Spirit of Heroism

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Have you ever dreamed of being a strong elite hero, with maxed elite weapon bonuses and a maxed out specialist glove, but lacked the time to actually become one? If so, then the Spirit of Heroism may be a good opportunity to achieve that dream instantly!

Spirit of Heroism.png

Within the Misc & Etc Donation Shop NPC in the Donation Mall or the Donation Girl NPC, you will find an item called "Spirit of Heroism". This item can be used at an NPC called "Ares" located in caspen 110 160.

Players who exchange this item with Ares will instantly become an Elite Hero with maxed Elite Weapons and Majors of a Hero Division.

The service will provide the following benefits:

  • 100% Completion of Pre-req quests such as Kiel, Sign and Rachel.
  • 100% Completion of the Elite Hero Quest
  • 2x Elite Weapon of your choice (Already level 4, with 20,000 elite kills)
  • 1x Specialist Glove (Already lvl 3, with 60,000 Division EXP)
  • All the bonuses of being a Hero (i.e 2,500 Stat points, 50 skill points)
  • Automatically placed in a random Hero Division.

The service does NOT include the following benefits:

  • You will not be given any glorified equipment.
  • The Elite Temple entrance is not included. (10b Zeny)

This service cannot be used by characters that are already Elite Heroes, or jobs that cannot be Heroes such as Dorams. This service is non-refundable and cannot be reverted. Once you use the service on the character, it cannot be un-done or transferred to another character.

In order to use it you should be a Level 500 character, already in the job you would like to be once you are an Elite Hero, in order to receive the appropriate elite weapons and specialist glove.

Purchase Information:

  • Available at the Misc and ETC Donation Token Shop at the Donation Token Mall for 250 Donation Tokens.
  • Available at the Donation Girl NPC, claim by credits --> Donation Services option for 120 Donation Credits. (Note: You must have enough credits available for the option to show up in the menu)