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Being an Elite Hero comes with many great benefits and gaining access to the Elite Temple is one of them. There are many exclusive NPCs that's only available in Elite Temple, you can use Free Broadcast every 5 minutes, discounted gears up to 20% and many more.

Elite Temple Entrance @warp ayo_in02 128 178


  • Elite Hero
  • One time payment of 10b in 1b bags per character


  • Repair NPC
  • Broadcast NPC
  • Healer
  • Main NPC
  • PvP Manager
  • Tool Dealer
  • Banker
  • Fox Lady
  • Elite Scientist
  • Name Changer
  • Elite Weapon Expert
  • Elite Job Changer
  • Elite Enchantress

Discounted Gear NPCs

  • Donation Clones
  • Death Weapons
  • General DM shop
  • [BG] Equipment Shop
  • [BG] Weapons Shop
  • [BG] Headgears Shop
  • [BG] Usables Shop


Permanent Body Changer

  • Speak to Fox Lady to change your 3rd job sprites into an alternative sprites permanently with the cost of 10B zeny in 1B bags. You can always revert back to your regular look if you don't like it.

Name Change

  • You will be given one time free of charge to change your name. Speak to Name Changer to change your name.

Elite Hero Job Changer

Elite Weapon Expert

Elite Scientist

  • Speak to this NPC to change your Aura. Able to shrink the size of your character.

Elite Enchantress

  • Speak to this NPC enchant your Elite Weapon or Specialist Glove with additional effects. Read More