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2024 Jun 11 News

Seasonal Headgears Added to Token Market We have exciting news! Some of your favorite seasonal items, known for their unique effects and typically acquired during special events, have now been added to the BraveRO Token Market. This means you can enjoy their benefits all year round, even outside of event times! Here's the list of newly added items: Bound Top:Kittens In basket - 23804 Scarf of intelligence - 25712 Bouncing Snowman / Drooping Snowman - 23145 Angeling Beanie - 21893 Ox king Helm - 23777 Wyvern Helmet - 25543 - Epic Evil Jester Hat - 23922 - Epic Helm Of Avidity - 23934 - Epic Dragon Horned Helm - 23847 - Epic Bound Mid:Luminosity wings - 25689 Ruby Wings - 25687 Emerald Fire wings / Green Wings of Fire - 25686 Green Snow Aura - 25711 Yellow Chakra - 25710 Easter Cloak - 25691 - Epic Golden Egg - 25690 - Epic Bound Low:Blue Archbishop Wings - 25682 Dark Spirit aura - 25715 Dark Spirit Aura / Dark Aura - 25714 Spark Aura - 25706 Pink Spirit Aura - 25704 Plasma Familiar / Plasma Aura - 23345 White Flash Aura / White Lightning Aura - 25716 - Epic Festive Balloons - 25542 - Epic Electric Blue aura - 25718 - Epic Athena Blue Ura faded - 25717 - Epic Tradeable Top:Dark Lord Mask - 21871 Tradeable Low:Sunflower Ring - 21700 Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your gameplay with these exclusive items. Head over to the BraveRO Token Market and get your hands on them today! Happy adventuring! The BraveRO Team

2024 Jun 11 News

Harvest Automated Event Dear BraveRO Players, We're excited to announce a new automated event where everyone's a winner! This event will run 3 times a day and will be added to the rotation of automated events.  Event Schedule:The event runs every day at hour 4, 12, and 20 server time. Check the server's time using the command to stay updated. How to Participate:When the event is in queue mode, head over to Prontera 150 230 and speak with the Harvest NPC to join. If you join during the queue period, you'll be warped to the Harvest Field. Once the event starts, you will not be able to join the event. During the Event:Ensure you have enough inventory space for the items you'll gather. You have 5 minutes to harvest up to 10 plants. Each plant contains random items, so make the most of your time! After harvesting 10 plants, you will be automatically warped back to Prontera. You can use 3910 to locate the harvest plants around the map! List of Possible Rewards: [*]Bitter Herb [*]Deadly Noxious Herb [*]Dew Laden Moss [*]Orange Juice [*]Rainbow Carrot [*]Singing Flower [*]Baked Yam [*]Tropical Banana [*]Unripe Apple [*]Very Soft Plant [*]Inspector Certificate [*]Red Potion [*]White Potion [*]Blue Potion [*]Red Herb [*]Yellow Herb [*]White Herb [*]Blue Herb [*]Green Herb [*]Apple [*]Banana [*]Grape [*]Carrot [*]Honey [*]Fruit Of Mastela [*]Panacea [*]Royal Jelly [*]Pumpkin [*]Pet Food [*]Chocolate [*]Strawberry [*]Mushroom [*]Piece Of Cake [*]Wing Of Butterfly [*]Branch Of Dead Tree [*]Yggdrasilberry [*]Seed Of Yggdrasil [*]Union Of Tribe [*]Emperium [*]Oridecon [*]Elunium [*]Crystal Blue [*]Wind Of Verdure [*]Yellow Live [*]Flame Heart [*]Mistic Frozen [*]Rough Wind [*]Great Nature [*]100m Money Bag [*]500m Money Bag [*]250M Money Bag [*]1b Money Bag [*]War Supplies RO [*]V4P Token [*]BraveRO Token [*]Heroic Cocktail [*]Gjallarhorn [*]Ghostring Scroll [*]Bloody Branch Of Dead Tree [*]Bloody Branch 10pack [*]HE Gum [*]Victory Badge [*]Str Dish20 [*]Int Dish20 [*]Vit Dish20 [*]Agi Dish20 [*]Dex Dish20 [*]Luk Dish20 [*]Flame of True Sight [*]Attack PowerUp [*]Magic PowerUp [*]50 STR Dish [*]50 AGI Dish [*]50 DEX Dish [*]50 INT Dish [*]50 VIT Dish [*]50 LUK Dish [*]Super Size Scroll [*]Pure Oridecon Fragment [*]Pure Elunium Fragment [*]Meele Surprise Box [*]Magic Surprise Box [*]Card Summoning Voucher [*]Fresh Lobster [*]Leviathan Potion [*]Ambergis Potion [*]Sea Magnet Potion [*]Sand Crab Potion [*]Companion Potion [*]Exp Explosion Potion We hope you enjoy the new event and we look forward to seeing your feedback and participation!

