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Welcome oh brave adventurer! Whether you've come from another dimension or a native of this realm, you're all welcome here! Welcome to BraveRO!

BraveRO is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where you can play with a lot of real players in real time. You can share an adventure with a lot of friends you meet along the way. You can choose your job specializations from a wide choices of job classes. Party up with your friends and complete quests or take down boss monsters. Challenge other players in a tournament or wage guild battles. The possibilities are endless!

If you haven't downloaded the game yet, then please take your time in downloading it from the main website and follow this short Installation Guide.

If you wish to reach out to more players, other than interacting with them in-game, you can visit the BraveRO Forums and/or join the Official BraveRO Discord Server

If you're completely new to the game or to this realm, while this guide isn't perfect or absolute, I hope that it will nonetheless be useful in forging your path towards greatness. Also, make sure to read up on the BraveRO Server Rules to avoid breaking any of them.


STEP 1: Creating a Character Newbieguidelabels001.png

If you haven't made an account yet, you need to register an account first. Once that's done, run the game's patcher to see if there are any available patches and hit the Start Game button once it's done patching.

When the game has launched, you'll be greeted by the server/proxy server selection screen. Try and test which server has the best and stable connection for you on your end after you've logged in with your character.

After the server selection screen, you'll then be moved to the login screen. Type here the username and password that you have registered.

Now you're in. If it's your first time playing, you'll see that you have nine empty character slots. These slots are fixed and cannot be increased in any way. Simply choose a slot that you wish to create a character in and double click it. You can alter a character's slot location by logging in your account in your account in the main website, select Account at the top right corner, select your My Account, click on the character name that you wish to change its slot, and click on Change Slot near the top of the page.

You can either choose to play as a Human or as a Doram character. Humans are the default class and have a wide variety of job specializations. They also have access to the Hero System. Dorams on the other hand only have one job class, which is the Summoner class. They currently are unable to become Heroes.

Once you've selected the race, type in your chosen character's name and adjust the gender, hairstyle, and hair color. Don't worry if you've made a mistake in your character's appearance. You can change your character's hairstyle, hair color, and clothes color via the Stylist function of the Main NPC. For a fee, you can change your character's gender by availing of the Crazy Scientist's service. Also for a fee, and with the use of a Change Name Scroll, you can change your character's name.

Once you've finally decided on your character's name and appearance, click the Create button. Afterwards you'll be moved back to the character selection screen. You can now finally enter the world of Midgard and begin your journey by clicking on the Login button or double clicking on your character.

STEP 2: Choosing Your Class Newbieguidelabels002.png

Main Article: Job Explanations
They say nothing beats experience as the best teacher. No matter the reason for choosing a path, be it for utility, design, gameplay, or features, mastering a class takes time and patience.

Below are the available some guides for the highest job advancements that Heroes can choose (except for Dorams/Summoners which currently isn't applicable to become a Hero). However, take note that a lot of these guides have become outdated due to the availability of newer and better equipment as of late. But regardless, may these guides serve to gently guide you to a path of understanding with your chosen class. You can use the NPC Item Catalog to find where to buy an item that's being indicated in a guide. If you can't find the item in the Item Catalog, then it's most likely only obtainable during seasonal events.

001 Rune Knight.png002 Warlock.png003 Ranger.png004 Mechanic.png005 Guillotine Cross.png006 Archbishop.png007 Royal Guard.png008 Sorcerer.png009 Minsterl Wanderer.png010 Genetic.png011 Shadow Chaser.png012 Sura.png
013 Taekwon Kid.png015 Soul Linder.png014 Star Gladiator.png016 Oboro Kagerou.png017 Rebellion.png018 Super Novice.png019 Summoner Doram.png

You might want to decide on a specific job in advance for a specific purpose/reason, or you might want to just choose a job that you like. It's entirely up to you.

