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Monsters are creatures that spawn within the game that players can kill in order to gain experience to level up. Some monsters will drop items when killed, such as consumables, quest items, gears and many more. Because there are many different type of monsters, Ragnarok Online categorized them with Race, Elements, and Size so players can take advantage with appropriate equipment and skills. There are also Boss type monsters or MVP, which are ten times stronger than regular monster and can drop very valuable items. Most of the monsters you find within the game is a Free For All, unless the ones that player summon which can fall under Kill-Stealing rule.

Champion Monsters

These monsters have an aura surrounding them and more strength as well as HP than the regular ones. They will have the same names as the original monsters but they will a different prefix or suffix depends on what they are based on. All champion monsters have 20% larger sprites, 25% more attack, 5x item drops, 2,5x base exp, 9x job exp, only perform autoattack, and cant use any skills.

There are five types of champion monsters in the game:

  1. Swift (Alt: Erratic, Prefix): Lv150 aura. These monsters have higher Movement Speed, five times their Max HP.
  2. Solid (Alt: Armored, Prefix): Green aura. These monsters have lower Movement Speed, ten times their Max HP.
  3. Ringleader (Alt: Master, Suffix): Blueish appearance. These monsters summon two of the regular versions of themselves. Additionally, they have five times their Max HP.
  4. Furious (Alt: Angry, Prefix): Reddish appearance. These monsters have higher ASPD, five times their Max HP and slightly higher Hit.
  5. Elusive (Alt: Nimble, Prefix): Light blue aura. These monsters have five times the health.


A Race is an attribute of Monsters. There are eleven races present in the world of Ragnarok Online:

  1. Angel
  2. Brute (Animal)
  3. Demi-Human
  4. Demon (Devil)
  5. Dragon
  6. Fish
  7. Formless
  8. Insect
  9. Plant
  10. Player (Human)
  11. Undead

Like Element and Size, players can increase the damage dealt to monsters of varying races, and reduce the damage that they take from various races of monsters. Certain equipment and Cards can be used to gain these advantages.


Size is an attribute of Monsters. There are three sizes present in the world of Ragnarok Online:

  1. Large (Big)
  2. Medium
  3. Small

Human playable character are by default, Medium sized when engaging each other in a PvP environment. However, if a character is adopted, they are considered Small sized. Doram playable character are considered Small sized.

Most weapons suffer size-penalties against certain sizes, although it is only minor when looking at damage on a grand scale.

Size Penalty Chart
Weapon Small Medium Large
Bare Handed 100% 100% 100%
Dagger 100% 75% 50%
1H Sword 75% 100% 75%
2H Sword 75% 75% 100%
Spear 75% 75% 100%
Spear (Peco Peco / Gryphon Mounted) 75% 100% 100%
Spear (Dragon Mounted) 100% 100% 100%
Axe 50% 75% 100%
Mace 75% 100% 100%
Rod 100% 100% 100%
Bow 100% 100% 75%
Katar 75% 100% 75%
Book 100% 100% 50%
Knuckle 100% 75% 50%
Instrument 75% 100% 75%
Whip 75% 100% 50%
Gun 100% 100% 100%
Huuma Shuriken 75% 75% 100%


The term Mini-Boss is to present a boss-like monster but not exactly as MVP type monster. Mini-bosses are generally stronger and have more HP than normal monsters, with some being able to use skill and spawn minions. These monsters are considered "Mini-Boss" the limited quantity of these monsters can spawn in a map and are usually spawn longer than regular monsters.

Monsters that can be classified as Mini Bosses are:

  • Angeling
  • Of Thanatos Monsters: Desperos Of Thanatos, Dolor of Thanatos, Maero of Thanatos, Odium of Thanatos
  • Arc Angeling
  • Cat O' Nine Tails
  • Chimera
  • Dark Illusion
  • Deviling
  • Dragon Fly
  • Eclipse
  • Executioner
  • Gemini-S58
  • Ghostring
  • Gryphon
  • Hellion Revenant
  • Hydrolancer
  • Mastering
  • Maya Purple
  • Mutant Dragonoid
  • Mysteltainn
  • Ogretooth
  • Toad
  • Ungoliant
  • Vagabond Wolf
  • Vocal
  • Zealotus


MVP stands for Most Valuable Player that literally has no significant relations with the game but this is what player usually use to classify a boss type monsters. These monsters are generally much more stronger than regular monsters and will give very valuable loots. MVPs only spawn at certain times, not all MVPs have the same spawn time and they are ranged in between once per hour into 24 hours. Countdown will starts after the MVP is killed. If the player dies at the same time as the MVP, and there's no one around the MVP, the game will randomly choose someone within the map to receive the reward. Whoever hit the MVP first will have the top priority of the loots, so even if someone KS and you hit the MVP first, the loot will be given to you when it dies.

There will be MVP.jpeg sign when you killed the MVP. MVPs are free for all in most cases but for those special MVPs that required to be summon are only eligible to the person who summoned them, kill stealing summoned MVP will result in jail time.

MVPs can also use deadly skills that can one-shot players if they are unprepared. They can also summon slaves to help them fight, in some cases the mobs are the same but depending on which MVP, the summoned slaves may be different.

When an MVP is killed, Tomb Tomb.jpeg may spawn where the MVP dies. Talking to the tomb will give you information such as, time of death and the player who killed it. The tomb doesn't give information as to what time and where the MVP will spawn next time.

