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This guide is about how to use Storage in bRO You can use the storage with a very simple command just typing @storage.

@storage command

After executing this command the Storage will open and here you can see the options for each type of item

Item List Option

  • Item
  • Cash
  • Armor
  • Weapon
  • Ammunition (Ammo)
  • Card
  • Miscellarieous (Misc)

Here you can separate each section and get a more ordered view of your items clicking the mini Icons at the end of your storage list. You can close this options by clicking on the same mini Icon.

Mini Icon List

How to use Guild Storage

If you have your own guild or you are part of any guild you can use the guild storage. It opens similar to storage but we will use @gstorage instead of @storage (Just add a "g" at the beginning of the normal command.