STEP 3.1: Leveling and Job Changing Newbieguidelabels003.png

After logging in for the first time, you'll be warped into the introductory area. You can spend a few minutes trying to kill the monsters there or directly talk to the BraveRO Greeter NPC. If you're new, it's advisable to take the Introduction Lesson and Introduction Test. If decide to take the Introduction Test, you might want to kill a few monsters first before talking to the BraveRO Greeter NPC and increasing your STR stat to at least 80+. This is because once you've passed the Introduction Test, a bunch of Yggdrasil Berries will be given as additional rewards. If you don't have enough weight capacity, the berries will just drop to the ground and you'll be unable to get them. No need to worry if the berries do eventually drop, they're easy to farm anyway.

By talking to the BraveRO Greeter NPC, you'll be immediately given a BraveRO Newbie Manual and a BraveRO Rule Book. Regardless if you wish to take the test or not, you'll be given the Returner's Set, at least 5 pieces of Spearman Scroll 10, and one Field Manual. The will last for 30 days and give donation-level effects. However, cards cannot be placed into these equipment. The accessories have a level requirement of at least 100 before you can wear them. The Spearman Scroll 10 can be used to summon a 10th Grade spear mercenary.

Normal Leveling

Main Article: Leveling Guide
If you're new to the game or you're a seasoned player that wishes to experience the thrill of leveling, then this is the option for you.

For the most part, unless you're careful, you might want to use the Spearman Scroll 10 that was given to you. Press CTRL + R to access the mercenary menu, and click Skill. This opens up the mercenary's skill menu. Drag the Spiral Pierce skill to your skill bar (press F10 if the skill bar is missing). From there, simply press the hotkey/shortcut that is associated with the slot in which you've placed the skill, and target monsters with it. This makes the spearman use its own skill to kill monsters. This skill has fairly high damage and can kill most low level monsters in Poring Island and Death Field (@warp izlu2dun) in just one cast. Monsters killed by your mercenary also gives experience to your character, so you can let the mercenary do most of the work for you.

Job Changing

Main Article: Job Changing
There's no job change quest needed. Simply talk to the Main NPC and choose the Job Changer Option. As a note before changing jobs, make sure you max out your job level first, regardless of your actual base level. Access your skill window by pressing ALT + S. Additionally, before changing jobs, make sure that you have completely used up all skill points. Otherwise, you might accidentally delete them. Depending on the path in which you decide to take, these are the routes that you can choose from.


  1. As a Novice, gain experience until you reach Job Level 10.
  2. Job change into your First Job as a Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, Thief, or Acolyte.
  3. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 50.
  4. Job change into your chosen Second Job.
  5. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 50 again and Base Level 99.
  6. Job change and select Choose to be Reborn.
  7. Gain experience until you reach Job Level 10.
  8. Job change into your previous first job.
  9. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 50.
  10. Job change into your Transcendent Job Class.
  11. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 70.
  12. Job change into a Third Job class.
  13. From here, simply gain levels until you've reached a Base Level of 500.

Unless you know what you're doing, if you choose to become a Third Job immediately instead of being Reborn, you'll be unable to access your class' Transcendent skills, putting you at a disadvantage.


  1. As a Novice, talk to the Main NPC, choose the Job Changer option and choose Baby Job Changer. This will turn you into a Baby Novice.
  2. Gain experience until you reach Job Level 10.
  3. Job change into your First Job as a Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, Thief, Acolyte, or Super Novice.
  4. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 50.
  5. Job change into your chosen Second Job.
  6. Gain enough experience until you've reached a Base Level of 500.
  7. To change into a Third Job class, go to the Baby 3rd Job Changer NPC in caspen 157 224, right behind the Rare Collector NPC.

Unless you know what you're doing, choosing to become a Baby Class has the immediate disadvantage of having no access to the Transcendent Skills, and they have lower stats compared to normal classes. Take note that a Baby Novice also cannot job change into a Ninja, Gunslinger, or a Taekwon Kid.


  1. As a Novice, gain experience until you reach Job Level 10.
  2. Job change into your Extended First Job as a Ninja, Gunslinger, or Taekwon Kid.
  3. Gain enough experience until you reach Job Level 50.
  4. Job change into your chosen Extended Second Job.
  5. Gain enough experience until you've reached a Base Level of 500 and the maximum job level for your class.

