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What are Hero and Elite Hero?

They are one of the many unique features here in BraveRO. Becoming a Hero and an Elite Hero will bring you great experience with the gameplay and give many benefits, such as powerful exclusive Elite Weapons, access to Elite Temple, discounted gears and many more. Once you have reached max level (500/120), you will start your new journey to become one.


The Hero Quest

Reach Base Level 500 Completing the Hero Quest is the first step to gain access to better stats, weapons, equipment, and services.

Death Weapons

None Death Weapons have been revamped as of March 20, 2024. They now give better effects and stats.

Rank C Weapon Quest

At least 12,553,600 Hero EXP but less than 48,567,000 Hero EXP Upon quest completion, gives a weapon suited for your class.

Rank B Weapon Quest

At least 48,567,000 Hero EXP Upon quest completion, gives a weapon suited for your class.

Heroic Coins

At least a Rank D Hero You can exchange these for various items.

The Elite Hero Quest

Rank B Hero
At least 98,000,000 Hero EXP
Grants access to the Elite Temple, various Dungeons, and your Elite Weapon.

The Elite Weapon Quest

Elite Hero Rank Rewards you with an Elite Weapon for your class.

Elite Weapon List

None. Just a list You can see here the various Elite Weapons along with their effects.

The Hero Divisions

Elite Hero Rank
Elite Weapon
Grants access to the Division System.

The Division Glove Quest and List

Being assigned to a division. Rewards you with a Division Glove for your class.

The Elite Temple

Elite Hero Rank Has various NPCs that offer discounts and services. Also the location of the Elite Dungeon and the Elite Endless Tower.

Elite Dungeon

Elite Hero Rank and other requirements. Enter a challenging dungeon with a party of at least 2 Elite Heroes.

The Elite Enchantress

Elite Hero Rank
Hero Kills
Enchants your Elite Weapon and Division Glove.

Hero Aura

Rank D Hero up to Elite Hero For a 1-time fee (free for Elite Auras), you gain access to an aura for your rank.