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Battleground is a PVP system which you and other players will team up with one of the two leaders, General Guillaume (blue side) or Prince Croix (red side). Playing battlegrounds can be rewarding with battleground exclusive gears, consumables, and even donation gears.

Go into the Battle Room by clicking Battle Recruiter in Caspen or type @go bg for shortcut.

Prince Croix
General Guillaume
@warp caspen 161 217
  • Click on Battle Recruiter or type @joinbg to automatically join the queue.
  • You must wait in any city for the queue.
  • 6 players are the minimum requirement to start the round otherwise the battle won't start.
  • Each round can have a maximum of 60 players, being 30/30 on each sides.
  • Capture flags, destroy Emperium, or kill enemy players to win.
  • There will be 9 battlegrounds arenas and each round will start at random arena.
  • Win or lose, players will still be rewarded.
  • Battleground only open at certain time and last for 1 hour.

Battleground time.jpg


  • Each round of battlegrounds will have a time limit.
  • When you die, you will be warp to a special room until you re-spawn to the arena again.
  • The special room will also contain an NPC to heal, access storage or repair any broken equipment.
  • Playing battleground can reward you with war badge, silvervine fruit, and victory badge.
  • Each battleground arenas will have different objectives.
  • Battleground follows WoE mechanics by which some skills can't be used in battlegrounds.
  • Stand still for more than 10 seconds without doing anything will trigger AFK message to everyone but once you move, the AFK indicator will go away otherwise you will be kicked out of the round and have 8-10 minutes penalty before joining another round.

Battleground Arenas and Objectives

Capture the Flag

  • Score 3 points by capturing the enemy flag and bring it to your base flag.
  • If the enemy capture your flag, you can kill the flag carrier and return your flag to your base.

Team Death Match

  • Each sides will be given 50 lives.
  • Kill the enemy players until their lives reach 0 to win.

Stone Control

  • There will be 6 stones in the middle of battlefield.
  • Capture as many stones as possible and bring them to your base to earn points.
  • While you carry the stones, you will not be able to heal, use skills and will drain your HP overtime.
  • There will be "HELP" sign above the character who pick up the stone and it is advisable to tell your team to protect you while carrying the stone or kill the enemy players.
  • First team that reach 100 points wins the game.

Eye of Storm

  • There will be two bases that you can control on the battlefield.
  • Stay within the base area to dominate it.
  • Score points overtime for each base you capture.
  • Increase points overtime by capturing both bases.
  • Earn extra points by capturing the flag in the middle and bring it to your base.
  • First team that reach 100 points wins the game.


  • Attack enemy base and destroy each MVP guardian to earn points.
  • You must capture Balance Flag in the middle to do damage to the guardian.
  • First team that reach 5 points wins the game.


  • There will be three bases that you can control on the battlefield.
  • Dominate as many bases as you can to earn points.
  • First team that reach 100 points wins the game.

Triple Inferno

  • There will be three teams, your team and the other two are enemies.
  • Collect enemy/teammate skulls and bring them to sacrifice totem to earn points.
  • If you are killed while carrying skulls, all the skulls will be dropped.
  • First team that reach 80 points wins the game.


  • If you are the attacker, destroy enemy defenses and its flag.
  • If you are the defender, defend your flag until time runs out.


  • Fight to capture the castle and organize your team to defend it.
  • If you fail on the first capture, kill the defender and destroy the Emperium to win.

Battleground NPCs

Usable Shop

Headgear Shop

Weapons Shop

Equipment Shop

Press Your Luck