Skip Leveling

Main Article: Instant Job Changer
If you're a seasoned player or you just don't wish to burden yourself with the process of leveling a new character, you can opt to skip leveling and instantly change jobs. For this you can talk to the Instant Job Changer NPC in Poring Island (@warp poring01 126 210). This NPC's service is free. Regardless of the base level, your job needs to be a Novice to use the Instant Job Changer service. Changing into a Baby Novice will prevent you from using this service. Dorams also cannot use this service.

The Instant Job Changer NPC will allow you to choose from all available human job classes, instantly become base level 500, instantly get the maximum job level for your chosen class, and all skill applicable to your class are all upgraded to their maximum skill levels.

Trying to reset your skills will only return enough skill points as if you've normally leveled. However, to remedy this, you can talk to the Main NPC, select Stat/Skill Reset, and choose the Max All Skill option. As the name implies, this instantly sets all of your skills to their maximum level.

If you chose to use the Instant Job Changer NPC, you will be unable to acquire the extra Bubblegum item from an achievement once you've reached level 500.

Stat Points

Main Article: Stats
When leveling up, aside from skill points, you also gain stat points. You can access the stat window by pressing ALT + A. Increasing certain stat points generally affect how your chosen class performs. You might want to look up on job builds and guides to see which one would fit your style of play. Rather than manually adding stat points one at a time by clicking your stat window, you can instead type /str+ 99. Simply replace the number and the stat (str, agi, dex, vit, luk, int) that you wish to add. Take note that there's a space between the + and the number.

STEP 3.2: Game Commands and Shortcuts Newbieguidelabels004.png

Client Commands

Main Article: Client Commands
These are the basic commands that you'll be using.


Main Article: @Command List / Warping & Teleporting
These commands offers a wide variety of convenience when playing. Familiarize these commands and memorize those commands that you use often.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Main Article: Keyboard Shortcuts
Rather than using your mouse and clicking things on your screen, it's much more efficient to familiarize and memorize these shortcuts.

STEP 4.0: Tutorial Quests and Achievement System Newbieguidelabels005.png

Tutorial Quests

As of April 3 2023, the Tutorial Quest NPC was added in caspen 179 212. Talk to this NPC to start the Tutorial Quests which all give a bunch of useful rewards and some basic server information. Completing certain Tutorial Quests will also unlock Challenge Missions.

Each time you complete a Challenge Mission, it will be replaced with a higher level mission of the same name. These Challenge Missions also grant rewards once you've satisfied the requirements for each level.

There's no rush in completing all of the Tutorial Quests and Challenge Quests. If you constantly play the game and do most of the things indicated in the Tutorial Quests a lot, you'll eventually complete them. Take note that these achievements are account bound.

You cannot proceed to the next tutorial quest without completing the current one. If you're a veteran player that owns a character that has already pre-completed some of the quests (like becoming a Hero), simply talk again to the NPC in order to complete the quest.

1. Answer a Basic Question

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Mastela Box

2. Do 1 Daily Quest

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Panacea Box
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Daily Grind

3. Vote System Introduction

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Box of Sunlight

4. Claim Vote Tokens

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Undead Elemental Scroll Box
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Vote For Gears

5. Zeph Mission Introduction

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Box of Thunder Box

6. Complete 1 Zeph Mission

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Yggdrasil Box
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Monster Extermination

7. Introduction to Fishing and Complete Fishing Quest

  • Reward: 1x 7 Days Infinite Box of Sunlight Box
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Hook, Line and Sinker

8. Catch 3 Herring

  • Reward: 100x Fishing Coin

9. Introduction to Mining

  • Reward: 1x Drilling Boots
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Rock Solid

10. Drill 100 times.

  • Reward: 1x Costume Triple Icecream (Garment)

11. Become a Hero. If already a Hero, just talk to Sigmund

  • Reward: 1x Costume Rising Phoenix (Lower Headgear)
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Caspen Monster Hunter
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Bossnia Hunter

