Illusion Doping Zeph Farming Build

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This build primarily uses the Genetic skill Illusion Doping to kill Zeph mission mobs fast. Owing to the skill's large area of effect, any monster that is within your target's line of sight is hit. As of this writing, only the monsters inside Death Field (izlu2dun) cannot be instantly killed with this skill, thus you will need to use other means to kill those monsters.

In order for Shadow Chasers to use Illusion Doping, they will need to copy the skill from Genetics using their Reproduce skill. Set your Shadow Chaser and a Genetic into PvP by using @pkmode. Activate Reproduce first, after which, the Genetic must hit your Shadow Chaser using Illusion Doping skill. Once the skill appears in your skill window's Etc. tab, use Reproduce again to save the copied skill.

This build was made primarily for Shadow Chasers, but with some adjustments, it will also be applicable to Genetics.

For efficiency, it's highly recommended to make your own guild and store all the Miscellaneous Items and Cards that you acquire from killing mobs. This is so that you can use those items for your Daily Quests or submitting Scavenger Hunts. First use @aloot clear to set your loot rate to 0. And afterwards, make sure to use @aloottype +3 and @aloottype +6 whenever you're doing Zeph or killing mobs to automatically loot cards and miscellaneous items.

Friendly Reminder: Don't rush or force yourselves to copy exactly what's in here. If you have better alternatives, use them. If you can't afford an item, use an alternative. Like, if you can't get an Abyss Celestial Insignia, you can just use Medal of Honor instead (this is what' I'm using right now, cause I'm poor :') ).

For most items, you can use the Item Catalog page to search for some of the items listed here.



Shadow Chaser

  • STR: 250~300 (for increased weight capacity)
  • AGI: (just enough for 195 ASPD)
  • VIT: (not really necessary)
  • INT: 350~400 (to increase magic damage; I tend to use copy/use Storm Gust for Goblin Invasions)
  • DEX: 500 (primary damage stat)
  • LUK: (put any remaining stat here)


  • STR: 500 (primary damage stat)
  • AGI: (just enough for 195 ASPD)
  • VIT: (not really necessary)
  • INT: 350~?? (if you wish for your Cart Cannon skill to have a bit more damage)
  • DEX: 300~400
  • LUK: (put any remaining stat point here)


Shadow Chaser

  • All Element Arrows that have 30~50 ATK
  • Use the correct elemental arrow in order to deal the maximum damage to a monster.


  • All Cannon Ball Elements
  • Elemental Scrolls for Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth
  • Use the correct elemental cannon ball or elemental scroll in order to deal the maximum damage to a monster.

For Both

  • Alcohol: Your bread and butter item. Never set to do a Zeph mission without at least 300~500 of these. You can purchase them from the Alchemist Tool Shop (@go 48)
  • Panacea - for when you've been afflicted with status effects
  • Lv 10 Agi Scroll - can be bought from Tool Dealers. Use it for when you get afflicted with Decrease Agi.
  • Lv 10 Blessing Scroll - can be bought from Tool Dealers
  • Aloe Vera - not really a required item to bring. It simply casts level 1 Provoke on your character to slightly increase your damage.
  • Plasma Card - not really a necessity, but you can use up one accessory slot to equip this card. It will grant you a small chance of getting 1 random elemental resist potion when killing mobs.


You might want to bring a pet that gives ATK +100, All Stats +15. Choosing one that gives All Stats +20~30 or at least to DEX and INT is also a good alternative. Use the following to check and see which pets you could go for and where you might be able to find them:


Shadow Chaser

  • Illusion Doping
  • Storm Gust
  • Preserve
  • Hide and Raid


  • Illusion Doping
  • Cart Cannon


Newbie Gear

Nothing much to say here. Most low difficulty Zeph Mobs die rather easily. You probably only need your Returner's Armor Set, and a decent weapon from the Zeny Mall (@go 48) that has the highest base ATK that you can find.

