill all mobs outside barriers, once all of them are killed a message will pop up.
Monad Barrier
Defeat all the 6 bosses

Tyrant Cecil Deceitful Kathyrene Obssessive Margaretha Vengeful Eremes Furious Seyren Crazy Howard

Soul Crystal Cocytus Barrier
Just open the Tziah Barrier

this crystal just summon Deceitful Kathyrene

Soul Crystal Empyrean
No special requirement

Only summon Obssessive Margaretha


Monster Name Stat Skills Drop
Venerable Seyren Mob ID (3606)
HP: 17,647,590

Def: 40.5 MDEF: 37-141 FLEE: 710 HIT: 925 Element: Fire (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Self Destruction (Lv. 1)

Storm Gust (Lv. 15) Spear Boomerang (Lv. 50) Spiral Pierce (Lv. 15) Two Hand Quicken (Lv. 20) Bowling Bash (Lv. 20) Bash (Lv. 30) Power Up (Lv. 5) Provoke (Lv. 10) Endure (Lv. 30) Critical Slash (Lv. 1)

Venerable Seyren Card

Compounded on: Armor

  • Reduce 10% damage received from boss
  • Bulleted list item
  • Reflect 30% of physical damage received.
  • Vit +10
Judicious Eremes Mob ID (3607)
HP: 15,411,230

Def: 31 MDEF: 39-134 FLEE: 781 HIT: 975 Element: Poison (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Self Destruction (Lv. 1)

Meteor Storm ( Lv. 10) Grimtooth (Lv. 25) Soul Breaker ( Lv. 10) Meteor Assault (Lv. 10) Invisible (Lv. 1) Guided Attack (Lv. 20) Poison (Lv. 10) AGI UP (Lv. 5) Sonic Blow (Lv. 30) Venom Dust (Lv. 1) Stun Attack (Lv. 1)

Judicious Eremes Card

Compounded on: Accessory

  • Perfect Dodge +10
  • Reduce long range damage received by 5%
Cautious Howard Mob ID (3608)
HP: 18,460,000

Def: 56 MDEF: 36-133 FLEE: 673 HIT: 811 Element: Water (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Self Destruction (Lv. 1)

Meteor Storm (Lv. 10) Adrenaline (Lv. 20) Maximize Power (Lv. 10) Mammonite (Lv. 25) Hammer Fall (Lv. 15) Power Up (Lv. 5) Splash Attack (Lv. 20) Armor Break (Lv. 15) Helm Break (Lv. 15) Shield Break (Lv. 15) Critical Slash (Lv. 15)

Cautious Howard Card

Compounded on: Garment

  • Reduce long range damage received by 10%
  • Increase resistance to all elements by 1% each refinement
  • Add 0.50% chance to inflict bleeding to enemy when attacking
Graceful Maragetha Mob ID (3609)
HP: 14,292,910

Def: 32 MDEF: 36-133 FLEE: 684 HIT: 767 Element: Holy (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Assumptio (Lv. 5)

Self Destruction (Lv. 1) Meteor Storm (Lv. 10) Increase Agi (Lv. 10) Decrease Agi (Lv. 10) Safety Wall (Lv. 10) Lex Divina (Lv. 10) Lex Aeterna (Lv. 10) Critical Slash (Lv. 1) Holy Attack (Lv. 20)

Graceful Margaretha Card

Compound on: Weapon

  • Increase magical damage to demi human by 5%
  • Matk +25
  • HP rate +2%
  • Restriction: Max Stack 2x
Benevolent Cecil Mob ID (3610)
HP: 16,349,000

Def: 19 MDEF: 35-141 FLEE: 780 HIT: 1025 Element: Wind (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Self Destruction (Lv. 1)

Meteor Storm (Lv. 10) Double Strafe (Lv 20) Arrow Shower (Lv. 20) Charge Arrow (Lv. 20) Power Up (Lv. 5) Sharpshooting (Lv. 15) Landmine (Lv. 15) Ankle Snare (Lv. 15) Blastmine (Lv. 15) Critical Slash (Lv. 1) Wind Attack (Lv. 1)

Benevolent Cecil Card

Compound On: Weapon

  • Increase bow type damage by 15%
  • Increase damage to boss type monsters by 5% 
Determined Kathrtyne Mob ID (3611)
HP: 15,169,920

Def: 21 MDEF: 88-237 FLEE: 689 HIT: 803 Element: Ghost (Lv. 3) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: Boss

Self Destruction (Lv. 1)

Meteor Storm (Lv. 10) Storm Gust (Lv. 10) Lord of Vermillion (Lv. 20) Ganbantein (Lv. 5) Sight (Lv .1) Fire Pillar (Lv. 10) Heaven's Drive (Lv. 15) WaterBall (Lv. 15) Dispel (Lv. 5)

