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2024 Apr 10 Announcements

Returner Set & Newbie Freebie Revamp Greetings brave adventurers, We continue our efforts to revamp our server and further close the gap between newbies and veterans. This time, we tackle the Returner Set, also known as our newbie set. These freebies are given to all new characters and all items are character bound. We believe this revamp will make the lives of newbies a lot better and will make their transition into BraveRO smoother. Returner Bonus (All pieces equipped)Increases damage to all races by 10% Returner Equipment RevampThe returner equipment has been greatly enhanced in an effort to help close the gap between newbies and veterans. Death Weapon CouponAlong with the Returner Set, newbies will also receive a Death Weapon Coupon. This coupon can be used to claim a character bound death weapon to get them started. 7 day Infinite ConsumablesAlong with the Returner set, newbies will also receive a 7 day infinite Box of Thunder & Yggdrasil Berry (char bound) Elite Hero LimitationReturner equipment will not provide any effects to Elite Heroes Level 3 or higher. RETURNER ARMOR [OLD] - MaxHP + 80% - DEF & MDEF - 50 - Unbreakable (Except during refine) - All Stats + 5 [NEW] - MaxHP + 100% - DEF & MDEF - 50 - Unbreakable (Except during refine) - Stun Immunity +100% RETURNER BOOTS [OLD] - MaxHP + 20% - MaxSP + 20% - SP Recovery + 15% - MDEF + 10 - Increases damage to humans by 10% - Unbreakable (Except during refine) [NEW] - MaxHP + 20% - MaxSP + 20% - Perfect Dodge + 10 - Flee + 10% - Increases damage to humans by 10% - Unbreakable (Except during refine) RETURNER AURA [OLD] - Movement Speed + 60% - Immunity to Stun and Freeze - MaxHP + 5% [NEW] - Movement Speed + 60% - Immunity to Silence and Freeze - Reduces after-skill delay by 10% RETURNER HELM [OLD] - Reduces damage from demi-humans by 25% - After-skill delay -30% - MaxHP + 3% [NEW] - Reduces damage from demi-humans by 30% - After-skill delay -20% - Enables user to see Hidden Enemies RETURNER MANTEAU [OLD] - Resistance to all elements + 10% - Enables Lvl 3 Cloaking - MaxHP + 2% [NEW] - Resistance to all elements + 30% - Enables Lvl 3 Cloaking RETURNER NECKLACE [OLD] - STR, DEX & INT + 20 - If both necklaces equipped: Increases damage to humans by 5% [NEW] - STR, DEX & INT + 25 - If both necklaces equipped: Increases damage to all races by 5% RETURNER SHIELD [OLD] - 20% resistance to Fire and Water - Reduces damage from humans by 30% - MaxHP + 5% [NEW] - 20% resistance to Water, Fire Undead and Shadow - Reduces damage from humans by 30% - MaxHP + 5% RETURNER WING [OLD] - Reduces after-skill delay by 70% [NEW] - Reduces after-skill delay by 70% - ATK & MATK + 5% Please make sure to update your BraveRO Patcher to receive the new item descriptions for the freebies! There is no way to receive the new freebies (death coupon & infinite consumables) if you've already claimed your freebies on your character. However, the returner set has been updated for everyone, including permanent versions of the returner items. Death weapons and Infinite consumables can be purchase at the Death Match Shop and Zeny Mall in Caspen respectively.