Common Gear

    • ITEM: Wolfman Hat, Halloween Hunter Cap, or any headgear that gives 15~20% Long Range Damage
    • CARD: Dark Pinguicula or Duneyrr

    • ITEM: Anything that gives at least 22% Long Range Damage or Physical Damage
    • CARD: Dark Pinguicula or Duneyrr

    • ITEM: Sage Ring
    • CARD: Dark Pinguicula or Duneryrr

    • ITEM: Any Armor
    • CARD: Byorgue for Shadow Chasers
    • CARD: Egnigem Cenia for Genetic
    • CARD: Amdarais for both

    • ITEM: Death Ballista for Shadow Chasers
    • ITEM: Death Heart Breaker, Death Tsurugi, Exploda, or Shamshir for Genetics
    • CARD: Atroce, Atroce or Fused Atroce, Turtle General, and Incantation Samurai

    • ITEM: Any Shield
    • CARD: Any Card

    • ITEM: Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb (with %ATK, STR, or DEX enchant)
    • CARD: Menblatt

    • ITEM: Sleipnir (with ATK% enchant)
    • CARD: Fused Eddga

    • ITEM: Medal of Honor
    • CARD: Gold Scaraba

    • ITEM: Medal of Honor
    • CARD: Gold Scaraba, Dark Faceworm (for Shadow Chasers), or Gem of Carting (for Shadow Chasers)

High End Gear

    • ITEM: +10 Fox Ear Ribbon
    • CARD: Duneyrr

    • ITEM: Black Eagle Wings (or any same effect headgear or vanilla headgear with Union Enchant); or
    • ITEM: Any Variant Rare Headgear (with 25% Long Range Physical Damage and 2% Long Range Damage enchants)
    • CARD: Duneyrr

    • ITEM: Icicle Ring (use Twilight Boots with this item cause Icicle Ring doesn't have Movement Speed bonus, so you'll walk slow)
    • ITEM: Nian Blue Fairies (or any same effect headgear or vanilla headgear with Dragonia Enchant)
    • CARD: Duneryrr

    • ITEM: King Schmidth Suit; or
    • ITEM: Executioner's Armor
    • CARD: Realized Amdarais

    • ITEM: +10 Beheader for Shadow Chasers
    • ITEM: +10 Hauteclere for Genetics
    • CARD: Tyrant Cecil, White Knight, White Knight (or replace with Turtle General if you lack copies), and Incantation Samurai
    • ITEM: If you have a +10 Shapeless Bow or Axe/Cleaver, and luckily enchanted it with Ignores 90%+ Armor of Normal Monster you can try using it as well if you don't have the elite weapons.
    • CARD: Tyrant Cecil, White Knight, White Knight, White Knight

    • ITEM: Shield of Aeneas (preferably enchanted); or
    • ITEM: Shield of Evalach (Preferably enchanted)
    • CARD: Khalitzburg Knight

    • ITEM: Kingsmen Backup Blades (Level 10)
    • CARD: Venenum

    • ITEM: Twilight Boots (preferably enchanted); or
    • ITEM: Modified Temporal Boots of Dexterity (preferably enchanted)
    • CARD: Fused Eddga

    • ITEM: Abyss Celestial Insignia
    • CARD: Gold Scaraba

    • ITEM: Abyss Celestial Insignia
    • CARD: Gold Scaraba, Dark Faceworm (for Shadow Chasers), or Gem of Carting (for Shadow Chasers)


So, I decided to add an extra section to this guide, in case some fellow Shadow Chasers might be interested. With the recent revamp (March 2024) of DM Point acquisition, Caspen Dungeon is slowly becoming a DM farming site. Quite a few are complaining that Warlocks have a huge advantage because they can really ramp up the damage of one of their AoE skills, Storm Gust.

But don't fret. While we can't exactly match them in terms of damage output, we can at least farm comfortably with the use of another AoE skill, Meteor Storm. For this one, you will need to use an item that grants a usable Meteor Storm skill:

  • Dark Lord Mask (ID: 21871) (Seasonal/Tradable/Upper Headgear)
  • Charcoal Stove Head (ID: 23225) (Seasonal/Account Bound/Upper Headgear)
  • Paracelsus (Elite Genetic Weapon)
  • Shadow of Nydhoggur Card (only for Sage Classes/Armor Card

For the stats, simply maximize your INT. If you're like me who likes to simply switch out gears for doing Zeph instead of resetting stats every time, you can have 450 to your INT and 450+ to your DEX. Make sure that your ASPD is at 195. Make sure that your After Cast Delay Reduction is high enough that you can comfortably spam Meteor Storm.

