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Press Your Luck

@warp cmd_in02 192 109

A basic game of Double Up where you pay double the price of the last amount in order to move onward. Gamble some zeny with this NPC and win some prizes! If you are lucky enough, you could win astonishing prices from cards, to rare gears.

Note: The higher level you get, the lower the chance to move to the next.

Price for every Stage:

Stage 1 - 3,000,000 zeny

Stage 2 - 6,000,000 zeny

Stage 3 - 12,000,000 zeny

Stage 4 - 24,000,000 zeny

Stage 5 - 48,000,000 zeny

Stage 6 - 96,000,000 zeny

Stage 7 - 192,000,000 zeny

Headgear Gambler

@warp cmd_in02 192 109

BraveRO's Headgear Slot Machine!

For 30,000,000 zeny, you will be able to get a random headgear that is currently present in the game. Over 809 different headgears that consists of Top, Middle, and Lower ones are available here.

Note: It also gives you a free chance to get the current Headgear Jackpot Prize.

Wheel of Fortune

@warp cmd_in02 192 109

This gamble NPC is only available to Heroes and Elite Heroes. Every spin will spend 3 Vote Tokens and only lets 1 character per account to play. Also, this npc has a 12-hour cooldown.

As you talk to the NPC, he will be giving you 4 choices: Swords, Coins, Cups, and Wands. At this point, Do not attempt to cancel as it already consumed your vote token and initiated the cooldown. Every choice you take will give you a chance to win the Jackpot Prize as well.


The SWORDS Wheel gives you a chance to upgrade a random item for +1, or downgrade it for -1.

It also gives you a chance to get Eluniums, Oridecons, and their enriched versions instead of refining your item.


The COINS Wheel gives you a chance to multiply the zeny you currently holding. It can give you a zeny ranging from 100,000 to 100m. It can also multiply them by 3x or 5x. But beware! As this option can also divide your zeny into 3x and taking 2/3 of it, or worse it can make you go bankrupt and take it all.


Also known as the Palk's Bag. The CUPS Wheel has a chance to give you valuable items or trash. Plain and simple.


The option for the wicked. It has a very wide variety of choices inside that gives the best, if not the worse.

  • Super Lucky - Full Buffs of All Classes (i guess cause it made two columns at the screen) with double exp and item drop rates
  • Gym Pass - Chance to get a gym pass
  • Hero Exp - Chance to get hero exp
  • Refinement - Chance to Upgrade/Downgrade Upper Headgear or Armor for 1, 3, or 5.
  • Rummage Bags - Chance to get valuable items or trash depending on how deep you went in.
  • Bankrupt - Takes all your zeny to be eaten by the clown.
  • Shameful Death - The clown takes half of your zeny and eats it. Haze then slaps you in the face, killing you on the spot.
  • Horrible Luck - makes your character full of Debuffs and Status ailments, and broadcast it to the whole game to congratulate one lucky you.