Instance Walkthrough (Horror Factory)

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Horror Factory is a medium difficulty instance. It's not difficult to solo though it will require a specific set of equipment. The drops here are pretty good and very useful. You only have one hour to finish the entire instance. and it has a 1 day cooldown.

Opening the instance

To open the instance the party leader need to talk to the NPC named Catherine Jet Johnson. She is located at (@warp xmas 235 301) You can just use the main npc to warp in this spot > warper > instances > horror factory.

After activating the instance. You can then enter it through the dimension device.

Requirement: At least a Hero Level 500


1. Once inside talk again to Catherine Jet Johnson. You can choose whether to listen to her blabber or proceed and start the quickly.

2. After she finished talking, you need to talk to the Employee's uniform box npc to disguise yourself as one of the factory worker. If you don't disguise yourself, annoying cruiser mobs will spawn and they could possibly kill you.

3. You need to kill around 40 mobs in the first area to proceed.

4. After killing enough monsters the "Coordinator" will spawn north of starting area. He will ask you to carry the gift box. Note: Make sure you are still in disguise before talking to the coordinator and the box.

5. Talk to the gift box and proceed inside the warp portal. Walk straight forward west until you find the portal.


1. Talk again to Catherine. Choose either to listen to her story or tell her to shut up because you know what to do.

2. Once she finished talking. A new Employee Uniform Box will spawn. Make sure to disguise again.

3. Find and talk to all of the Cookie NPCs around the second area. Ask them if they know anything about the doll maker. Warning: Wait until each npc finished talking before asking another npc. Otherwise you might get stucked there.

4. The announcement will tell you how many more npc do you need to find.

5. Once you finished talking to all of them. Go back to the starting area of phase 2. Get back to the portal, go to the middle and head to the north.


1. Go near Antonio and Santa and listen to their conversation. I mean just wait until they finish blabbering.

2. Once they finish talking. Head to the portal in the west and look for Antonio. Kill him.

3. Go back to the starting area of phase 3 and head to the portal at the east.


(Boss Area)

1. Wait until their conversation finish and prepare for the battle.

2. Kill Celine Kimi.


   Celine Kimi has a clone, and you must deal damage to both at once.
   Otherwise, they will heal each other to match their current HPs.
   2. Celine Kimi in our server do not have Max Pain but she can deal a very high damage through Esma
   There are 2 ways to tank Celine Kimi.
   First is to use a champion as a tanker and do the old style "Steel Body" Tanking
   or Second get 100% single target magic reflect.
   The 100% reflect build is only possible by compounding Fused Pharaoh Card in a +9 headgear.
   Compouding Fused Pharaoh Card in a 2 slotted headgear will help a lot.
   Magic Reflect stack additively. So you can use Maya, fused pharaoh, etc.

3. Once you killed Celine Kimi. You can now proceed to the Treasure Room Area.

Noteable Dungeon Drop

  • Old Parasol [3]

Type: Weapon Atk: 380 Matk: 280 Increase atk and matk rate by 1% each refinement Enable use of level 10 soul strike Applicable class: Swordsman, Merchant, Thief

  • Fresh Roses [1]

Type: Headgear Atk + 200 Every refinement increase atk rate by 1% Nullify reduction in damage resulting from enemy's size

  • Celine Ribbon [1]

Type: Headgear Dex +15 Matk + 200 Every Refinement increase matk rate by 1% Recover 20k hp on each enemy killed with magical attacks Reduce after cast delay by 15%

Craftable Gears (you can craft them in the entrance)

  • Evil Spirit Gloves [1]

Type: Accessory MaxSP +1000 MaxHP +15000 Enable use of Level 1 Spider Web. Increases cooldown of Spider Web by 20 seconds. When attacked, chance to activate Kimmy's mind confusion.

  • Noble Cross [1]

Type: Weapon Attack: 390 Matk: 350 Add a chance of autocasting grandcross when dealing physical attacks.


  • Celine Kimi Card [Weapon]

MATK +10%. Adds a chance to autocast [Critical Wound] Level 3 to all enemies on screen when dealing magical attacks. [unstackable]

  • Evil Dwelling Box Card [Weapon]

Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on enemy when dealing magical attacks.

  • Decorate Evil Tree Card [Armor]

MaxHP + 300000 MaxSP + 1500

  • Vicious Cookie Card [Footgear]

ATK +1%, MATK +1% Every 1 refine level increment, ATK +1%, MATK +1%, PD + 1, MaxHP -2%.

  • Creepy Demon Card [Armor]

Has a chance to autocast "Magic Mirror". Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on attacker when attacked by magical attacks.

  • Malicious Baby Ghost Card [Armor]

Has a small chance to cast lvl 10 Kyrie Eleison when receiving physical attacks. Adds a high chance to inflict [Curse] on attacker when attacked by physical attacks

  • Dancing Marionette Card [Weapon]

ASPD +10% Increase damage on undead property monsters by 20%

  • Abandoned Teddy Bear Card [Footgear]

SP + 20% Increase magic damage against Undead and Demon Monsters by 50%