12. Play Wheel of Fortune Once

  • Reward: 3x Vote Tokens
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: Wheel of Fate

13. Win a Battlegrounds Round Once

  • Reward: 3x Victory Badge, 100x War Badge
    • Challenge Mission Unlock: The Battlegrounds

14. Become Elite Hero

  • Reward: 3x Elite Kill Scroll, 2x Legendary Card Album, 2x Pure Stamina Potion

Upon starting the Tutorial Quests, any progress that are related to completing Challenge Missions are saved and accumulated. For example, in doing the Challenge Mission for Daily Quest, if you already completed Daily Grind 1 (complete 7 Daily Quests), when you proceed to Daily Grind 2 (complete 15 Daily Quests), your progress will show as 7/15. However, take note that any progress that you've done prior to starting the Tutorial Quests are not counted.

Achievement System

Main Article: Achievement System
By doing various aspects of the game, they may give Achievement Rewards. This system was implemented way before the Tutorial Quests as indicated above. Some of the highest level achievements may be bugged and you might need to create a Helpdesk Ticket for it to be resolved. Take note that these achievements are character bound.

STEP 4.1: Earning Zeny Newbieguidelabels006.png

Vending Items

Main Article: Vending Area
Probably the most straightforward way of earning Zeny. You can broadcast or make a pub to advertise that you're selling items directly to other players. If you're unable to purchase from a vendor there, it might be one of the following situations:

  • You're trying to buy from a shop that sells items via 100M or 1B Zeny Bags. You need some small amount zeny in order to buy from these shops. So, if you have basically zero zeny on your character, you won't be able to buy from them.
  • You're trying to buy from a shop that sells items via Zeny. If you're trying to buy from a vendor in zeny but there's an "out of stock" message even though the vendor still has 100 pieces of that item, it means that they have reached the max amount of zeny (2B) for their character. There's a system in the vending area that checks the vendors' zeny and turn them into zeny bags for convenience. Thus, you can try returning to the same vendor after 30 minutes up to an hour.

With a merchant you can also go to @go vend and set up shop there. After setting up your merchant vendor, you can type in @autotrade to allow your merchant to vend while you're offline. If you wish that your merchant will continue to vend, make sure not to login the account that contains the merchant. For this reason, players often make separate accounts for the sole purpose of vending items.

Automated Events

Main Article: Automated Events
Every thirty minutes, treasure boxes will spawn in a random map that contain a 500M Zeny Bag. An announcement will be made one minute before the boxes spawn and it will also indicate the map they will appear. There will be a lot of treasure boxes but only five of them contains the rewards. Winning some of the other automated events (Poring Catcher, Dice, Goblin Invasion) will grant BraveRO Tokens and a Trophy. Winning them the first time on a character also grants zeny bags as an Achievement Reward.

Zeph Missions

Main Article: Zeph Missions
Basically kill the required number of monsters and you'll be rewarded with Zeny. Recommended jobs to do Zeph Missions are classes that have/can have access to area of effect skills like Warlocks, Rangers, Genetics, Shadow Chasers, and Super Novice.

Daily Quest Missions

Main Article: Daily Quests
While a few items that the Daily Quest NPC sells can be vended to other players, you can also try your luck by opening Lucky Scratch Off Tickets to win Zeny Bags. If you're still new, it's not recommended to waste your Daily Quest Tokens to just purchase those tickets. Better save up your tokens to purchase equipment first.

Doing Instances

Sell useful items that you can find within instances to other players. The easiest instance that a new solo player could finish is most likely the Endless Tower, but it still required some gear and knowledge of the monsters inside to finish it. Characters that like using Mora Equipment may have to complete the Wandering Guardian Quest (completed along with Hazy Forest Instance) in order to access Mora Coins and other Mora Quests and eventually be able to enchant Mora Equipment. The harder instances (especially the ones that are custom and the official ones that have been modified) are somewhat doable if you're already geared enough and are familiar with the mechanics of the instance/s that you're doing.

