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HaZeWoE Castle Rotation
Dear BraveRO Adventurers,

We’re excited to announce that the War of Emperium (WoE) castles have been rotated! Get ready to adapt your strategies, and enjoy a fresh change of scenery as you battle for supremacy and riches.

In addition to rotating the pre-existing WoE castles, we have added a new castle on the Friday's time slot.

Last but not least, the number of treasures earned daily per castle have been boosted by 25-30%!

Below you will find a summary of the WoE castles, including the schedule, number of treasures, type of WoE and coordinates to the entrance of the castle:
[Image: castles.png]

Link WoE details:

Sharpen your swords, rally your guilds, and dive into the new challenges that await. See you on the battlefield!

Best regards,

The BraveRO Team

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