2024 Apr 01 Announcements

Fool's Odyssey 2024 - Phase 2 Waves of weird and mutated monsters have invaded this world's Easter Field! While Easter is officially over, that shouldn't stop you brave adventurers from defending this realm. Reports have shown that some these monsters come from a distant future and are the creations of a mad scientist. Talk to Lysandra [caspen 174 215] and she will bestow upon you armaments and a companion to assist you in pushing back those monsters. Once you're ready, enter the Temporal Rift beside Lysandra that she herself has created by accident. You can try talking to Lysandra instead, but she will gently urge you to go and enter the portal immediately. Make sure to wear the equipment that Lysandra gave you! Or at the very least, you must use the Bear Companion and the armament weapon. The Bear Companion (lower headgear) possesses the effects of the armament ID (which includes vanishing 1% of monster's HP per normal attack) in previous seasonal events. Using the armament weapon (vanish 2% HP per normal attack, or 3% HP at Level 10) and the Bear Companion, you will vanish up to 4% of a monster's HP per normal attack. The HP% vanish effect is very important because the monsters inside Easter Field have REALLY high HP, thus it's more important to deal % damage to their HP rather than dealing random low damage using normal equipment. You can increase the efficiency of the weapon that Lysandra gave you. If you have accumulated enough Fool's Gold Coins, you can avail of the Divine Upgrader's [easter_fild 65 361] service. For 50x Fool's Gold Coins per attempt, she can increase the Equipment Level of your weapon, up to Level 10. It might be to your best interest to increase its Level to 10 soon to greatly increase your damage against the invading monsters. The invading monsters drop a bunch of items. Loot and save these items for future phases. You inadvertently stumble upon a Random Fool [easter_fild 62 357] inside Easter Field. After talking to him, he decides to pass on to you a book: a compendium. This compendium contains tales, lessons, and follies from his own journey as a fool. It's also a compendium of his triumphs, and more prominently, his mistakes. Perhaps you can glean from the compendium the wisdom that has eluded him in his time. Or perhaps you will simply enjoy the folly of his missteps.  You can check the rewards available by opening your compendium book. The compendium can be leveled by obtaining Compendium EXP and Chaos EXP Crystals. The current maximum level of this book is 50, but over time, it will slowly increase, thus the potential of more rewards. Take note that for all tiers of rewards, you still need to level up your compendium. If your compendium level is still level 5, this means that you can't get the rewards for level 6 and above. This compendium book has 3 different tiers of rewards:Free Rewards - By simply leveling up your compendium, you can get the rewards in this reward tier. Unlockable Rewards - You can only obtain the items from this reward tier by unlocking them using a Chaos Emerald Key.  Deluxe Rewards - In order to unlock, you need 1200x 1B Zeny Bags, or 100x Donation Tokens. Take note that Donation Tokens is a different item from BraveRO Tokens. By doing the activities indicated below, you can earn the following items of interest:Fool's Gold Coin - This seasonal event's event currency. Chaos EXP Crystals - Consumable items that grants Compendium EXP. Chaos Emerald Key - Used to unlock the Unlockable Rewards tier of the compendium. Bouquet, and Chocolates - Will have future uses. Note: Rates and amount of items earn could be changed any time without prior notice.  You can complete this quest once per day, and resets every new server day (00:00 server time). Completing this Daily Quest earns you 250 Compendium EXP, 1x Chaos Emerald Key, some zeny, and a few other items. To take this quest, simply open your compendium book, and navigate to the Daily Quest option. You are simply tasked to kill 200 of a certain monster inside Easter Field. Once you've completed killing the required amount of monsters, simply open your compendium book again to submit your quest. Worry not of looking for those monsters. These monsters have a certain spawn area, though they could still wander around if left alive long enough. Refer to the locations below for your hunting needs:Armored Copo - easter_fild 48 365 Copo - easter_fild 82 364 Egg Copo - easter_fild 117 364 Blue Iwin - easter_fild 150 372 Green Iwin - easter_fild 175 345 White Iwin - easter_fild 226 321 Red Iwin - easter_fild 272 338 Yellow Iwin - easter_fild 282 338 Jelly Bear - easter_fild 339 360 Four Season - easter_fild 269 311 Female Four Season - easter_fild 226 308 Shiny Slug - easter_fild 187 286 Melibe Slug - easter_fild 153 306 Snow Angel - easter_fild 71 290 Rhetus Cae - easter_fild 44 205 Papila Cae - easter_fild 144 173 Pitaya - easter_fild 243 210 Porkring - easter_fild 330 202 Engineered Heater - easter_fild 363 117 Engineered Megalith - easter_fild 286 51 Engineered Savage - easter_fild 107 103 Engineered Spore - easter_fild 56 103 If you have participated in the event prior to this one, the Valentines Event, Lysandra should be a familiar face. She might have something in store for diligent players in future updates and phases. Simply talk to the Seasonal Attendance NPC [easter_fild 58 362] and sign up your name for daily rewards! You can sign up every 22 hours. Don't miss single attendance day! Every 3 hours, there will be a bunch of Easter eggs that will spawn inside Easter Field. These eggs also have the added chance to