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What is Combat Mission

Combat mission is a daily pvp task and the purpose of this task is to kill some people in PvP Arena (at Hero Arena/3rds Arena). Here you can get Combat CoinsScreenDreamerRO065.jpg it can be used to buy useful gears.

Where to start and NPCs location

The NPCs are located in @go 45 or @warp hero_camp.

The quest is started in @warp hero_camp 194 225 with General Krueger NPC.

General Kruger NPC

The Combat Shops NPCs where Combat Coin can be exchanged for usables, gears, gem of powers, etc are located in @warp hero_camp 212 216

Combat Coin NPCs

Combat Mission Requirements

You must talk to General Kruger NPC, he will ask for some items to start the quest. Here the list:


5x Glorified Orc Trophy (You can obtain this through Lvl3 BG PYL , Orc Memory Dungeon , or buy from people around 3~4B ea)


30x Emblem of Sun God (You can buy this around 70~100M or kill Soul Taker at Caspen Dungeon)


30x Ultranium (You can buy this for 4~5B , or you can kill Hades)


300x Warriors Skulls (You can buy this 1M each, Killing Seyren in lhz_dun03 or just doing PvP)


2000x War Badges (You can obtain this through Zeph Mission or Battleground or at Happy Hero Hour by trading rokstar badge)

Once you turn in those items, the General will accept you into the Combat Training Program and give you the first Combat Mission and also , you can use @combat command once you registered so you can see the requirement to finish the task

Specs - experience, table, formula

There are 5 Level for this Program and everybody who signed up would start at Level 1 , when you done your combat mission , you will be given EXP , 500M Zenny Bag, and also a Combat Token

For Combat Mission formula => (35+(2xMission Completed))xCombat Level

For Combat Experience formula ==> (100+(Combat Mission))xCombat Level

And these are combat training table:

  • Level 1: 1~1,000 Combat EXP
  • Level 2: 1,001 ~ 3,000 Combat EXP
  • Level 3: 3,001 ~ 7,000 Combat EXP
  • Level 4: 7,001 ~ 12,000 Combat EXP
  • Level 5: 12,001+ Combat EXP

And these are the rewards formula:

  • EXP: (100+(MissionsCompleted X 2) X Combat Level
  • Coin: (1 Coin X Combat Level)
  • Zeny: 500M Zeny X Combat Level

Combat Shop

You can spend your hard earned Combat Tokens to purchase extremely valuable and useful items. Click here to see a list of items available via the Combat Shop!