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MvP Hunter allows you to summon MvPs with the cost of Zeny. These MvPs are the same as the ones that you can find out in the world, therefore they will also drop items. Inside the room there will NPC that you talk to summon MvPs, Bank, and NPC to leave/recall party. You need to show the NPC you have 50M Zeny on hand in order to enter the room. There will a time limit of 20 minutes, when the time runs out just simply go out and re-enter the room again.


caspen 145 220


Easy: 80M Zeny Every Summon

  1. Angeling
  2. Arch Angeling
  3. Mastering
  4. Byorgue
  5. Hydro
  6. Detale

Mid Rise

Medium: 150M Zeny Every Summon

  1. Cat o Nine Tails
  2. Maya Purple
  3. White Lady
  4. Dracula
  5. Garm
  6. Incarnation Samurai
  7. Lord of Death
  8. Orc Hero
  9. Turtle General
  10. Zmey Gorynych
  11. Egnigem Cenia
  12. Lady Tanee


Difficult: 200M Zeny Every Summon

  1. Deviling
  2. Ghostring
  3. Maya
  4. Amon Ra
  5. Evil Snake Lord
  6. Gloom Under Night
  7. Ifrit
  8. Stormy Knight
  9. Ktullanux
  10. RSX
  11. Tao Gunka
  12. Vesper


Godly: 300M Zeny Every Summon

  1. Beelzebub
  2. Assassin Cross Eremes
  3. High Priest Magaleta
  4. Lord Knight Seyren
  5. High Wizard Katrinn
  6. Sniper Cecil
  7. Valkyrie Randgris
  8. Whitesmith Howard
  9. Atroce
  10. Fallen Bishop
  11. Wounded Morroc
  12. Kiel D-01
  13. Thanatos