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Tongue Caspen Dungeon Guide
Posted by: emile - 09-19-2023, 06:12 PM - Forum: Job Guides - No Replies

If you are a new player joining and want to learn how to get off to a good start and hunt. This guide Guillotine Cross Guide is for you. Lets dive in.

First, you will Need to do the daily quest every day, Zeph Quest and Vote every 12 hours. Get used to this. There plenty of rewards when you stay consistent. Big Grin

Caspen Dungeon Guide (Gold Ores) Non-Hero to Hero
What this build focuses on is listed below:

100% Earth resist
90% Perfect Dodge
Fair Damage+ Splash Attack

Anything that has a "***" is a non-negotiable. You will need it to survive.

Top - Samurai Dowry - Drops from Incantation Samurai (Boosts your crit rate by 30%) w/ Giearth card
Mid - Red Imperial Wings - Get from Vote 4 Points npc (+20 stats, -10% ACD)  w/ Giearth
Low - Sage Ring - (Get from Headgear Quest NPC. 15% ATK/MATK, +60% movement speed.) w/ Giearth

***LH Weapon - Death Grimtooth - Use Death Weapon coupon or buy with badges from BG. (+15 PD, +10 Flee) x4 Mobster cards
***RH Weapon - Death Grimtooth - turtle general, baphomet, the paper x2

***Armor - Spiritual Tunic - Buy from other players. Going rate is 1b? (20% resist to all elements except neutral/water)

***Garment - Nyd's Shadow Garb - Get from cone stone in Caspen dungeon. (7% resist to all elements) w/ Hode Card (30% resist to earth)

***Boots - Sleipnir[1] - Get from Vote 4 Points Shop. Fused Eddga. (Get this from the daily quest shop. +5% ATK rate. 10% HP. Perm. Endure.)

Accessory 1 - Lucky Megingjard - +40 LUK. (Buy from other players)

Accessory 2 - Any slotted accessory - Yoyo for extra Perfect Dodge

Non-Hero Equipment

**** Note- Do not add skill points to Double Attack or you will miss with your daggers ****


STR + 500
AGI + 200
VIT + Rest here
Luk+ 400 (Enough for 225 crit rate)

Hero Version- Rank B

100% Earth resist
90-95% Perfect Dodge
Great Damage + Splash Attack

Top - Samurai Dowry, Beer Hat or [Desert Prince(Vote 4 Points Shop)]- *If you want to heal without spamming Yggs, use DP cap. If you want to save on crit and have more room for stats, use Dowry. More Perfect Dodge- Beer hat* w/ Giearth
Mid - Black Mini Glasses-  w/ Giearth
Low - Sage Ring or [Ranged Aura(Daily Quest Shop)] - *More damage or more range. Strictly preference* w/ Giearth

LH Weapon - Shamshir - F.Doppelganger, F.Baphomet, Vengeful Eremes x2
RH Weapon - Shamshir or Death grimtooth - Mobsters x2, Turtle General, Baphomet

Armor - Spiritual Tunic - Buy from other players. Going rate is 1b? (20% resist to all elements except neutral/water)

Garment - nydds shadow garb - Get from cone stone in caspen dungeon  (7% resist to all elements) w/ Hode card

Boots - Sleipnir[1] - Get from Vote 4 Points Shop. Fused Eddga. (Get this from the daily quest shop. +5% ATK rate. 10% HP. Perm. Endure.)

Accessory 1 - Lucky Megingjard or another rosary w/ Yoyo.

Accessory 2 - Black Rosary - Yoyo

Hero Equipment - Forgive me. I was too lazy to hunt and decard. But you get the idea  Wink


STR + 500
AGI + 200
VIT + Rest here
Luk+ 350 (Enough for 225 crit rate)

Enchant Deadly Poison

Things to Bring
Poison Bottles (Purchase from the tool dealer npc with a merchant for a discount)

Yggs: 607
Gold Ore: 7231
Shadow Garment: 2554
Bloody Branch:
Emblem of Sun God: 7086
Enriched Elunium: 26117

When you see Soul Taker, switch to Desert Prince and spam Yggs. =)

Don't Forget to check out my shop!
The Black Market

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Posted by: Guest! - 09-17-2023, 03:47 AM - Forum: Miscellaneous Guides - Replies (3)

have concerned about my dmg in kimi
i got dmg 1.1m before then few months ago down to 1.0m/hit
then as of today i got only 940k-950k/hit, i dont have proof of dmg before but maybe admin can check from history!
i was disappointed coz of dmg got nerf, , i know someone say 940k is good! who dont want good dmg to clear it fast. if you used a high dmg before you will be disappointed.