Catching Fishes

Main Article: Fishing System
As the name implies, you'll be catching fishes. A successful catch grants you that fish, some Fishing Coins, and if you're lucky, a bunch of other items. Fishing Coins can be exchanged into various Miscellaneous Items, Fishing Gears, and Vanilla Headgears. The Fishing Level is Account Bound. This means that even if you try to fish using a new character, that character will still have the same Fishing Level. However, the stats provided by fishing gears in another character does not affect other characters. Thus you need to equip or transfer the fishing gears if you want to fish using a different character.

Scavenger Hunt

Main Article: Scavenger Hunt
It's basically a free-for-all Daily Quest that you can do once per hour. Whisper anything to npc:ScavengerHunt to know the current required items without directly talking to the NPC. Of course, you'll need to actually talk to the NPC once you submit your items. A nifty trick to finishing a Scavenger Hunt fast is to create a guild and store all of the cards and miscellaneous items inside the guild storage (@gstorage), all ready for the next submission.

Scavenger Hunts reward players with Death Match Points (DM Points). These DM Points can be used to purchase zeny bags (and other items) via the Death Match Shop

Death Match Points

Main Article: Monster DM Points
As a new player, the most accessible location to farm DM Points would be Caspen Dungeon. The monsters inside give 1 Monster Point upon death. Every 10 Monster Points is equivalent to 1 DM Point. To help get Monster Points faster, you can use a Strawberry Cap (can be bought from the Daily Quest Shop) to instead gain 2 Monster Points per kill instead of one.

These Monster Points can then be exchanged into Death Match Points (DM Points) via the Death Match Shop Manager. These DM Points can be used to purchase zeny bags (and other items) via the Death Match Shop

Honorable Guild Competition

Main Article: Honorable Guild
This is a competition between guilds. However, unlike War of Emperium which is on the PvP side, Honorable Guild Competition is generally a PvE contest where almost every guild can compete as long as they put their hearts and minds into it. Members will be doing various tasks to earn Honorable Points such as Daily Quests, Zeph Missions, Scavenger Hunts, winning Poring Catcher, Dice, Goblin, and Survival autmated events, and Wheel of Fortune. You can look up the top 10 honorable guilds via the Honorable Board at Caspen [caspen 161 192] and then ask around to see if you could join one of them. The top 3 guilds per week will be rewarded one guild castle each. The top 1 guild will also be able to obtain 1x Guild Instance key per week upon claiming of rewards from the guild Treasure Manager. Take note though that only characters that are members of the guilds running for Honorable Guild will be able to earn Honorable Points. Leaving the guild and earning Honorable Points in another guild will remove your points from the previous guild.

Mining for Minerals

Main Article: Mining System
If you have the time to spare, you can try mining for minerals. Take note that this system is quite time consuming. Increasing your Miner Level is essential to gain access to better mines and level up essential Mining Skills that will make your time easier. Note that the Miner Level is character bound. This means if you're already at miner level 100 in one character, if you try to mine using a new character, that character will have a Miner Level of 1. The minerals that you get can sell for quite a lot of zeny if you have a lot of them in stock. Alternatively, you can instead use those minerals to forge equipment using the Forging System.

If you're a new player, you might want to skip this and take up mining at a later time because getting a lot of useful minerals is quite time consuming.

Forging Equipment

Main Article: Forging System
If you have saved a up a bunch of minerals (or bought a lot from other players), you can try your luck in creating items for yourself, your friends, or to sell. Most of the newer forged items can sell for quite a lot. The same as Miner Level, the Forger Level is character bound. Also, if you're a new player, much like mining, you might want to skip this and take up forging once you've saved a lot of minerals, items, and zeny.


Main Article: Casino Press Your Luck
Especially during the random times that other players choose to put a bunch of 1B Zeny Bags via the NPC, participating in Press Your Luck (PYL) might be worthwhile if you have some spare Zeny to spend.

