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2023 Nov 22 Announcements

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event 2023 Event runs from November 21 - December 3, 2023 Hello adventurers! Join our Black Friday & Cyber Monday event and take advantage of limited time rewards! Cyber Black Box This is a usable item similar to Old Blue Box, that contains the one of the items below:20%  - Fortune Headgear Chest 10%  - Brave Card Album 7%  - Halloween Headgear Bag 7%  - Christmas Headgear Bag 7%  - Valentines Headgear Bag 7%  - Easter Headgear Bag 5%  - 500x Lobster Bait 5%  - All Emote Pack 5%  - 50b Zeny 4%  - +1 Armor Safe Refine 3%  - Elite Job Change Coupon 3%  - Aura Stylist Service 3%  - Name Change Scroll 2%  - Random Hero Specialty Scroll 2%  - Rare of Choice Voucher 2%  - Spirit of Heroism 2%  - Mythical Pet Egg 2%  - Elite Weapon Scroll 1%  - Fortuna Card 1%  - Random Legendary Set (Gold, Vermillion, Sapphire, Dreadful) 1%  - 500 bRO Tokens 1%  - 1x Trillion Zeny 0.01%  - 10x Trillion Zeny Of course, everything you get from the Cyber Black Box is globally announced for some extra bragging rights! Now, we know you may be thinking.. How can I get my hands on these juicy boxes?Donation: Get 1x Free Cyber Black Box for every 15$ donated to the server. This is an extra bonus on top of the donation credits awarded limited for this event. You can also donate in exchange for Zeny to buy from the NPC below. Read our Donation Page for more information. Battleground: You can earn Cyber Black Boxes by participating in Battlegrounds. In order to qualify, you must have played at least 3 minutes into the round. Winning the round has a 2x chance to obtain a box, so make sure to aim for the win! BraveRO Cyber Black Sales: There is a new NPC located in the middle of Caspen. He is selling items that were suggested by the community on this wishlist. The items are priced using 1b Zeny Bags. Please note, we may add additional items or adjust the price of an item at any time during the event. 23210 Infinite berry box: 30 billion (b) 23211 Infinite seed box: 30 billion (b) Infinite holy scroll box: 30 billion (b) Infinite undead scroll box: 30 billion (b) Infinite panacea box: 30 billion (b) Poseidon Fishing Shoes: 2 trillion (T) Mythical Pet egg: 900 billion (b) End of the Line EX (crafted): 1.45 trillion (T) Moonstringer EX: 1.35 trillion (T) Serendipity EX: 1.25 trillion (T) Windtangler EX: 1.35 trillion (T) Narukawaukai EX: 1.45 trillion (T) King Ocean Rod: 825 billion (b) Demi Freya Robe: 850 billion (b) Demi Freya Shield: 2 trillion (T) Demi Freya Sandals: 120 billion (b) Brave Card Album: 200 billion (b) Shapeless Weapon Ticket: 70 billion (b) Safe Refine Ticket: 100 billion (b) Spirit of Heroism: 500 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Str: 175 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Int: 225 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Agi: 100 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Luck: 125 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Vit: 200 billion (b) Modified Temporal Boots of Dex: 175 billion (b) Rare of Choice: 300 billion (b) Hero Manuscript 250 Billion (b) Random set: 500 billion (b) Worldbringer_Set 650b Worldbreaker_Set 650b Lod_of_Flames_Set 850b Infernal_Wolf_Set 750b Permafrost Destiny_Set 750b Legendary Set 1T Want to suggest an item to sell for Zeny? Suggest:

