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Why should I Donate?
Hosting such large scale server takes a lot of resources. Many players like to support the server by helping to cover the costs of hosting, advertising, maintenance and other server expenses. As a token of gratitude, players who donate receive Donation Credits, which can be used to purchase in-game head gears, cards, equipment, and other items. You can see the majority of items available via donation by using [ @go market ] in-game.

Keep in mind, you can purchase items from the BraveRO Market without donating. We have a currency converter in the market that converts zeny (As of December 20, 2022, exchanging Zeny Bags into BraveRO Tokens has been removed from the Currency Converter NPC), battleground badges, event tickets and other currencies into BraveRO Tokens. Donating offers an instant way to obtain these items.

How to Donate? There are various donation methods available to accommodate the majority of our user base. The most commonly used and quickest method to donate is using the BraveRO Check Out page. It accepts all major debit cards, credit cards and even some gift cards.


  1. Head on to BraveRO main page.
  2. Hover over to the DONATE tab and click on DONATE.
  3. Enter your Account name, Donation amount and follow the instructions.
  4. When you have successfully donated, create a support ticket so that the Admin (Haze) can process your donation (only for first time donor). Make sure you state your Account name and attach the receipt to make the process run smoother.
  5. After transaction has been complete, Donation Credits will be sent to your account immediately (to the Donation Girl NPC).
  6. All future donations to the same account will be processed automatically when using this check out method.

Exchanging Donation Credits
Once you have your Donation Credits, you can start using them by accessing the Donation Girl NPC in Caspen (or in any other town that has this NPC) and exchange the for various currencies, services, and headgears
Main Article: Donation Rewards

Exclusive Rare Headgears
Sometimes Admin will release seasonal Rare items with powerful effect and you can buy it with Donation Credits.