Determined Kathyrene Card

Compound On: Shoes

  • Maximum HP +5%
  • Increase magical damage to non boss monsters by 40%
  • if shoes refine rate is 8+
  • add 30% chance to autocast dispel lvl 1 when using magic crasher
MVP Stat Skill Drop
Tyrant Cecil Mob ID (3604)
HP: 565,584,000

Def: 245 MDEF: 45-169 FLEE: 1480 HIT: 2100 Element: Wind (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Double Strafe (Lv. 75) Arrow Shower (Lv. 75) Arrow Storm (Lv. 30) Power Up (Lv. 20) Agi Up (Lv. 20) Claymore Trap (Lv. 25) Sandman Trap (Lv. 25) Shockwave Trap (Lv. 25) Sharpshooting (Lv. 25) Critical Slash (Lv. 40) Critical Wound (Lv. 3) Stun Attack (Lv. 50) Wind Attack (Lv. 50) Change Attribute (Lv. 1) Change Armor

Lord's Tunic [Type: Armor]

  • Unbreakable
  • Add resistance to wind and earth elements
  • Auto cast endure when hit

Tyrant Cecil Card [Weapon]

  • physical range damage +18%
  • 0.75% chance to auto cast lex when using long range physical skills
Deceitful Kathryne Mob ID (3605)
HP: 498,718,720

Def: 122 MDEF: 98-1250 FLEE: 800 HIT: 1125 Element: Ghost (Lv. 3) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Storm Gust (Lv. 50) Lord of Vermillion (Lv. 50) Meteor Storm (Lv. 50) Ganbatein (Lv. 5) Napalm Vulcan (Lv. 50) Double Casting (Lv. 25) Cold Bolt (Lv. 25) Lightning Bolt (Lv. 25) Fire Bolt (Lv. 25) Earth Quake (Lv. 25) Hell Inferno (Lv. 30) Comet (Lv. 30) Water Ball (Lv. 50) Change Attribute (Lv. 1) Change Armor

Faerie Ring [Type: Accessory]
  • Reduce SP consumption by 25%
  • Recover 5% SP every 7 seconds.

Deceitful Kathyrene Card Compound On: Headgear

  • Reduce After cast delay by 20%.
  • Bypass Enemy mdef by 2% per refinement
Vengeful Eremes Mob ID 3601
HP: 582,579,680

Def: 50 MDEF: 49-212 FLEE: 2600 HIT: 1475 Element: Poison (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Grimtooth (Lv. 50) Cross Impact (Lv. 25) Enchant Deadly Poison (Lv. 20) Guided Attack (Lv. 50) Power Up (Lv. 20) Agi Up (Lv. 20) Sonic Blow (Lv. 50) Venom Dust (Lv. 10) Soul Breaker (Lv. 30) Poison Attack (Lv. 30) Change Attribute (Lv. 1) Change Armor

Exile's Armor [Type: Armor]

Unbreakable Increase poison and deadly poison resistance by 50% Stun Resistance +50%

Vengeful Eremes Card [Weapon] Increase critical attack damage by 25% Perfect Dodge +2

Obsessive Magaretha Mob ID 3603
HP: 513,486,560

Def: 220 MDEF: 78-565 FLEE: 945 HIT: 1075 Element: Holy (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Assumptio (Lv. 5) Heal (Lv. 80) Change Undead (Lv. 10) Magnus Exorcismus (Lv. 35) Dispel (Lv. 5) Clearance (Lv. 10) Earth Quake (Lv. 35) Adoramus (Lv. 20) Judex (Lv. 25) Pneuma (Lv. 1) Increase Agi (Lv. 99) Decrease Agi (Lv. 50) Lex Divina (Lv. 20) Lex Aeterna (Lv. 1) Critical Slash (Lv. 10) Stun Attack (Lv. 55) Holy Attack (Lv. 60) Change Armor

Royal Garment [Type: Armor]
  • Gunslinger Class: 70% resistance on stun
  • Mage Class: Small chance to auto cast pneuma
  • Thief Class: Auto cast Improve Conc Lv. 3
  • Archer Class: Reduce melee damage received by 5%
  • Swordsman Class: Auto cast provoke on self.
  • Merchant Class: Auto cast hammer fall when hit

Obssessive Margaretha Card Compound On: Weapon

  • Increase the effectiveness of Heal skill by 3%
  • Increase damage of Holy light by 10% and Judex by 3%
  • Int +8
Furious Seyren Mob ID 3600
HP: 618,361,440