2023 Oct 01 Announcements

Halloween Event 2023 [Ended] There are things that can be seen with the eyes, and there are things that can only be felt by the heart. However, there  are times that what destiny has deemed for you isn't what you desire. In a world where hatred and corruption are as  abundant as the stars in the sky, finding the tiniest sliver of hope and love is like searching for a piece of hay in a  mountain-sized needle stack. But it always seems like the world has its ways of turning the kindest people into monsters. EVENT DURATION: October 1, 2023 - November 12, 2023            I, Cecilia, a young mage, fell in love with the person who saved my life once. We were young, and our feelings were as true as they could be. Leon and I were neighbors, and our love grew stronger with each passing day. During a town festival, he confessed his feelings for me, and we became inseparable. He gifted me a white wing-shaped necklace, which perfectly matched the red one that he owns. One night, as we waited for a carriage by the roadside, fate took a dark turn. A speeding, drunken coachman pushed his horses recklessly, and we barely noticed the approaching carriage until it was too late. Leon's brave act saved me, but he was trampled and dragged by the carriage until it hit a tree. His life ended tragically before my eyes. I sought vengeance but I was too weak. Not before long, the drunk coachman survived, stabbed me, and left me for dead. An ominous portal leading to Hallow City has appeared in Caspen! The portal is located at [caspen 171 214]. As it stands, Hallow City is in dire need of help. Brave adventurers can registers themselves as Inquisitors through the Inquisitor Knight Seyren found in Hallow City [hallow_city 161 195]. If you wish to stand a chance and deal significant damage against the vicious monsters that have began appearing once again in Hallow City and other maps, you'll need to equip the Inquisitor Armors and the Armament Weapon. The Armament Weapons are capable a specified amount of health points from seasonal monsters. Slay these monsters, obtain and save their loot to prepare for what's yet to come! The Armament weapons are time-limited, but adventurers have the option to upgrade them up to level 10. These weapons will become more powerful with each upgrade, and by level 10, it will grant some bonus effects. Adventurers can upgrade their Armament Weapons via the Divine Upgrader in Hallow City [hallow_city 164 199]. Each upgrade attempt will cost 50x Bloodstained Bookmarks and has a certain chance to fail. INVASION RACE At the specified server times below, there will be an Invasion Event inside Hallow City and 1 other map. 02:03 05:03 08:03 11:03 14:03 17:03 20:03 23:03 These invasions will last for 1 hour. Vicious monsters will appear and wreak havoc. Kill them to earn 1~3 seasonal points. The race for each map will be counted separately. Become the ultimate hunter and earn yourself zeny bags, bloodstained bookmarks, EXP crystals, and valuable race points that can be redeemed in our race shops! MIMIC HUNTING At the specified server times, for 45 minutes, Trick Mimics will spawn inside Hallow City. 03:14 09:14 15:14 21:14 Mimics drop highly sought-after items, so make sure to join in on the action and seize these fantastic opportunities! The Attendance NPC is back inside Hallow City [hallow_city 145 197]. She'll be generously rewarding players daily with free goodies to aid you on your adventurous journey. By simply signing up every day, you can snag yourself some fantastic garments and auras! You can sign up your attendance once every 23 hours. If you have accumulated some Seasonal Points, if you wish, you can spend some to obtain some useful buffs when killing seasonal mobs! Head over to the Buffer NPC in Hallow City [hallow_city 151 195]. Every minute of each buff costs 8 seasonal points. Take note that the timer for the buffs will still run even if you're offline, so make every minute count!Fortuna Frequency - Adds a chance to obtain Raffle Ticket Witch Greed - Adds a chance to obtain Zeny Bags Empiricism Blessing - Adds a chance to obtain Paragon Ticket Winter Plum / Spirit Union - Adds a chance to obtain Bloodied Broken Sword In order to earn Bloodstained Bookmarks (Halloween 2023 currency) and Compendium EXP, you can do the activities listed below. Show Content Spoiler Battlegrounds Win 250 Compendium EXP (capped at 6k exp per day) 20% chance to drop Eternal Echoes key 3% chance to drop 1k EXP crystal 8x BG playtime Bloodstained Bookmark Other thrilling rewards Lose 150 Compendium EXP (capped at 5k EXP per day) 10% chance to drop Eternal Echoes key 1% chance to drop EXP crystal 8x BG playtime Bloodstained Bookmark Finish Daily Quest 250x Bloodstained Bookmark 250 Compendium EXP Play Wheel of Fortune 150 Compendium EXP Win 500 PVP 300 Compendium EXP 200x Bloodstained Bookmark Finish Zeph Hunting Missions (Mission level/3)x Bloodstained Bookmark 10% chance to get 100 Crystal EXP Win Goblin Invasion 150x Bloodstained Bookmark 200 Compendium EXP 1x Paragon Ticket Win Survival Event 250x Bloodstained Bookmark 300 Compendium EXP 1x Paragon Ticket Win Dice Event 350x Bloodstained Bookmark 350 Compendium EXP 1x Paragon Ticket Win Poring Catcher 250x Bloodstained Bookmark 350 Compendium EXP 1x Paragon Ticket Scavenger Hunt: 50x Bloodstained Bookmark 3% chance to get 100 EXP crystal Treasure Box 50x Bloodstained Bookmark 0.5% chance to get 1000 EXP crystal This Compendium is free and you simply need to earn more and more Compendium EXP via the methods above or EXP Crystals. To get your Compendium, simply speak to the Suspicious Necromancer in Hallow City [hallow_city 167 196]. For this Compendium, there will be Normal Rewards and Bonus Rewards. Normal Rewards can be immediately acquired after obtaining enough EXP to reach the required levels. Bonus Rewards can only be obtained by using an Eternal Echoes Key. This Key is only obtained via Battlegrounds (as indicated above). Take note that you need one Key for every level. This means that to obtain all bonus rewards, you'll need 200 Eternal Echoes Keys.  