drop some items like Raffle Tickets, Paragon Tickets, Zeny Bags, etc. There will be two rounds of egg hunt race. Each round will last 30 minutes each. Use the command @ee or to check your current points for each round. The top 5 players per round will win race points and some items. Take note that only the top 3 are announced globally.Round 1 - Kill as many Easter Eggs as you can and earn points. Each egg has a different point, ranging from 1 to 5 points each. The point per egg is indicated in its name. Round 2 - Almost the same as Round 1, except this time, the points, instead of being indicated in the names, are given at random. Take note that the points given by the eggs in regards to the Egg Hunt Race is not the same as the seasonal points that you're getting. The points for the race will only last for the duration of the race and will be the ones to be used to determine the players' rank.  RACE REWARDS: 1ST PLACE1x 1000 EXP Crystal 1x 1B Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 300x Fool's Gold Coins 10 Race Points 2ND PLACE1x 500 EXP Crystal 1x 500M Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 250x Fool's Gold Coins 8 Race Points 3RD PLACE3x 100 EXP Crystal 1x 250M Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 150x Fool's Gold Coins 6 Race Points 4TH PLACE2x 100 EXP Crystal 4 Race Points 5TH PLACE1x 100 EXP Crystal 2 Race Points RACE START TIME: Note that these times are based on server time. Use to check the current server time.02:03 05:03 08:03 11:03 14:03 17:03 20:03 23:03 The Gear Hunting NPC has arrived in Easter Field (easter_fild 69 355). Via this NPC, you can select 1 headgear from its list, and then all mobs inside Easter Field with have a 0.01% chance to drop your chosen headgear. Take note that all drop rate boosters wont affect the drop rate of the chosen headgear, and you can only choose one headgear at a time. You can use to check your current gear hunting status. You can change your target headgear any time. For example, you first chose Commentator's Headset as your target headgear, but after 1 hour, you decided that you want to instead get Love Bunny Band. You can go back to the Gear Hunting NPC and choose Love Bunny Band as your new target headgear. Each time you choose a headgear to hunt will require a small payment of Bottle Caps, and those Bottle Caps won't be returned even if you haven't obtained your chosen gear from hunting monsters. The headgears included in the Gear Hunting NPC are some of the older Easter Headgears. Epic Headgears will be added as one of the headgears that you can hunt for during the Phase 2 of this seasonal event. Compendium Level 51 to 100 has been updated. Deluxe Rewards have been added. Deluxe Rewards - In order to unlock, you need 1200x 1B Zeny Bags, or 100x Donation Tokens. Take note that Donation Tokens is a different item from BraveRO Tokens. Donation Tokens are account bound, and can only be obtained by converting Donation Credits into Donation Tokens. You can find the Seasonal Vanilla Enchanter in Caspen City (caspen 174 220). The first enchant for a Vanilla Headgear slot is free, except for Force Enchants. If your headgear already has an enchant on its slot, you will need to pay the necessary fees for enchanting. NOTE: While the Vanilla Enchanter as of this writing (April 18, 2024) can enchant most vanillas, there are some that it can't enchant. This isn't intentional, since it's only supposed to to enchant Easter Vanillas.  If a certain vanilla headgear can't be enchanted, and if it is an Easter Vanilla, kindly report it. You can now exchange the four primary event materials into Fools Gold Coins and other items! Seek out the NPCs in Easter Field (easter_fild 66 377). Each NPC will use one of the event materials. They have a 70% chance of giving you Fools Gold Coins. For the other 30%, each one of them may specialize in giving certain item types, or just random items in general.Etse Terra - uses the Spring Feathers Konsu Mahbols - uses the Autumn Monster Skin Karen Sy - uses the Summer Monster Horn Kardo - uses the Winter Scales HEADGEAR EXCHANGE Find the Foolish Bird, Morya in Easter Field (easter_fild 81 375). You can use your Fools Gold Coins to purchase the old Easter Headgears and Vanillas. Take note that additional headgears will be added by Phase 3. Coming soon Coming soon.  The Event Finale will be held on May 5, 2024. This usually happens before or after the of War of Emperium scheduled for that day. The Event Finale will feature the release of rare headgears, as well as the Raffle NPC. Since this marks the end of the event, when the Event Finale begins, a bunch of stuff may be disabled which may include but not limited to the following:Monsters inside Easter Field will no longer drop items. Raid Bosses will be disabled Disable earning of Coins and other event currencies/items from features. Other exact details will be unveiled once we reach this phase. Additionally, starting May 6, 2024, some or all event NPCs will be removed. To be added To be added To any new player reading this: As you've noticed, the event is "separated" by Phases. If you're thinking that you can't avail or participate in certain stuff if you happen to start in Phase 2 or beyond, worry not! This only means that with each new Phase, additional features and items will be implemented. For example, if you see that the title of the thread is already at Phase 3, you can still do and participate on the events that are indicated in Phase 1 and 2, as long as there's still ample time to do them. This also applies to any and all future seasonal events, unless otherwise specified.