Donation Path

Main Article: Donation Rewards - Currencies
If you have donated to the server and acquired Donation Credits, talk to the Donation Girl NPC to purchase various in-game currencies. Only the BraveRO Token is tradable, but you can use the other currencies to buy tradable items that other players might want to buy and sell those items.

STEP 4.2: Getting Equipment Newbieguidelabels007.png

Daily Quest Missions

Main Article: Daily Quests
Save up the Daily Quest Tokens that you get from doing Daily Quests and purchase various headgears, account bound boss cards, and account bound death weapons.

Vote4Points Shop

Login your account in the main website and navigate towards the upper part of the website. Click on Account and then choose Vote for Points. You'll then be redirected to another page that has six vote sites. Click on each one, and accomplish whatever task is required. After completing all of them, refresh the Vote for Points page, and you'll receive the vote points. Your points should be listed as Current Vote Points. If you voted while your account is online in the game, they'll be listed as Accumulated Vote Points, and they cannot be claimed. To fix this, simply logout your account, and refresh the Vote for Points page. After that your points will now be listed under Current Vote Points.

You can claim your Vote Tokens via the Vote4Points NPC in @warp caspen 147 211. Since there's a character bound achievement when claiming Vote Tokens, make sure you're using a character that still hasn't completed the achievements so as not to waste the rewards. You can check the achievements your character has by using the @acheck command.

Death Match Shop

Main Article: Death Match Shop
Earn Death Match Points in order to be able to buy various items from this shop.

Headgear Quests

Main Article: Headgear Quests
Probably one of the easiest ways for a new player to gear their character with some headgears. Highly recommended to gather the required materials using a character that has large area of effect skills.

Automated Events

Main Article: Automated Events
Winners for Poring Catcher, Dice, Goblin Invasion, and Survival get BraveRO Tokens, which you can use to purchase items in @go 49. Use the command @schedule and @time to see when the next automated event is coming up.

  • Poring Catcher - Find the correct poring that is named Poring. The other monsters and porings will have names to confuse players. Other monsters will also be in the map like Drops and Marin.
  • Dice Event - Pick and choose a number for every round and stand in that number's box. The last player standing wins.
  • Goblin Invasion Event - Find and kill the goblin named Goblin Leader. Classes that can cast water-element area of effect skills are commonly used for this event. Additionally, the goblins themselves drop useful consumable items.
  • Survival Event - Do your best to hide and run from Murder Porings. Be the last player standing in the map to win. You can join using any job class.
  • MVP Guild Raid - Join a guild and take down bosses and phantoms inside the Guild Raid map to earn Void Essence (purchase Vanilla Headgears) and Enchanting Rose (enchant Vanilla Headgears).

If you have collected the trophies from winning Poring Catcher, Goblin Invasion, and Dice, you can exchange them for a Fortune Headgear Chest! For one Fortune Headgear Chest, the Fortune Headgear NPC [casp_in01 74 196] will take one of each trophy. The Fortune Headgear Chest will randomly grant you one custom BraveRO headgear.

MVP Hunter

Main Article: MVP Hunter / Hunting MvPs
If you're a PvE enthusiast, then one of the things that you probably like doing is hunting down MvP monsters out in the open. Their cards are often useful, and some of them are used in the creation of Fused MvP Cards. Additionally, if you find it a hassle to searching maps where MVPs spawn, or your luck ran out in using Bloody Branches, the MVP Hunter offers a solution to your problems.

Fused MVP Cards

Main Article: Fused MVP Cards
Not a really lucrative form of farming for new players since it requires diving into the custom dungeon, Bossnia, and other slightly expensive items. If your character has just become a Hero Character and they have access to water-element area of effect (AoE) skills, then Bossnia might be a good map to start farming for your Hero EXP as well as getting the Red, Blue, and Yellow Charms used for MVP Card Fusion.

Refining Equipment

Main Article: Refining Equipment
In order to increase your weapon's power, and your armor's defense, then refining them is the way to go. You can essentially refine everywhere as long as there's a Main NPC in sight. You can also repair broken equipment for a small fee. Additionally, also for a fee, you can remove cards from your equipment without the risk of losing the card and the equipment.