Normal MVPs

Normal MVPs have a set time of when they will usually spawn next. For example, if Amon Ra is defeated at 11:00, it would spawn again between 12:00-12:10. If an MVP spawns in multiple places, the two times are independent of one another and the respawn period may be different. Below is a list of all normal MVPs, where they are located, and the time that needs to elapse before it will respawn.

Low Difficulty

  • Eddga is located on Payon Field 10 (2 hours) and Balder Guild Dungeon (8 hours)
  • Tao Gunka is located on Beach Dungeon, West Cave (5 hours)
  • Amon Ra is located on Morroc Pyramid B2F (1 hour)
  • Dracula is located on Geffen Dungeon 2 (1 hour)
  • Golden Thief Bug is located on Prontera Culvert 4 (1 hour)
  • Phreeoni is located on Morroc Field 15 (2 hours)

Medium Difficulty

  • Atroce is located on Rachel Field 02 (4 hours), Rachel Field 03 (3 hours), Rachel Field 04 (5 hours), Veins Field 01 (5 hours), Veins Field 02 (6 hours)
  • Lady Tanee is located on Ayothaya Dungeon 2 (7 hours)
  • Mistress is located on Mt. Mjolnir 4 (2 hours)
  • Moonlight Flower is located on Payon Cave 5 (1 hour)
  • Osiris is located on Pyramid 4F (1 hour)
  • Drake is located on Sunken Ship 2 (2 hours)
  • Pharaoh is located on Sphinx 5 (1 hour)
  • Hatii is located on Lutie Field (2 hours)
  • Turtle General is located on Turtle Island 4 (1 hour)
  • Maya is located on Ant Hell 2 (2 hours) and Valkyrie Realms Guild Dungeon (8 hours)
  • Gopinch is located on Dremuchi Forest (2 hours)

Mid-High Difficulty

  • Doppelganger is located on Geffen Dungeon 3 (2 hours) and Luina Guild Dungeon (8 hours)
  • Egnigem Cenia is located on Somatology Laboratory 2 (2 hours)
  • Kiel-D-01 is located on Kiel Dungeon 2 (2 hours)
  • Orc Hero is located on Geffen Field 12 (1 hour) and Geffen Field 2 (24 hours)
  • Evil Snake Lord is located on Kunlun Dungeon 3 (94 minutes)
  • Samurai Specter is located on Amatsu Dungeon 3 (91 minutes)
  • Vesper is located on Juperos Core (2 hours)
  • Gloom Under Night is located on Rachel Sanctuary 5 (5 hours)
  • White Lady is located on Louyang Dungeon 3 (117 Minutes)
  • Fallen Bishop is located on Cursed Monastery 2 (2 hours)

High Difficulty

  • Baphomet is located on Labyrinth Forest 3 (2 hours)
  • Dark Lord is located on Glast Heim Chuchyard (1 hour) and Britoniah Guild Dungeon (8 hours)
  • Detardeurus is located on Abyss Lake 3 (3 hours)
  • Ifrit is located on Thor's Volcano 3 (11 hours)
  • Lord of the Dead is located on Niflheim (133 minutes)
  • Orc Lord is located on Geffen Field 10 (2 hours)
  • RSX 0806 is located on Mine Dungeon 2 (125 minutes)
  • Stormy Knight is located on Toy Factory 2 (1 hour)
  • Valkyrie Randgris is located on Odin Shrine 3 (8 hours)
  • Wounded Morocc is located on Dimensional Gorge (12 hours)
  • Beelzebub is located on Cursed Monastery 3 (12 hours)

Lighthalzen Dungeon Level 3 MVPs

One of the following MVPs (chosen randomly) will spawn between 95 to 150 minutes after the previous MVP is defeated on Somatology Laboratory 3. These are all classified to be of High Difficulty.

  • Assassin Cross Eremes
  • High Priest Margaretha
  • High Wizard Kathryne
  • Lord Knight Seyren
  • Master Smith Howard
  • Sniper Cecil

Special MVP Monsters

The following MVPs have special spawn conditions that do not follow either the timed spawn model.

  • Baphomet (Event) is an event boss and only spawns when GMs decide to spawn it.
  • Addax (Event) is an event boss and only spawns when GMs decide to spawn it. This MVP is classified as Very High difficulty.
  • Addex is spawned by using 150 of red, blue, yellow charms in Bossnia. This MVP is classified as Very High difficulty.
  • Ktullanux is spawned by using 4 Freezing Snow Powder (obtained via the Ice Necklace Quest) or 4 Ice Scale (obtained by defeating Ktullanux previously) to put out the four sacred fires on Ice Dungeon 3. Once defeated, Ktullanux cannot be resummoned for another 2 hours. This MVP is classified as Mid-High difficulty.
  • Memory of Thanatos is spawned by the completion of the Thanatos Tower Quest. This MVP is classified as Medium difficulty.
  • Naght Sieger (Floor 101) and Entweihen Crothen (Floor 100) spawn in the Endless Tower instance.
  • Nidhoggur's Shadow spawns in the Nidhoggur's Nest instance.
  • Bijou spawns in the Room of Consciousness instance.
  • Corruption Root and Amdarais spawns in the Old Glast Heim instance.
  • Faceworm Queen spawns in the Faceworm Nest instance.
  • Buwaya spawns in the Buwaya's Cave instance.
  • Bakonawa spawns in the Bakonawa Extermination instance.
  • Bangugot spawns in the Bangungot's Instance instance.