2024 Mar 25 Announcements

Equipment & Card Advisor NPC Greetings Brave Adventures, We've noticed a huge influx of new and returning players recently as a result of our advertising efforts and the recent flood of updates. After so many years of development, our list of custom equipment and cards has grown to a collection that would be the envy of any High Rate server. Unfortunately, having so many custom items also hurts the server, because newbies have no clue on what item they should aim for... and sure, we have a wonderful wiki full of job guides, but many guides are now out dated and do not include the newest items. In the last few days we started collecting information on what equipment's and cards our Elite Heroes were wearing in PvP or in MvP, and now, although we have limited data, we can already start reaping the benefits of the data we've collected. We've created a brand new NPC that we have high expectations for... this NPC will use the equipment data collected to recommend the most commonly used equipment and cards by Elite Heroes. This should help newbies and veterans alike to have an idea of what items they should focus on and insights on the effects of such items. GEAR ADVISOR NPC Located in Caspen (@go 0) for easy access. Provides the top 10 Overall or Class Specific equipment & Cards worn by Elites. Ability to filter the Equipment & Cards for PvP or MvP. Collects data automatically and updates NPC instantly. Provides the item description of the most commonly used items. Since we only have about 2 days worth of data, the NPC is still limited on the classes and items available. However, as time goes by, the NPC will continue gathering data and optimizing the recommendations. If a Job Class is currently not listed on the NPC, it means that the NPC currently has no data for the job class. The NPC only collects data from Elite Heroes lvl 3 or higher. The class will automatically be included onto the NPC as soon as enough data becomes available. Below are some screenshots of how it works:    Once the most commonly equipment or card is identified, naturally the next question would be "where can I get this item"? This is a planned future enhancement for the NPC. For now, players will need to rely on our wiki, discord, forums or just asking in-game on how to obtain the item. We hope this NPC shines a light and helps newbies and veterans alike to find new items and builds.