Bonus Rewards are claimed separately from Normal Rewards. For example, if you already reached Compendium Level 50 without getting any Bonus Rewards and have already acquired all Normal Rewards, you can still obtain all of the Bonus Rewards from Level 1 up to Level 50 as long as you have enough Eternal Echoes Keys. A mysterious fishing shoal has appeared in Hallow City [hallow_city 155 338]. Adventurers may dare to try their luck in fishing in this shoal, however, the creatures that reside in the shoal have very peculiar tastes. As such, only [Bait] Squid Tentacles would have any chance of luring them. I woke up in a hospital. My parents tearfully informed me that I had been asleep for a week but miraculously unharmed. However, I noticed my once-black hair had turned white as snow. Desperation filled me as I sought Leon, only to discover that his family had left our town weeks ago. My heartache intensified. One day, I encountered the coachman who had taken Leon from me. Fueled by vengeance, I confronted him, but I passed out in the midst of my anger. Upon waking, I found myself suffering from amnesia. All I remembered was my name, and my parents guided me through the process of rediscovering my lost memories. However, they deliberately avoided mentioning Leon, knowing the pain it would bring. To cope, I began visiting a serene field of flowers, falling asleep among their beauty. Around the same time, news spread about a series of brutal coachmen murders. These killings puzzled the knights, who struggled to find clues and motives. At the brink of death, one coachman who was able to get away whispered his final words to a knight, revealing a cryptic clue, " shadow... girl... crimson... wing..." Saved enough Bloodstained Bookmarks? Head over to the Spirit Cat found in the middle of Hallow City [hallow_city 142 196]. At the moment, this cat sells previous Halloween Headgears. If you missed one headgear from last year, now's a good chance to snag them! If you have been farming a lot, then it's the time to put them into good  use. Head over to the Merchant Officer in Hallow City [hallow_city 167 189]. He'll task you of repairing a broken carriage using those items that you have found scattered inside Hallow City. If you feel that you have forgotten the coordinates that the Merchant gave you, you can use to check the coordinates. Once you find the broken carriage, you'll need to repair it several times. When repairing, you can choose the amount of material batches that you will use, up to 20. Each batch will consume the following materials:6x Abandoned Wood 6x Rusted Nail 6x Tough Rope 6x Stained Cloth 2x Ragged Horse Reins 2x Bloodied Wine Bottle The more batches you choose, the more rewards you can get. However, increasing the materials used will not guarantee the success of a repair. After repairing, there's a chance that a ghost will appear. However, there's also a chance that the ghost will escape. If the ghost does not escape, you'll receive some Bookmarks. Furthermore, if you correctly answer the question that follows to exorcise the ghost, you'll receive additional rewards. Once you've repaired the carriage enough, return to the Merchant Officer to claim your additional rewards.  If you have acquired some Halloween Vanilla Headgears, you can head over to the Master Enchanter at Caspen [caspen 175 215]. Take note you can only enchant Halloween Vanilla Headgears. As with before, the first time enchant for a vanilla's slot is free. If your vanilla headgear already has an existing enchant, then you'll need to pay the required enchanting fees. Compendium has been updated. Rewards are now available from Level 51 to 100.  Level 100 Compendium Bonus Reward: Fallen Bezaliel Set The following Seasonal Event NPCs can be found on their respective locations:Temporal Enchanter - Enchants Sleipnirs and Temporal Boots. Found at caspen 180 219. Temporal Resetter - Removes the enchants from Temporal Boots for a high price. Found at caspen 184 215. Artifact Enchanter - Enchants Artifact of Trials accessories. Found at caspen 175 212. Months passed, and I finally returned home, delayed by my amnesia. I had forgotten everyone except my parents, but that didn't stop me from making new friends. One day, a family moved into the vacant house beside ours, and a young man named Noel caught my eye. As I continued visiting the field of flowers, Noel approached me, confessed his feelings, and gave me a bouquet of flowers. He offered me a ride home, but as we reached his carriage, darkness overcame me. I saw knights emerging from hiding, shouting that I was a monster, and my white hair began turning crimson. Confused and in pain, I cried out for help. I’m sorry. I lied to you. In truth, I never lost my memories. I had been using the flower field as an excuse to hunt down all coachmen. They’re all equally responsible for Leon's death. In moments of festivals, I transformed, my