Def: 375 MDEF: 50-225 FLEE: 1900 HIT: 1375 Element: Fire (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Spear Boomerang (Lv. 35) Spiral Pierce (Lv. 35) Hundred Spear (Lv. 35) Two Hand Quicken (Lv. 50) Bowling Bash (Lv. 40) Critical Slash (Lv. 50) Pulse Strike (Lv. 40) Power Up (Lv. 20) Agi Up (Lv. 20) Enchant Deadly Poison (Lv. 10) Provoke (Lv. 10) Endure (Lv. 99) Critical Slash (Lv. 25) Stun Attack (Lv. 25) Fire Attack (Lv. 50) Change Armor

Oath Ring [Type: Accessory]
  • Recover 4% HP every 7 seconds

Furious Seyren Card [Weapon]

  • Maximum HP +8%
  • Increase physical damage against medium size monsters by 5%
  • If refinement is 8+
  • Hit rate +5%
  • Additional 3% physical damage against medium size monsters
Crazed Howard Mob ID 3602
HP: 647,360,000

Def: 191 MDEF: 46-176 FLEE: 1500 HIT: 1175 Element: Water (Lv. 4) Race: Demi-human Size: Medium Type: MVP/Boss

Call Slave (Lv. 1)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Vampire Gift (Lv. 50) Adrenaline Rush (Lv. 50) Maximize Power (Lv. 50) Mammonite (Lv. 40) Axe Tornado (Lv. 35) Hammer Fall (Lv. 30) Power Up (Lv. 20) Enchant Deadly Poison (Lv. 10) Agi Up (Lv. 20) Helm Break (Lv. 70) Shield Break (Lv. 70) Armor Break (Lv. 70) Fullstrip (Lv. 20) Critical Slash (Lv. 50) Two Hand Quicken (Lv. 50) Change Armor 

Libra Shield [Type: Accessory]
  • Add 10% resistance to water and wind element.
  • Cannot be stripped

If refinement is 8+

  • Cannot be knocked back
  • Gunslinger and Ninja Class: +8% neutral resist

Crazed Howard Card

  • Compound On: Armor
  • Max HP +30%
  • Reflect 5% melee damage received back to offender

Refinement 8-10

  • Cannot be knocked back
Tiamat Mob ID 3599
HP: 1,200,000,000

Def: 10 MDEF: 83-3750 FLEE: 1540 HIT: 1450 Element: Ghost (Lv. 4) Race: Dragon Size: Large Type: MVP/Boss 

Call Slave (Lv. 5)

Summon Slave (Lv. 5) Warm Wind Esma (Lv. 25) Eswoo (Lv. 15) Ganbantein (Lv. 5) Full Recovery (Lv. 1) Dispel (Lv. 5) Pulse Strike (Lv. 40) Magic Mirror (Lv. 5) Power Up (Lv. 25) Agi Up (Lv. 25) Quagmire (Lv. 50) Earth Quake (Lv. 40) Invisible (Lv. 1) Wide Stone Curse (Lv. 5) Evil Land (Lv. 40) Hell Judgement (Lv. 60) Wide Curse (Lv. 5) Wide Sleep (Lv. 5) Dragon Fear (Lv. 10) Meteor Storm (Lv. 30)

Libra Shield - 20% Oath Ring -20% Lord's Tunic -20% Royal Garment -20% Faerie Ring -20% Exile Armor - 20% Enriched Elunium Box -60% Enriched Oridecon Box -60%

Tiamat Card - 1% Compound on: Shoes

  • Max HP +10%
  • Hit +200
  • Refinement 8+
  • Seeking attack +7% (Perfect Hit rate)


Before going in, I advised having Full chemical protection and anti knockback gear as monsters inside can break your gears easily and keeps on knocking you back. Anti boss items such as alice card is useful here as all mobs here are boss types. You cannot status them or knock them back either. Anti demi human items could also work and is much easier to stack. A normal 35% resist headgear and thara frog card on shield is good enough to be quite tanky here. You can use Yggdrasil Berry here but not yggdrasil leaf. You can re enter if you die. Avoid re organizing the party though as it usually cause bug issues. In the entrance you'll be greeted immediately by the monsters. You better go inside with the tanker and mob cleaner first. Royal Guards are best candidate for this as they can tank and clean monsters inside using grandcross with the simplest build. Proceed to Arqa Barrier located at the south east of the map.

Arqa Barrier:

Unseal the Arqa Barrier. The Arqa barrier can be opened by the leader with Heretic Ring. If you are having trouble clicking the barrier try to click the 2nd or 3rd one until it pop up. Go until you reach Arqa Guardian. It's a rotating stone. Click it and it will help you regroup with your members. (This is currently bugged)


Tyrant Cecil (MVP Room)

Try to make your tanker move first. Clean the mobs around you and proceed to defeat Tyrant Cecil. Tyrant Cecil is a wind element monsters, using earth element is the best way to kill it. This monster can change element to Water, Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 70%/40%/10% respectively. The most effective class in killing this is an RK class using spiral pierce. But you can also try GX or just force it with RG using Grandcross/lifesteal until it die. Once you defeat Tyrant Cecil clear your way to Tziah Barrier.