Seasonal Events

Be active in the forums or in Discord to know when an event or a seasonal event is going on. These events can reward players with a bunch of useful items and gears, provide that you invest enough time and patience in gathering the required seasonal event materials. In the case of Compendiums/Battlepass, you need to earn enough Battlepass/Compendium EXP to be eligible for the different levels of rewards.

Admins or GMs may randomly post redeem codes in Discord that reward players with various items. Note that these codes may have a claim limit, thus it's a first come, first served basis. You can then use these codes via the Gift Code NPC (@warp caspen 179 188) to get those items.


Only applicable if you're already geared enough and are familiar with the mechanics of the instance/s that you're doing.


Main Article: Casino
If you're looking for a chance to win a bunch of random useful items (Press Your Luck), looking for an official headgear (Headgear Gambler), or looking to take your chance in upgrading your equipment (Wheel of Fortune), then the Casino might be the place for you.

Donation Path

Main Article: Donation Rewards - Currencies
If you have donated to the server and acquired Donation Credits, talk to the Donation Girl NPC to purchase various in-game currencies. You can then use these currencies to purchase items and equipment from in-game shops.

STEP 5.1: Road from Hero to Elite Newbieguidelabels008.png

Consolidated Guide: Hero and Elite Hero
When you've geared yourself enough or have already replaced some or most of your Returner's Set items, it's time to start your path in becoming a Hero. The road is long and tedious, but it's the way in making your character stronger.

1. Becoming a Hero Character

Main Article: Hero Quest
This is your first step. Complete this quest and officially become a Hero.

2. Ranking Up Your Hero Character

Main Article: Ranking Up Your Hero Character
In order to rise up the ranks as a Hero, you'll need to earn Hero EXP. As indicated above, there are various ways of earning this EXP. You can check your current rank and other details by using the @hero command.

Once you've reached 12,553,600 Hero EXP you'll now become a Rank C Hero, and you can now begin the Rank C Weapon Quest. You need to do this quest before you reach Rank B Hero (48,567,000 Hero EXP), otherwise, you'll be unable to do the Rank C Weapon Quest anymore, and you'll only be able to do the Rank B Weapon Quest. Once you've reached the required EXP and rank for Rank B Hero, you can begin the Rank C Weapon Quest. For both quests, you'll be rewarded a weapon suited for your class. Be careful when choosing because once you've chosen and acquired the weapon, it's no longer possible to exchange it for a different weapon. However, the Rank B and C weapons are tradable and you can buy those from players.

3. Taking on the Elite Hero Quest

Main Article: Elite Hero Quest
Once you've reached a Hero EXP of at least 98,000,000 and you're already a Rank B Hero, you can now begin the quest to become an Elite Hero. After becoming an Elite Hero, you gain access to the @elite command. For a fee, you'll also gain access to the Elite Temple and all of the various shops and services inside.

4. Acquiring Your Elite Weapon

Main Article: Elite Weapon
After completing the Hero Quest, the next step is to make your Elite Weapon.

5. Joining a Division

Main Article: Hero Division
Once you've obtained your first Elite Weapon, you can now finally join a Division.

6. Getting Your Division Glove

Main Article: Division Glove
Once you've joined a Division, it's time to create your Division Glove.

Donation Path

Main Article: Division Rewards - Usables
If you have donated to the server and acquired donation credits or Donation Tokens, you can talk to the Donation Girl NPC or to the [Donation] Misc Shop in @go 49 to avail of various service that allow you to autocomplete various parts of the Hero-Elite Hero Journey. Alternatively, you can instead avail of the Spirit of Heroism to instantly become an Elite Hero with various benefits.

STEP 5.2: Joining PVP Newbieguidelabels009.png

Once you've geared up, or even if you're still using your Returner's Set, you can always try and participate in these PvP categories to earn rewards.