hair turned crimson, and shadows enveloping my body, allowing me to seek out coachmen ruthlessly. The knights eventually uncovered my true identity due to means unknown to me, leading to a gruesome confrontation. Though I killed many of them, Noel, remained my last opponent. I realized far too late. I saw the necklace that he wore. It was Leon’s. He never died. He had survived that incident years ago. Too far consumed by my hatred I lost all control and left everything to fate. The Paragone NPC is back and is waiting to make your hard earned tickets go poof. Find her definitely not laughing at your whammys at caspen 162 215. Compendium has been updated. Rewards from Level 101-200 are now available. New variant rare: [Variant] Cerulean Demon Colossus New headgear set: Dreadful Legendary Set To be added soon. A raid boss will appear during the server times below. Kill it with your party and obtain various rewards!04:04 07:04 10:04 13:04 16:04 19:04 22:04 01:04 If you were able to acquire some Hellship Raid Pass, you can enter this instance in caspen 166 214.Solo Instance Monsters Inside are mostly event map monsters. Armaments and Halloween Gears work inside this instance. There are 3 bosses inside the instance.  Bosses are immune to all type of damage and only receive 1 damage from all type of damage. Unlimited Re entry as long that the instance is running. (you can re-enter if you died). Cooldown: N/A Instance Duration: Max time - 1 hour. can be finished in 10 minutes. Can acquire the boss cards below: Seek out this Captain inside Hallow City. He usually resides where Dark Shoals are found. He has a little task for you. Complete it and you'll be rewarded with a vanilla headgear. Afterwards, he will also sell you a bunch of his items, though these items might be a bit expensive. In order to trigger and start his quest in the first place, you'll need something that you usually use to dig stuff from the ground. If you have saved up on Compendium Coins, seek out the shop in Caspen [caspen 171 212].          Leon and Cecilia have appeared inside Hallow City. But it seems that they have lost their memories. You can help them recover their memories by giving them specific items. While both of them will accept Crystallized Blood, Cecilia will only accept White Necklaces, and Leon will only accept Red Necklaces. Aid them and you will be rewarded. These are the following Rare wings for release and raffle for this Halloween 2023 season. All of the middle headgears below have Melee and Magic Damage versions. These are also available through Donation Credits. These are also available for Raffle during finale, so the more raffle tickets you have, the more chances of winning! Blazing Pandora Wings Dragonoid Scroll of Darkness King Gold D Roger Cape As the battle raged on, the remaining knights stood firm, defending themselves admirably. However, it was Leon, my lost love, who blocked my attacks most effectively. I couldn't understand – did he know the truth all along? Had he lured me into this trap? As the fight reached its climax, a surge of power enveloped Leon's body, revealing that he had become a transcended knight, a lord knight. Leon's attacks grew faster and more relentless, and I managed to land a hit near his chest, breaking his armor. But as his spear lunged toward my chest, I chose not to dodge it. Instead, I accepted my fate. His spear pierced my chest, ending my crimson reign of malice. Through tearful eyes, Leon, who is now known as Noel, came closer to me. I was foolish. He had survived, transcended, and become stronger, while I had spiraled into darkness. I slowly raised my arm to touch his face for the last time, expressing my love and gratitude. Before I could finish my sentence, my strength slowly gave out, and I found solace in knowing that Leon was alive. I whispered my final words, "Leon… I won't ask for forgiveness… I'm glad… you're alive… you meant… the world to me… This is enough… Leon… Thank you… I love y…" And with that, I found peace, finally able to rest. At that moment, red and white roses bloomed across the field of flowers where I often sought solace. Right around when WoE starts (November 12, 2023 07:00 server time) , the following will be implemented:Raffle NPC Dark Shoal and Treasure Boxes will remain for at least another 24 hours. Halloween mobs will stop dropping loots Invasion Race and Raid Boss will be disabled Hellraid will remain for at least another 24 hours. Carriage Repair NPC will be disabled Event NPCs will remain for at least another 24 hours. Halloween Vanilla Headgear Box III can now be opened. New Halloween Pets have been added to Pet Gacha Ticket. If you have extra shovels, you can purchase Treasure Maps from Captain Wesley for the opportunity to dig more treasure. New Halloween Vanillas Have been added to the Headgear Shop in Hallow City. 10-30-23: Updated Compendium. Added Levels 201 to 250. Added walking animation to Elder Eastern Dragon Pet Various giftcodes may be posted from time to time in BraveRO's Discord Server, under the Giftcodes channel. You can use these giftcodes by talking to the Gift Code NPC in Caspen [caspen 179 188]. Codes may contain various items and goodies that may be usable during this event. Don't wait too long though since the codes have limited stocks, thus it's a first come, first served basis.  If you haven't joined the BraveRO Discord Server yet, simply use this invite link: Don't have time to farm? You can donate for Bloodstained Bookmarks, Compendium Crystals & Keys.