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  [Login] - Cannot remember my username
Posted by: arthurkb - 09-16-2023, 03:24 PM - Forum: Technical Difficulties - Replies (1)

Hello guys,
I need help, i'm trying to cameback to server, but i cannot remember my user, I only know my email.
How can i retrieve this info or my password

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  Requesting for an Additional Skill bars
Posted by: Tyrannical - 09-10-2023, 01:56 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

From this

To something like that

I think it's reasonable to expand our skill bars because of the so many items available in the server.
The current available slots feels inadequate (for me and probably to some) and it's really a hassle to manually look and click the items/usables to use/switch.

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  Important Announcement Regarding BraveRO's Future
Posted by: Riliane - 09-06-2023, 03:15 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Dear BraveRO Community,

We hope this message finds you well. We want to address some recent concerns and provide you with an update on the state of BraveRO and its step-brother server, FlexRO.

Firstly, we want to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who has been a part of the BraveRO community since its inception in 2008. Your dedication and support have allowed us to create a thriving server for the past 15 years, and we are deeply committed to its continued success.

In the past few months, I have been assisting Bravo on the development of FlexRO, a new low-rate server that was created to provide a different experience for players seeking a fresh start. We've taken great care to ensure that FlexRO does not compete with or draw players away from BraveRO. This is why we didn't announce FlexRO earlier, as we were concerned it might be seen as us abandoning BraveRO.

We want to clarify a few points:

BraveRO's Future: We have no plans to close BraveRO. On the contrary, we are dedicated to its long-term survival. In the coming months, you can expect updates such as a new website, forums, WoE castle rotation, market revamp, new items, instances, fishing spots, hero specialty skills, and an upcoming Halloween & Christmas event. 

Team Structure: While FlexRO is managed by one of our main developers/admins(Bravo), BraveRO is managed by me (Riliane). This division of responsibilities allows us to focus on both servers and ensure their stability and growth. However, the over 25 years of combined experience will be used to benefit both servers.

Community Support: We understand the concerns some of you have raised about the perception of us running FlexRO. Rest assured that the rest of the BraveRO staff were not aware of FlexRO's development until now, and this was to safeguard BraveRO's stability and ensure we still had a GM precense in the game.

No Advertising of FlexRO in BraveRO: We have refrained from promoting FlexRO within BraveRO intentionally. Advertising FlexRO in BraveRO forums or vice versa is strictly against the rules. Both servers, while managed by a couple of similar staff members, will be operated independently.

Continued Commitment: We want to emphasize that our commitment to BraveRO remains unwavering, and we are excited about the future improvements and events we have planned.

We hope this message provides clarity and reassurance about our intentions. We have always valued your trust and support, and we ask you to continue trusting us as you have done for over a decade.

Thank you for being a part of the BraveRO community. Together, we will ensure that both BraveRO and FlexRO have a bright and enduring future.

Brave RO Development Team

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  Playing bro on the go
Posted by: Yumazaki - 09-04-2023, 07:11 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

I’ve finally found a way to realize my moms dream of playing the original pc ro on the go it’s been implemented using the ASUS ROG ally handheld gaming system it is a full fledged windows 11 pc in a handheld device it seems to run ro well on the go

(09-04-2023, 07:11 PM)Yumazaki Wrote: I’ve finally found a way to realize my moms dream of playing the original pc ro on the go it’s been implemented using the ASUS ROG ally handheld gaming system it is a full fledged windows 11 pc in a handheld device it seems to run ro well on the go

Game opens but the updater fails to launch that causes the whole system to freeze it doesn’t do that on my windows 11 desktop so I’ll try copying the entire installation off that pc

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  Please Don't Forget Me
Posted by: Tyrannical - 09-03-2023, 09:50 AM - Forum: Bugs & Exploits - No Replies

Been receiving complains since the past 2 weeks about Dancers' Please Don't Forget Me skill during WoE's.

Dancers' Please Don't Forget Me - Slow debuff from this skill is still in effect even after dying & reviving for about 5 seconds.

We noticed it since August 18~19 WoE Schedules. Also, when we were checking it the following day, the -ASPD penalty from PDFM doesn't seem to work, as my ASPD still remain 195 after getting the debuff. Wherein, previously it gives "-1~-2" FLAT ASPD Penalty.

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  Baby 3rd Job Missing skills
Posted by: uwing00 - 08-29-2023, 10:53 AM - Forum: Bugs & Exploits - Replies (1)

Hi GMs and Admins,
Just want to clarify if the baby 3rd jobs are supposed to have missing skills e.g., baby ranger is missing sharp shooting and baby cross is missing meteor assault and EDP. I know the fact that the baby 3rd jobs are weaker than the normal 3rd jobs but it's quite difficult if they're missing some important skills.
Please check on these.

