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This is a guide explaining how to do Zeph Quest missions in bRO. Here you can find all of the useful commands on how to complete these Zeph Quest missions.

Zeph NPC location

The Death match Shop is located in our main city @go 0 (Caspen) @warp caspen 152 200.

Death Match Shop

When inside, you will find 3 NPC's.

List of NPCs inside Death Match Shop

  • Zeph NPC
  • Death Match Manager NPC
  • Broadcast NPC

How to do a Zeph Mission?

Click on Zeph NPC.

List of Mobs

Once we accept the zeph mission, there is a time limit of 60 minutes to complete it. You can see the list of mobs you need to kill in order to complete this mission. Cooldown depends on how long it takes you to finish the mission.

  • Level
  • Difficult
  • Time remaining

You can also see the mission's Prizes for every Zeph mission you complete.


Usable commands for Zeph

  • @mission
  • @whereis
  • @autoloot

@mission description. Display the list of mobs you must hunt.

@autoloot description. Activate or to deactivate (by typing the same command again) item drops to your inventory.

@whereis description. Shows the location of the mobs. You have 2 ways to use this command: You can use @whereis Willow or use the ID @whereis 1010 (@mi "monster's name" is the command used to identify a monster's ID number).

Doing Zeph mission

Note: Its recommended to use ranged physical jobs (Ranger, Rune Knight) or magic class(es) (Warlock).

Killin mobs

After defeating all the mobs in the @mission list, we can go back to the Death Match Shop and collect our rewards!

Zeph ended.