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TaeKwon Kids are practitioners of the art of TaeKwon-Do. They fore go the use of weapons and instead specialize in a variety of kicks. Their equipment is limited to equips that are usable by all jobs except novices. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule (i.e. Manteaus and Boots can be equipped by them).

Job Guides
Below you will find a list of player generated guides to give you a general idea of which stats, equipment and skills work well for this class. It is recommended that you experiment with the class and personalize your build to match your play style.

Guide Type Purpose Author Last Modified
Killer Taekwon Build PvP / BG Pan 01/23/22
Taekwon Tank and Crowd Control PvP / BG / WoE Pan 01/27/22
General 3k Caspen Dungeon Guide Caspen Dungeon Jell-o 04/09/20
Coming Soon

Note: You could still follow the stat and item builds indicated in the guides and generally do well. However, newer items that were added in year 2022 and beyond might have powercrept some of the older items indicated in the guides, and getting those newer items could help your character become even more effective. Furthermore, some changes or updates to certain items might affect the way builds work, such as the update to Death Weapons and Elite Weapons.