2023 Aug 03 Announcements

New Server Rules: Defamation Against Game Masters To uphold a positive and enjoyable gaming experience for all players, the server administrators have collectively established the following rule:  "Any player who spreads false rumors about Game Masters (GMs) without presenting concrete evidence to substantiate their claims will be subjected to disciplinary action." Disciplinary actions for violations are as follows: 1st offense: A temporary ban from the server for 3 days. 2nd offense: A more extended temporary ban for 1 week. 3rd offense: A permanent ban from the server. This rule aims to foster a respectful and harmonious community, ensuring fair treatment for GMs and safeguarding the overall well-being of the server's gameplay.

2023 Jun 16 Announcements

Summer Battleground Battlepass Event Get Ready to Embrace the Summer Heat! Introducing the Spectacular Summer Battle Pass! Greetings, valiant warriors and battle-hardened champions! As the temperature rises and the battlefields ignite with intensity, it's time to gear up for an adrenaline-fueled season of PvP mayhem! We are thrilled to unveil the scorching Summer Battle Pass, specifically crafted for those who seek glory and dominance on the battlegrounds! This event will run from June 16 2023 - August 16 2023 The battle pass this time is free and cannot be upgraded. To obtain your battle pass go to the Gift Code NPC located at caspen 179 188.  Giftcode NPC > Redeem Codes > Type "Summer Pass" The Giftcode is: Summer Pass Note: Make sure to open your Battle Pass after you obtained it. This will automatically register you as a Battle Pass holder. If you use an EXP Crystal or earn Battle Pass EXP without opening your Battle Pass first, the EXP gain in these ways will be wasted. The way to level up your Battle Pass is through playing the Battlegrounds. You can buy EXP Crystals from players who join Battlegrounds, or from the Donation Girl NPC. Win: 100 Battle Pass EXP (daily cap: 3000 exp) 30% chance to obtain 10 summer Battle Pass coins 15% chance to get a random valuable item (Blood Stone, Bloodbranch coral, etc. ) 3% chance to get 1k exp crystal Lose: 50 battlepass exp (daily cap: 3000 exp) 10% chance to obtain 5 summer coins 1% chance to get 1k exp crystal. Donation: 1x Bound Summer Exp Crystal (1000 EXP): 5 Donation Credits each 1x Summer Battleground Headgear Bag: 20 Donation Credits each 1x Summer Pet Gacha Ticket: 35 Donation Credits each The Battle Pass max level is capped at level 200. The rewards are currently capped at level 50. The level 51 - 100 rewards will be posted in few days. While the 101 to 200 will be updated on July 15 2023. Rewards: Most of these rewards can only be obtained at higher levels. But they are all free if you can level your Battle Pass. New Exclusive Summer Cards New Battleground Exclusive Summer Set New Rare New Vanilla Headgears New Costume Garments New Garments with effects New Fishing Gears, baits and attractants Bound Demi Freya gears and many more Note: Please be reminded that some of these rewards will be exclusive in this Battle Pass and won't be obtainable anymore even in the next similar season.

2023 Jun 13 Announcements

Calling All BraveRO Adventurers: Help Us Rise to the Top! Attention, BraveRO Adventurers! We need your support to make BraveRO an even more incredible server for everyone. We understand that attracting new players is vital for the growth and vibrancy of our community. That's why we're reaching out to you today. Currently, BraveRO is ranked 6th on RateMyServer with 29 reviews, while the server in 2nd place boasts 36 reviews. We have a fantastic player base, and your positive reviews can help us attract more players. We only need about 10 reviews to more than 4x our visitiors from Ratemyserver. We have more than enough players to accomplish this!  We know that many of our veteran players have been with us for a long time and continue to enjoy the server. We appreciate your loyalty, but we need your help now more than ever. By sharing your experiences and leaving a review on RateMyServer, you can play a significant role in expanding our player base. We understand that writing a review may seem time-consuming or difficult, but we assure you it's a simple process. Your words can create a lasting impact and inspire others to join BraveRO. Let's work together to create an even more vibrant and exciting community! We urge you to take a few minutes out of your day to support BraveRO. Together, let's showcase the awesomeness of BraveRO and welcome more adventurers to our ranks! Thank you for being part of our community, and let's make BraveRO the best it can be! EVERY REVIEW COUNTS! MAKE YOURS COUNT! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WRITE YOUR REVIEW

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