2024 Mar 24 Announcements

[CLOSED]Support Player Application: March 2024 Recruitment Period: March 25, 2024 - April 12, 2024 Welcome to the BraveRO Support Player Recruitment! We're thrilled that you're interested in joining our team as a Support Player. As a Support Player, you'll play a crucial role in assisting fellow players, and fostering a positive environment within the game. After being accepted, Support Players will be granted a Level 2 account status. This account level means they only have access and can see messages. Furthermore, Support Players can't use any other special commands that are only granted to Level 20 and above accounts. A Support Player's purpose is to help newbies and answer questions. Please take the time to carefully complete the following questions. Your responses will help our Game Masters in identifying candidates who possess the necessary skills, dedication, and mindset to excel in this role. Primary Job Description: This is voluntary work. Meaning that helping in the server should be voluntarily done with/without compensation Answer questions. (Do not go inactive without informing the team or else immediate demotion after a certain period of inactivity) Assist players who are lost and have no idea what they're doing on the server. Brainstorm with the team regarding contents, updates, balancing, events, and promos. Ability to script, sprite, art, and graphic design is not required but is a big plus Serves as a bridge between the players and the GM Team. Requirements: Preferably someone who can adjust to the server's time zone. Average to High Availability (2+ hours daily) in-game, preferably for SEA and/or USA regions. Must be active in the BraveRO Forums or in the BraveRO Discord Server. At least 18 years old Must be able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff members and players. This includes having above-average fluent English writing and reading comprehension. Must be able to write/read English and at least one or more language, preferably Filipino, Indonesian, and Spanish. You should not have a recent history of involvement in drama, arguments, or recent punishments.  Can handle players' criticism and random problems. You are held to a higher standard cause you represent the staff team.  Should have at least 1 Elite Hero character that was made without Spirit of Heroism. You have to be familiar with most of the game's features and quests. Must have a favorable overall attitude: enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help, and unbiased. Furthermore, you should be aware of support player's guidelines and rules before applying. Make sure to take your time to read and make sense of each and every one of these rules: Show Content Spoiler Never reveal any information that has been discussed in staff group chats, forums, whispers, or anywhere else. We expect you to be able to keep utmost confidentiality regarding such information. Probably the only exception to this is whenever you're just asking a common question that you don't know the answer to, like something related to Hero Quests. However, any other information that isn't supposed to be public knowledge, like future server updates, unreleased items, events, personal stuff being shared by anyone, etc., shouldn't be disclosed to anyone outside the staff. Leaking and/or sharing screenshots, images, videos, usernames, contact numbers, and other information found within the platforms mentioned above will result in a permanent ban of your account and removal as a Support Player. You are a Support Player, thus you are part of the staff. By that alone, we have placed our trust in you. Breaking that trust will have dire consequences. You are not allowed to share your support player account with anyone, either by directly giving away your account information or letting someone else in your house play with your account. By letting someone else have their way with your account, it poses a security risk, will be seen as a liability, and you will be instantly terminated as a support player. You must answer whenever possible. Don't worry if there are a lot of support players online and all of you instantly reply to a single , the person who used could just reply to one of you. Having everyone reply is better than no reply at all. Whenever you can, also try to answer questions being asked here in the forums. As an extension to this, whenever players ask "is there any GM online?", most of the time, their question is something that could also be answered by you, like things related to quests, where to find an item, etc. So, you can reply to this with "I am not a GM, but perhaps I could help you with your question?" If you're giving answers, make sure that the information you're giving out is correct. Giving wrong information can be deadlier than giving no information at all. If you're not sure, try to ask first using , in the staff group chat, do a quick research, or report it to a GM. Do not break any rules, whether in-game or here in the forums. Becoming part of the staff doesn't put you above the rules. Any and all applicable rules that you may have broken will result in their corresponding punishment. If you have committed a serious offense, you may be removed as a Support Player. If you see someone being a nuisance, like abusing a feature, botting, or anything that isn't allowed in the rules, we highly appreciate it if you make a report about it. Always gather as much information and evidence as possible regarding the offending player. Be active in discussions. While there will be times that you won't be able to give anything to a discussion you have no idea about, please do give your input on things that you're familiar with. You can suggest ideas or changes, especially whenever there is a newly suggested/proposed event. Always remember that now you're a support player, you're at the forefront of the staff team. You will mostly guide new (and sometimes old/veteran) players, talk to the general player base, report things that may be bugs or player violations, and play and blend in with the player base. Never engage in pointless and unnecessary drama since you now represent the staff team. As an extension to that please do mind your attitude when engaging players. Even if you're giving out correct information in , it doesn't help if you put in a reply like "huh. what a newb, you don't even know that at this point?." Remember to be nice to everyone. Try to be as nice as you can, be it in-game or in the forums. If someone actively provokes you, be the bigger person and ignore them. If they repeatedly attack and harass you for no reason, then report them. Do not engage in needless and senseless arguments. Repeated violation of this will result in termination as a Support Player. Do not go inactive without prior notice.  If you know that you'll be away for a while, make sure to inform us ahead of time. Being absent for a long period of time will be grounds for termination as a Support Player. Becoming a support player doesn't give you a "title." There were some before that, after becoming a support player, who simply used it as a "bragging right" and refused/barely answered . Even if you're extremely active in answering , but you're doing a bad job, like giving incorrect information, or having an attitude problem when talking to players, that is still also a ground for disciplinary actions. You're a support player, and you should act like one. Repeated violations of this will result in termination as a support player. Never attempt to go behind the GMs, Devs, and Admins' backs. Doing illegal activity and making an attempt at not getting caught, that's an example. Another one would be spreading false information without input/permission from the GMs, Devs, and Admins. Do not make deals with any players that have something to do with disclosing private staff info, "assuring/promising" a player that their bans will be lifted if they pay something in return, or anything analogous to the aforementioned situations, or literally anything that breaks the rules will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of your actions, after investigation, you may be removed as a Support Player up to permanently banning your account. If multiple accounts were involved, after investigation, they will also be permanently banned. Any punishments stipulated within the guidelines above may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions. Furthermore, punishments will only be imposed after careful investigation of any and all evidences, and deliberation by the GM Team. If you agree with the requirements above, and you're interested in becoming part of the BraveRO Staff Team, copy and fill-out the application form below. You must post your application in the Staff Application section of the forums. Do not make a reply to this thread. After posting your application form, only the Game Masters and Admins will be able to see your posts. To see the application form, simply open the spoiler below: Show Content Spoiler APPLICATION FORM: Personal Info: Full Name: Age: Gender: Location and Time zone: Languages Spoken Discord Name: In-Game Info: In-game Name: Account Username: Forum Account Name: What time/s are you usually online in-game (server time): Which servers have you played? How long? How long have you played in BraveRO / DreamerRO? Have you been a staff member? If yes, which server? Please state additional experiences related to RO: Ban/Punishment history? When and how? Playing style: PVP/PVE/Social/NPC Skills and Other Info: Why are you interested in becoming a BraveRO Support Player? Can you script, sprite, draw, or do graphic design at all? If you could become a Support Player, what can you contribute to the server? How can you improve the server? As a staff member, how would you deal with arguments in the game? You saw a request and have no idea what the answer is. You can't find any information in the forums and wiki. What will you say? What is your vision for BraveRO? In cases where you have a really close friend that's abusing a bug or committing rule violations, what do you do? You found an undisclosed bug that gave you trillions of zeny, what will you do? You saw someone abusing the Broadcast System, and no GM can be reached in-game or in Discord, what will you do? You saw a GM abusing their commands, what will you do? You were chosen to become a staff member. In time, players started hating you because you're part of the staff team. What will you do? What will you do if someone is advertising another server in-game? What will you do if you found out that another Support Player is leaking information to other players? What is the fastest way that new players could earn zeny? Thank you for your interest in becoming a BraveRO Support Player! We look forward to reviewing your application and welcoming you to our team soon! Recruitment Period: March 25, 2024 - April 12, 2024