2024 Jun 06 News

WoE Castle Rotation Dear BraveRO Adventurers, We’re excited to announce that the War of Emperium (WoE) castles have been rotated! Get ready to adapt your strategies, and enjoy a fresh change of scenery as you battle for supremacy and riches. In addition to rotating the pre-existing WoE castles, we have added a new castle on the Friday's time slot. Last but not least, the number of treasures earned daily per castle have been boosted by 25-30%! Below you will find a summary of the WoE castles, including the schedule, number of treasures, type of WoE and coordinates to the entrance of the castle: Link WoE details: Sharpen your swords, rally your guilds, and dive into the new challenges that await. See you on the battlefield! Best regards, The BraveRO Team

2024 Jun 05 News

Battlegrounds Press Your Luck (PYL) Update The BG Press Your Luck rewards have been updated! They should give similar, if not better, rewards compared to the Seasonal Paragon. Guild Instance Cards have also been added to the prize pool. As well as some costume garments including a cute new one. Additionally, Stage 9 is now a pick-your-reward-of-choice stage instead of simple Rare Headgear of Choice. Stage 9 choice rewards:Instant +10 Refine Ticket Rare of Choice Coupon Tailored Enchant Coupon Mythical Pet Egg of Choice Coupon Fishing Gear Exchange Coupon Headgear Set of Choice Coupon Variant Headgear of Choice Coupon You don't need to create a ticket to claim those coupons. You can exchange those coupon to the NPCs that will be added soon. We will continue to update this NPC with new rewards once in a while. PS: Make sure to patch your clients to update the item descriptions. Overloaded gear system is also coming soon.

2024 May 17 News

BraveRO's Master Event Dear BraveRO Adventurers, By now you are probably missing our last seasonal event and already looking forward to the next seasonal event... Though it's still too early for our Summer event, We are excited to introduce the BraveRO Master Event – a thrilling and challenging event designed to test your skills in various features and, of course, your luck! Collect all five Master Keys to claim one of the available fantastic prizes! HOW TO OBTAIN MASTER KEYS? Daily Quest Master Key  Complete daily quests for a 5% chance to obtain this rare key. Battlegrounds Master Key  Win a round in Battlegrounds for a 1% chance to secure this elusive key. Zeph Master Key  Finish Zeph Hunting Missions for a 2% chance to earn this coveted key. PvP Master Key  Achieve kills in the Hero Arena for a 0.25% chance to win this rare key. Event Master Key  Participate and win various events such as Dice, Roach Invasion, Novice Survival, Poring Catcher, Billionaire's Raffle, or find it with a 1% chance from a Treasure Box. PRIZES: Collect all five keys and exchange them for one of the following fantastic rewards:Spirit of Heroism Tailored Enchantment Coupon 750b Zeny Shadow Legendary Set Rogue Legendary Set Variant Rare of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket) Mythical Pet of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket) You may speak with the BraveRO Master NPC located in Caspen 170 215 to collect your prize of choice once you collect all 5 keys.  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:This event is designed to be both challenging and luck-based. Keys are tradeable, so you can exchange them with other players. There is no limit to the number of keys you can earn. Keys will stop dropping on June 2nd, 2024. *** The NPC will be removed on June 3rd, 2024. *** Don't miss out on this short-term event! Gather your keys, complete your challenges, and claim your rewards before time runs out! PLAYERS WHO COMPLETED MASTERS CHALLENGE:     S i × t h .  ™   Sa†an    Tia    Xyi  RSRSRSRSRSRSRSRSRS .Rijou ArrOw StORm~ B o s s J bhunjinko BossTay DhalSim~ Fullmental Alchemist GeneGeneGeneticS Groomer. hehehehehehehehehehe Horakthy- jhin. Lautsprecher Anlagen Lautsprecher Anlagene Line of Latitude Line of Sight LOVEBAIT Mevius. Mihoooooo Okayn Panchaii PoP Smoke Rapid CasteR~ SD Premium Super Chino Tata Lino Umi.. V 0 M i T White Lily. Ylvaa •†•Alliyah•Dale•†• §¡egƒ®¡eÞ™ Join the adventure and become a BraveRO Master! At the end of the event, we will list in this post the character names of all the players that were able to collect all 5 keys and become a BraveRO Master! Happy gaming, The BraveRO Team

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1 Huh Yun-Jin 3172 1.4231
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3 acid reflux supremacy 1843 7.4919
4 Panchaii 1731 1.8259
5 Kirisu 1730 2.5668
6 Xyi 1600 2.9358
7 pwd. 1509 3.6626
8 Fallen.Angel.Ephlien 1381 1.4135
10 Terms of Use 1212 0.5827

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