Instance Walkthrough (Faceworm Nest)

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Entrance Cooldown: 23 Hours

Device/Account CD: 12 Hours

Time Limit: 1 Hour

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Healing Items: Yggdrasil berry only

Skill allowed: 2nd skills only

Requirements: 150 Red, Blue, and Yellow charms.


1. Talk to the Magic Scholar (@warp dali 81 60) to create an instance. he will be asking for 150 red, blue, and yellow charms. This will also start the 1 hour timer.

dali 81 60

2. Click the Interdimensional Device to warp into the Nest.

Interdimensional Device

3. Inside the Faceworm Nest are Faceworms to kill. There are four main types of Faceworms to kill, three of which are required to be killed in order to move on. The Red Dots in the map is the spawn location of the Mini Boss Dark Faceworm. They spawn once there are 2-3 faceworms left. Dark Faceworm is not extremely strong but they can be very annoying to kill.

Interdimensional Device
Dark Faceworm

  • The Semi Orange Dot is the Faceworm Queen spawn location. It can shred it's skin and change it's property. It will start at POISON property and then random element such as FIRE, WATER, WIND and EARTH. It's skill and mood depends on it's property. The RED one is the strongest among it's element.
Faceworm Queen


  • Each time you kill a Dark Faceworm a treasure box will appear around the map. The treasure box will give you either a Nydhorggur's Shadow Garb or a Giant Snake Skin which both can come with random enchant and refinement.
  • Once you killed the Faceworm Queen another treasure box will spawn where you have a better chance of getting a Giant Snake Skin and better refinement.
  • After killing the Faceworm Queen, a transport device will spawn and additional treasure boxes called Merchant Prince Box can be found around the map. The number and location of this boxes are supposedly random. You better search for this treasure boxes as they contain some good items as well.

Item Drops


Nydhoggur's Shadow Garb (with random refine and enchantment) - Garment

Add a 7% resistance to all Elements.


Giant Snake Skin (with random refine and enchantment) - Garment

Reduces damage from medium size monsters by 8%. Increase resistance to all elements by 1% each 2 refinement. MDEF +15. +Temporal Boots: +10% HP + 5% SP.


Faceworm Card - Accessory Card, unstackable

Max HP +50000. +Dark Faceworm Card Combo: Max HP +25,000


Dark Faceworm Card - Accessory Card, unstackable

ATK + 200. MATK + 200. +Faceworm Card Combo: Small chance to auto cast lex aeterna when doing physical and magical attacks (smaller chance on magic).


Faceworm Egg Card - Footgear Card

Increase magical damage on neutral, fire and holy element monsters/players by 70%. MATK+ 5%. Reduce magical damage on ghost, water and shadow element monsters by 50%. +Faceworm Larva Card Combo: Reduce melee attack damage received by 5%.


Faceworm Larva Card - Garment Card

Increase Resistance to Neutral and Water Element by 20%. Increase water element damage by 3% per refine. +Faceworm Egg Combo: Reduce range attack damage received by 5%


Faceworm Queen Card - Footgear Card

Crit Rate + 15% Ignores defense of demihuman race enemies. For each refinement, Increases Critical Damage by 2%. Crit rate by +1. Flee + 10. PD + 1

Enchantment Stones

Normal Enchantment Stones
+3 Str / Agi / Vit / Int / Dex / Luk
+6 Str / Agi / Vit / Int / Dex / Luk
+10 Str / Agi / Vit / Int / Dex / Luk
+50 Hit
Atk +1%
Matk +1%

Special Enchantment Stones Refine 0 - +4 Refine + 5 Refine + 8 Refine + 10
Special Str Str + 3 Str + 5 Atk + 50 Atk + 1%
Special Agi Agi + 3 Agi + 5 Flee + 50 Atk + 1%
Special Vit Vit + 3 Vit + 5 Max HP + 1% Max HP + 2%
Special Int Int + 3 Int + 5 Matk + 50 Matk + 1%
Special Dex Dex + 3 Dex + 5 Hit + 50 Long Range Atk + 1%
Special Luk Luk + 3 Luk + 5 Crit + 10 Crit Damage + 5%


  • you cannot re enter this instance if you get out of it or die the middle of your run.

  • Most of the monsters are insect type and poison element.

  • Poison and Undead property armor are recommended for this dungeon.
  • Number of party members inside the map can change some variable of this instance such as number of faceworm spawned and HP of Faceworm Queen
  • The Old Sign (Beside Magic Scholar) shows players fastest completion time of the Faceworm Nest instance along with the name of the party leader and how many people were in the party. If a new record has been made, it will be broadcasted to everyone in the server.