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  B>VANILLA WITH 35% demi redux+4% ACD
Posted by: celestial - 08-28-2023, 09:48 AM - Forum: Marketplace - No Replies

B>VANILLA WITH 35% demi redux+4% ACD

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  Sharp Shooter Guide (Save the Princess)
Posted by: emile - 08-23-2023, 04:07 AM - Forum: Job Guides - No Replies

Just an FYI; This is an Elite Geared Guide. It's going to be expensive but can kill just as fast as Dragon Breath when used properly. Modify it as you please. This is what works well for me.

Recommended Stats: 

STR :100 (enough to carry your consumables)

AGI :120 (Keep your ASPD 195 against Arachne's Quagmire)

DEX :500 (Max Damage)

INT :50 (Enough for 10k SP)

VIT :100 (Get close to 2m HP)

LUK :500 (Critical Damage)

Recommended Equipment:

Top Headgear: Green Captain's Hat (Increase Long range dmg by 20%. Reduce dmg from demi-human by 25%)

Card: Kiel D-01 card (-30% ACD)

Middle Headgear:

Unions Wings (Increase Long Range damage by 25%, Walking Speed +5%, Reduce after-skill delay by 15%)

Card : Kiel D-01 card (-30% ACD)

Lower Headgear

Dragon Aura (70% Movements, Attack +450, Reduce cast delay by 20%)

Card : Orc Hero (Immunity to Stun)


+10 White Wing Suit (Must have Enchant) (Increases ranged attack damage by 2x refine level, Increases Flee by 1 per refine level)

Card : Tao Gunka (MaxHP +100%, Reduce Hard Def and Mdef by 50)

Shield : Shield of Evalach (20% ATK and MATK. If +8, low chance of casting lv.7 Kyrie Eleison when receiving physical attacks)

Card: Khalitzburg Knight (DEF+20. Reduces Physical and Magical dmg from medium/large monster by 25%. Additional 5% reduction from medium/large monsters. when paired with White Knight)

Sub: +8 Onyx Guard [(STR/INT+ 15. ATK/MATK+8%. If +8 or above, no knockback.)In case FCP wears off, swap to this with a thara frog]


Card : Vengeful Eremes (Critical Damage +25%, PD+2)

Card : Tyrant Cecil Card (Increase Physical range damage by 18%, Provides a 0.75% chance to auto cast Lex aterna on then enemy when using long range attacks.)

Card : Fused Dracula (Increase dmg to all races by 15%. 10% chance to convert 15% of dmg as HP/SP) Won't need to use that many mastelas when you kill large mobs. You regen HP/SP super fast this way.

Card 4: White Knight (ATK+ 75, Increase physical dmg to medium/large monsters by 20%. Additional +15% dmg when paired with Khalitzburg Knight)


+8 Albite Garment [(STR+15, Dex+15, HP+5%, Increase resistance to Neutral, Holy, and Ghost attacks by 15%) if +8 or above, +10% ATK]

Card : Deviling (Reduces dmg from Neutral property by 50%. Increase dmg from other elements by 50%)


Temp Luck Boots (HP/SP +12%, Luk+25. Every 2 Refines,+2% crit dmg. If base LUK at least 350, 30% crit dmg. (*15% more dmg from holy attacks)

Card: Furious Seyren (Max HP+8%. Increase physical damage by 5%. If +8, additional 5% hit rate and additional 3% physical dmg to medium monsters) 

Accessory 1: Specialist Glove 

lvl 1: DEX+25, MDEF+5

lvl 2: DEX+30, MDEF+5, 0.05% of casting Stun or sleep with physical attacks.

lvl 3: DEX+35, MDEF+7, 0.05% of casting Stun or sleep with physical attacks. +5% HP.

Card : Gold Scaraba

Accessory 2:

Medal of Honor ( MaxHP+300, MaxSP+80, Increase Physical damage to all race by 5%. Matk+5%. Crit+10 )

Card : Gold Scaraba

Things to Bring:

Mastela Fruit
Genetic or Scrolls for FCP
Abrasive (Increased Crit)
Fire Arrows
Ghost Arrows
Water Arrows
Earth Arrows


  • Lure mobs in a circle and kill them faster
  • Battlemode is a must!
  • If you see a Soul Linker or Mage class, just find another set of mobs to kill xD

After a run, you should be earning a descent amount of EXP. This is my total EXP after 2 runs.

EXP Snapshot

Hopefully more range classes come out and become more active in STP. Best of luck  Big Grin

Don't forget to checkout my shop.

The Black Market

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