Tziah Barrier/Deceiful Kathyrene Room

Tziah Barrier need any member with 6k kills, as far as i know you can open it even if you aren't the leader but I don't advise it as it might cause an issue in your run. Better open this with your leader. Once you open Tziah barrier you can proceed to open Cocytus Soul Crystal and it will summon Deceitful Kathyrene. Deceitful Kathyrene is a Ghost Element monsters. Items like freeza hat that can endow your weapon with ghost element is one of the most useful item in defeating her. This monster can change element to any element, Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 70%/40%/10% respectively. GX and RK are still the one I'll recommend in killing this. RG is not bad too. After defeating Deceitful move towards Thebel Barrier located at Southwest area of the map.

Thebel Barrier

Unseal thebel Barrier. nThe leader should have cleared at least once the endless dungeon instance (defeated naght sieger and talk to the npc there) and nydhoggur instance (defeated the dragon). Clean the mob and talk to the Thebel Guardian. Similar to Arqa Guardian

Vengeful Eremes (MVP Room)

Pretty much similar to what you did in in Tyrant Cecil room, clean the mobs and proceed to kill Vengeful eremes. Vengeful Eremes can deal massive amount of damage if you prolong the fight. Try your best to kill this otherwise he will have EDP and be on full power up buff which will make him a bit harder to kill. Vengeful Eremes is a poison lv 4 boss and the only thing effective against lv. 4 poison is holy attack. You might need to bring Aspersio scroll. Or just use neutral element. This monster can change element to Wind, Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 70%/40%/10% respectively. The best one in clearing this are royal guards. But you can still use the old method of using a champion with steel body as tank and GX or RK as killer. Using alarm card is useful here if you aren't using AOE's as vengeful eremes can go invisible while attacking you. After you defeated vengeful eremes, clear your way to Soul Crystal Empyrean room/Obssessive Margaretha Room.

Soul Crystal Empyrean/Obssessive Margaretha (MVP Room)

Make sure to clear the mobs first in this room. Summon Obssessive Margaretha and defeat her, Be careful of her skill "Turn Undead Armor", she can cast it on you and use a lot of powerful holy attacks. She is Holy Lv. 4. So cursed water is really helpful here. This monster can change element to Water, Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 70%/40%/10% respectively. After killing her unseal Adamah Barrier

Adamah Barrier/Furious Seyren (MVP Room)

Clear your way until you see the Adamah Guardian similar to Tyrant Cecil and Vengeful Eremes, go inside through it and clear the mobs. Furious Seyren is one of the most powerful MVP here. He can deal an extremely high amount of damage especially when his HP goes down to 20% where he normally use EDP too. So try your best to kill him as fast as possible. He is Fire element so water element is the best against him. This monster can change element to Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 40%/25% respectively. Once you clear him you can clear your way to Crazed Howard Room located at North West of the map.

Yabbashah Barrier/Crazed Howard (MVP Room)

The requirement for yabbashah is killing specific type of monsters. But they have similar names with normal monsters around the map so if you can't still open it just keep on clearing all the mobs you can see around the hallway. Inside the MVP room, do the same thing you did with other mvp rooms, clear and kill the MVP. Crazed Howard is a water element boss, wind elemental scroll is the best thing to use here. This monster can change element to Earth, Holy and Ghost element when his HP fall at 70%/40%/30% HP respectively. After killing it, you can now proceed to Monad Barrier (north) and clear your way to Tiamat Room.

Eternity Passage Tiamat (Final Boss Room)


The Eternity Passage is located at the north of the map. You can find it inside the Monad Barrier room Similar to the Tyrant Cecil room, you will still need to clear some mobs inside before you should summon Tiamat. Tiamat can be summoned through the eternity passage located inside the final room.


Tiamat is a pretty strong boss especially with Esma that can easily eat your HP But there are few ways to tank him; 1. Steel Body, 2. 100% Magic Reflect.

If you can tank Tiamat it's only a matter time to kill him. There are some popular way to kill tiamat.

1. Tanker + RK Spiral 2. Tanker + RK Spiral + SL 3. Tanker + Crit Type GX 4. Solo RG Reflect type

I am not going to give the builds as that will only make this guide longer, I prefer giving a general guide that players can use to study themselves.This should conclude it.

Goodluck and have fun experimenting. Or just ask someone else for their builds.