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Division map

The Elite Hero Quest in our server is like becoming lvl 99 on a low rate server, it's hard, it's time consuming but it's rewarding at the same time. Once a player has become an elite in BraveRO, I think it's safe to say they have a pretty good idea of the mechanics of the server and how pvp works and they can be trusted to be a part of a team. From now on, once an Elite Hero obtains their Elite Weapons they are ready to apply to one of the four Hero Divisions. (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Zeta)

A Hero Division is an organization or group of heroes that work together to reach a certain goal (rewards). All of the elite players in the server will be split into one of these four divisions randomly. The Hero Divisions will then compete in friendly events in order to win rewards or achieve division goals.

How to join?

@warp casp_in01 174 191

Before you join a Hero Division you need to take a personality/comparability test with Lady Morgaine. Lady Morgaine will ask the Elite Hero 10 unrelated questions with very different answers. This questions are supposed to match you with the right Hero Division. (Think Harry Potter). Once you answer all of the questions, Lady Morgaine will send you back to Lord Montangu who will give you the results of the personality test and assign you to a Hero Division. The answers you provide have literally no effect on the Hero Division you are are assigned.

In order to maximize balance between divisions and prevent overpowering, we have made the Division assignment based on an algorithm that ensures no divisions gets too big or too small. The Hero Divisions are account bound to prevent those people with 9 different characters from being part of virtually all hero divisions..Again, Hero Divisions are account bound, that means if you join the Alpha division with one character, all other hero characters in that account are part of the Alpha division.

Lord Montangu will welcome you to your new Hero Division globally to let every other player know which division you joined and will tell you to speak to your Division leader. Your Division Leader is in charge of assigning Division specific missions, quests and also in charge of promotions within the Hero Division. Your Division leader can be found at the respective Division Base.

Announcement to the whole server

Each Hero Division has its own base accessible with the @go commands like @go alpha, @go beta, @go delta & @go zeta

All division bases are location in 1 map with 9 different cities in it and is accessible to everyone, including non heroes.

As of now the Hero Divisions contain the following NPCs:

  • Division Leader (assigns missions, promotions, quests etc)
  • Division Manager (displayes division stats, assigns division name tag, division rewards)
  • Direct entrance to Elite Temple
  • Main NPC
  • Healer
  • Tool Dealer
  • PvP Warper
  • All 6 WoE Flags


Divisions will be reshuffled monthly.

- On the 1st of each month, everyone's division will be reset. When you log in after the 1st of the month, you will be advised to speak with a division manager to get assigned to your new division. This will hopefully help divisions remain active. It also gives hope to players, if they get assigned to a "bad" division, they can simply wait until next month for a reshuffle instead of being stuck for almost a year. (You will be reshuffled today and then again in 2 weeks on the 1st of June)

Division Salary

Division Event Salary (per player):

  1st Place - 600m Zeny, 250 Division Coins, 5 Victory badge, 5 War Supplies
2nd Place - 400m Zeny, 225 Division Coins, 3 Victory Badge, 3 War Supplies
3rd Place - 300m Zeny, 200 Division Coins, 2 Victory Badge, 2 War Supplies
4th Place - 200m Zeny, 175 Division Coins, 1 War Supply

Win up to 1.8B Zeny, 15 Victory Badges and 15 War Supplies per day!

In order to collect a salary after each division event you will need to collect a certain amount of EXP per Event. Division EXP is not the same as Salary EXP.

Clash of Divisions: Needs 150 EXP minimum

 10 EXP per kill
 20 EXP per saved skull
 25 EXP per sacrificed skull

Save The Princess: Needs 500 EXP minimum

 1 EXP per normal mob killed
 40 EXP per mini boss monster killed
 400 EXP for event MvP Killed

If you do not participate and meet the EXP required during the event, you will not be able to collect a salary. The EXP resets after every event.

The salary collection period only lasts 10 minutes.

If you do not collect the salary within the 10 minutes after the event ends, then you will not be able to collect a salary for that event.

Where to claim?

Division Manager -> Claim Salary -> Event Salary

Division Glove

Help your Division Leader with a quest and they will give you a powerful slotted Glove

Division Events

Save the Princess

Wild Monsters and Guardians will appear surrounding the Princess. You must kill the 4 Guardians in order to reach and save the Princess.

The Clash of Divisions

PvP with the other 3 Divisions and help your teammates achieve victory.