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Below you will find a list of commands you can use on your chat box along with their functions.

Note: You do not have to enter the " " into the command. See example below for proper use of a client command.

Example of how to use client commands

Function Command
Sound Volume /v "enter a value 0~127"
Background Volume /bv "enter a value 0~127"
Guild Chat /gc or /guildchat or putting "$" in front of a message. ($Thanks!) or "/guildchat"
Block Whispers /ex "charactername"
Unblock Whispers /in "charactername"
Trade/Deal Items /deal
Create Guild /guild "guild name" (use quotes if creating a name with spaces)
Disband Guild /breakguild "guild name" (spelling must be exact)
Create Party /organize "party name" (use quotes if creating a name with spaces)
Remove Party Member /expel "playername" (spelling must be exact)
Leave Party/Disband Party "/leave"
Emblem On/Off /emblem
Help "/help"
Current Number of Users Online "/who" or "/w"
Background Music On/Off "/bgm"
Effect On/Off "/effect"
Sound Effects On/Off "/sound"
Frame Skip On/Off "/skip"
Block List "/ex"
Allow all Whispers "/inall"
Block all Whispers "/exall"
Sit Down "/sit"
Stand Up "/stand"
Create a Chat room "/chat"
Leave a Chat room "/q"
Emoticon - ! "/!"
Emoticon - ? "/?"
Emoticon - Delight "/delight" or "/ho"
Emoticon - Heart "/heart" or "/lv"
Emoticon - Sweat "/sweat" or "/swt"
Emoticon - Rock/Fist /wnajr or /bawi or /qkdnl or (CTRL + ¡®=¡¯)
Emoticon - Paper /qh or /bo or (CTRL + '\')
Emoticon - Scissors /rkdnlor /gawi or (CTRL +'-')
Emoticon - Coordinates /whkvy or /wkdth or /where
Emoticon - ... "/..."
Emoticon - Money ($) "/money" or "/$"
Emoticon - Angry (smoke cloud) "/anger" or "/ag"
Emoticon - Fret "/fret" or "/an"
Emoticon - Ah hah "/aha" or" /ic"
Open Tip of the Day "/tip"
Save Warp Point "/memo"
Attack Snap On/Off "/snap"
Skill Snap On/Off "/skillsnap"
Item Snap On/Off "/itemsnap"
Save Chat log "/savechat"
Display 'Miss' On/Off "/miss"
Fog On/Off "/fog"