Main Article: Battlegrounds
Participation rewards Silvervine Fruit, Battle Badges, and Yinyang Flowers. Silvervine Fruit is commonly exchanged into Mora Coins in order to enchant Mora Equipment. Battle Badges are the currency used to purchase various items in the Battlegrounds Shop in @go bg or in the Discounted Battlegrounds Shop inside the Elite Temple. Yinyang Flowers are used to enchant Shapeless Weapons.

War of Emperium

Main Article: War of Emperium (WoE)
Join active guilds and lay siege to your opponent's castles. Even if you're inexperienced, you can still earn from this event by providing buffs, such as a Genetic's Full Chemical Protection and a Soul Linker's various link skills.

Combat Training

Main Article: Combat Training
Combat mission is a daily PVP task. The purpose of this task is to kill some people in PVP Arena (at Hero Arena/3rds Arena). Here you can get Combat Coins which can be used to buy useful gears.

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Division Events

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At the moment, the only Division Event that's running is Save The Princess (STP). Participate here to earn Event Salaries, Weekly Salaries, and Daily Salaries.

High Level Instances

Elite Dungeon

Main Article: Elite Dungeon
Instance Guide: Instance Walkthrough (Elite Dungeon)

Elite Endless Tower

It's basically a ramped up Endless Tower, and the monsters and bosses inside are way more difficult. The entrance is found inside the Elite Temple. You need a party to complete this instance and a Key to Tower of Abyss to enter. The key drops from completing the Elite Dungeon. The key may sometimes be included as rewards in seasonal events and/or compendiums/battlepasses.

Guild Instance

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More Instances

These instances may require quite a bit of gear and experience in order to successfully complete them.

Hero Happy Hour

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Hero Arena

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Other Useful Pages Newbieguidelabels011.png

Item Catalog

  • For the most part, you can probably search up an item in the wiki search box. However, this page has most custom items catalogued so that you'll have an easier time looking for them.


  • You can use various currencies to purchase and obtain items and services from different NPCs and locations.

HSS - Hero Specialty Skills

  • A recent addition to spice up the PvP and PvE scenario.

Headgear Sets

  • Take a look at various headgear sets that are obtainable in BraveRO! Note that some of these sets may be only available during Seasonal Events.

Vanilla Headgears and Vanilla Enchants

  • These are headgears that you can customize with various effects.

Rare Headgears

  • Rare Headgears are a classification of middle headgears that are typically used as PvP equipment and gives the effects of reduces After-Skill Delay by 30% and Increases Physical or Magical Damage against Demi-Humans by 25%

Variant Rares

  • Variant Rares are middle headgears that are highly customizable. They are now similar to vanilla headgears in the way that they can be enchanted with various effects. By default, all variants have a 30% After-Skill Delay enchant on the 2nd slot. You are given the option to choose which one of several enchants you'd like to select for your 3rd Slot Enchant. The 4th slot enchant is assigned randomly and you cannot choose which one to receive.

Custom Pets

  • If you want to have a companion on your journey or wish to have additional stats and effects, then a pet is what you might need.

Premium Stylist and Costume Specialist

  • If you have acquired a Premium Stylist Service item, use it to fully avail of the Premium Stylist NPC's service for the character that used the item. If you have a headgear that you wish to become a costume, look for the Costume Specialist in caspen 183 221 and bring 1x Fashion Voucher and 3x BraveRO Tokens. Headgears that have been turned into a costume cannot be reverted back into their original states. Headgears turned into a costume will lose their stats and effects.


  • Knowing what elements to use against certain enemies can make the difference between victory and death.

Gems of Power

  • These Gems essentially work like cards for accessories, but give more specialized effects.

Socket Enchanting

  • If you have some common items that you might wish to have an extra slot, feel free to try out this system. This does not work for any custom items.

Status Effects

  • Some might be beneficial, while most have negative or harmful effects. Knowing which effect has afflicted you comes in handy when trying to remove it.

Using Storage

  • No need to carry around 1,000 pieces of an item in your inventory, thus leaving you overweight. You can open your storage almost anytime, and anywhere.

Joining Parties & Guilds

  • Various in-game content have the requirement of being in a party or in a guild.

General Card References

Custom Skins


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