2024 Mar 22 Announcements

1vs1 PvP Tournament (March 24, 2024) It's been a while since we hosted one of these PvP tournaments.. and I'm quite excited to announce that we'll be hosting a 1vs1 PvP tournament this upcoming Sunday, March 24. Whether you want to join the tournament to fight, or just hang out and watch the fights.. this is an event you won't want to miss! Please continue reading below for the details! Winner: dek dek turu dek (Warlock) Runner up: Asterius´ (Rune Knight) Tournament Details:Fights will be randomized by our PvP Tournament NPC. Single Elimination Bracket Style tournament. Maximum 16 players allowed to participate. First come first serve. Spectators will be allowed to watch the tournament on the same map. Match will last 5 minutes max. At this point the GM team will decide who the winner is based on performance. Limitations:3rd Job Skills will be disabled. Healing items are not allowed. Heal skill is allowed but limited, don't just spam heal and run.. we will disqualify. Fighters will be de-buffed before each match. Archbishop class is not allowed on the event. Prizes:1st Place: 150 BraveRO Tokens, 1 Championship Red Nike Hat, 1 Rare of Choice Voucher, and your name/screenshot in a new page that will list all tournament champions. 2nd Place: 75 BraveRO Tokens (requires at least 10 players to fight in the tournament) Countdown to the 1vs1 PvP Tournament

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Castle Owners

War of Emperium

30 Day PvP Rankings

Rank Player Name Kills K/D Ratio
1 Haachama 2442 1.5310
2 ZenithCircle 2277 2.3282
3 dek dek turu dek 1629 14.9450
4 hehehehehehehehehehe 1392 8.6460
5 jhin. 1344 3.3185
6 H e x. 1317 0.9530
7 White Lily. 1302 10.4160
8 Meme 1293 6.8053
9 Crazy Cannabis 1284 3.6791
10 Aifon~ 1121 0.3350

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