For this build, I'll be making this as a general build that will use Dark Lord Mask or Charcoal Stove Head. Of course, if you have gears that have better or additional effects, like the Emperium Card and Spica Card, feel free to use them. Take note that this isn't perfect and the items based here are simply the things that I currently use.


Upper Headgear:

  • Dark Lord Mask
  • Charcoal Stove Head


  • Kiel D-01 Card

Middle Headgear:

  • Fallen Gladiator Wings
  • Neo Arctic Wings
  • Variant Rare with increased damage to Medium Size enchant
  • Vanilla Headgear with Mistress Enchant


  • Kiel D-01 Card

Lower Headgear:

  • Sage Ring
  • Red Shoulderpads
  • Blue Fairy
  • Enchanted Diamond Dust
  • Vanilla with Ethereal, Festive, or Aqua Enchant


  • High Wizard Card


  • King Schmidt Suit
  • Executioner's Armor


  • Nightmare Amon Ra Card
  • Realized Amdarais Card
  • Amdarais Card


  • A +10 shapeless weapon for your class that has the decent % enchant of increased magic damage against medium size, ignore MDEF of normal class, or increase magical damage against normal class.
  • A +10 Jack Frost Staff if your class can use wands.


  • Celine Kimi Card / Ice Queen Card
  • Entweihen Crothen Card / Lil Moonlight Card
  • 2x Orc Skeleton Card


  • Shield of Evalach (preferably with decent enchant)
  • Book of Toth (preferably with decent enchant)


  • Khalitzburg Knight Card
  • Golden Thief Bug Card


  • Kingsmen Backup Blades (upgraded to Level 10)
  • +10 Rustic Mantle


  • Salamander Card


  • Twilight Boots (preferably with Mindbreak Enchant)
  • +10 Modified Temporal Boots of Intelligence (with decent enchant)


  • Determined Kathryne Card


  • Abyss Divine Insignia
  • Medal of Honor


  • Scaraba Card
  • Fortuna Card


  • Artifact of Trial (with Runaway Magic Enchant)
  • Medal of Honor


  • Scaraba Card
  • Dark Faceworm Card


For this automated event, I usually just switch out my headgears and weapon with the items below. Of course, to effectively kill those goblins, you will need to use Storm Gust (preferably Level 10) against them. Keep Storm Gust on you at all times, and never forget to keep using Preserve skill when you're going out to do Zeph, cause you don't want to randomly lose your Storm Gust skill.

  • UPPER HEADGEAR: Any Headgear that gives at least MATK +15% (better if MATK +20%)
    • CARD: Kiel D-01

  • MIDDLE HEADGEAR: Any Headgear that gives Skill Delay Reduction, and MATK +%
    • CARD: Kiel D-01

  • LOWER HEADGEAR: Any Headgear that gives movement speed bonus and Skill Delay Reduction. If yours also grants +% damage to all race or medium size, then go for it.
    • Card: High Wizard Card

  • WEAPON: Shapeless Magic Dagger enchanted with Magic Damage Against Medium Size, Ignore MDEF of Normal Class, or Increase Magic Damage Against Normal Class.
  • WEAPON: If you don't have Shapeless Magic Dagger, you can use a +10 Old Parasol
    • CARD: Celine Kimi/Ice Queen, Entweihen Crothen/Lil Moonlight. Alternatively, you can instead just use x4 Vadon Cards.

If you can't 1-hit the goblins by using the above gear, you can add the following items to increase your damage:

  • SHOES: Any boots.
    • CARD: Determined Kathryn

  • GARMENT: Any +8~10 Garment
    • CARD: Faceworm Larva


Nothing much to say here, except you might want to get as much range as you can to hit those boxes from afar. Of course, additional range is made somewhat irrelevant if the treasure boxes will spawn in a map that's full of buildings and walls. Regardless, here are some items that you might want to get:

  • Gastraphetes - A Rank B Hero Weapon. If you're Shadow Chaser, you can choose this one during your Rank B Weapon Quest. It gives +9 range.
  • Nightvision Goggles - A lower headgear. Gives +4 range, and movement speed. Quite a few seasonal headgears also grant the same effect as this one. Not really necessary to get since you can already hit things from afar by just using Gastraphetes.