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2024 May 17 Announcements

BraveRO's Master Event Dear BraveRO Adventurers, By now you are probably missing our last seasonal event and already looking forward to the next seasonal event... Though it's still too early for our Summer event, We are excited to introduce the BraveRO Master Event – a thrilling and challenging event designed to test your skills in various features and, of course, your luck! Collect all five Master Keys to claim one of the available fantastic prizes! HOW TO OBTAIN MASTER KEYS? Daily Quest Master Key  Complete daily quests for a 5% chance to obtain this rare key. Battlegrounds Master Key  Win a round in Battlegrounds for a 1% chance to secure this elusive key. Zeph Master Key  Finish Zeph Hunting Missions for a 2% chance to earn this coveted key. PvP Master Key  Achieve kills in the Hero Arena for a 0.25% chance to win this rare key. Event Master Key  Participate and win various events such as Dice, Roach Invasion, Novice Survival, Poring Catcher, Billionaire's Raffle, or find it with a 1% chance from a Treasure Box. PRIZES: Collect all five keys and exchange them for one of the following fantastic rewards:Spirit of Heroism Tailored Enchantment Coupon 750b Zeny Shadow Legendary Set Rogue Legendary Set Variant Rare of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket) Mythical Pet of Choice (Claimed via Support Ticket) You may speak with the BraveRO Master NPC located in Caspen 170 215 to collect your prize of choice once you collect all 5 keys.  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:This event is designed to be both challenging and luck-based. Keys are tradeable, so you can exchange them with other players. There is no limit to the number of keys you can earn. Keys will stop dropping on June 2nd, 2024. *** The NPC will be removed on June 3rd, 2024. *** Don't miss out on this short-term event! Gather your keys, complete your challenges, and claim your rewards before time runs out! Join the adventure and become a BraveRO Master! At the end of the event, we will list in this post the character names of all the players that were able to collect all 5 keys and become a BraveRO Master! Happy gaming, The BraveRO Team

2024 May 14 Announcements

1vs1 PvP Tournament (May 25, 2024) We are excited to announce that we'll be hosting a 1vs1 PvP tournament this upcoming Saturday, May 25, 2024. Whether you want to join the tournament to fight, or just hang out and watch the fights.. this is an event you won't want to miss! Please continue reading below for the details! Tournament Details:Fights will be randomized by our PvP Tournament NPC. Single Elimination Bracket Style tournament. Maximum 16 players allowed to participate. First come first serve. Spectators will be allowed to watch the tournament on the same map. Match will last 5 minutes max. At this point the GM team will decide who the winner is based on performance. Limitations:3rd Job Skills will be disabled. Healing items are not allowed (excluding HSS & life steal items) Heal skill is allowed but limited, don't just spam heal and run.. we will disqualify. Fighters will be de-buffed before each match. Archbishop class is not allowed on the event. Prizes:1st Place: 150 BraveRO Tokens, 1 Championship Red Nike Hat, 1 Rare of Choice Voucher, and your name/screenshot in a new page that will list all tournament champions. 2nd Place: 75 BraveRO Tokens (requires at least 10 players to fight in the tournament) Countdown to the 1vs1 PvP Tournament

2024 Apr 19 Announcements

New Battleground Garments Greetings Adventurers! We'd like to introduce 5 new Battleground garments that were crafted to provide alternatives to niche builds, as well as increase over all battleground activity and stimulate the economy.  How to obtain these Garments? In order to purchase these garments you must have Victory Badges or purchase them from other players. These Victory badges are earned mainly through Battlegrounds, but can also be obtained from some Seasonal Events and through Donation Credits. ** The cost of these garments is 100 Victory Badges and can be purchased from the Garment Master NPC at @go BG ** How to Level up these Garments? The bonuses provided by these garments will depend on the garment's level. You can level up the garments by speaking with the Garment Master NPC at @go BG. It costs 25 Victory Badges for a 75% chance to level up the garment. That means there is a 25% failure rate, which doesn't break the garment, but will lower its level by 1. You can opt for the premium service, which costs 50 Victory Badges and has a 100% chance. Devil's Mantle[1]  Ignores the enemy's DEF and MDEF by up to 20%. (2*Garment Level) Increases ATK & MATK by up to 10%. (1*Garment Level) Garment Level 10: Garment becomes unbreakable, MaxHP + 10% Elder's Shroud[1] Reduces After-Skill Delay by 20%. (2*Garment Level) Increases ATK & MATK by up to 10%. (1*Garment Level) Garment Level 10: Garment becomes unbreakable, MaxHP & MaxSP +5% Brewmaster's Backpack[1] Increases physical damage by up to 20%. (2*Garment Level) Increases critical damage by up to 10%. (1*Garment Level) Garment Level 10: Hit Rate + 10%, Adds a 5% chance of gaining 10% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as HP. Prowler's Artifact[1]  Increases Flee Rate by up to 20%. (2*Garment Level) Increases Physical and Magic damage by up to 10%. (1*Garment Level) Garment Level 10: Garment becomes unbreakable, Perfect Dodge + 20 Protector's Guard[1]  Reduces damage received from all elements by up to 20%. (2*Garment Level), Reflect single target Magic Spells by up to 10% (1*Garment Level) Garment Level 10: Become immune to Strip Shield, MaxHP + 3% Thank you all and we'll see you in the Battlegrounds!

2024 Apr 10 Announcements

Returner Set & Newbie Freebie Revamp Greetings brave adventurers, We continue our efforts to revamp our server and further close the gap between newbies and veterans. This time, we tackle the Returner Set, also known as our newbie set. These freebies are given to all new characters and all items are character bound. We believe this revamp will make the lives of newbies a lot better and will make their transition into BraveRO smoother. Returner Bonus (All pieces equipped)Increases damage to all races by 10% Returner Equipment RevampThe returner equipment has been greatly enhanced in an effort to help close the gap between newbies and veterans. Death Weapon CouponAlong with the Returner Set, newbies will also receive a Death Weapon Coupon. This coupon can be used to claim a character bound death weapon to get them started. 7 day Infinite ConsumablesAlong with the Returner set, newbies will also receive a 7 day infinite Box of Thunder & Yggdrasil Berry (char bound) Elite Hero LimitationReturner equipment will not provide any effects to Elite Heroes Level 3 or higher. RETURNER ARMOR [OLD] - MaxHP + 80% - DEF & MDEF - 50 - Unbreakable (Except during refine) - All Stats + 5 [NEW] - MaxHP + 100% - DEF & MDEF - 50 - Unbreakable (Except during refine) - Stun Immunity +100% RETURNER BOOTS [OLD] - MaxHP + 20% - MaxSP + 20% - SP Recovery + 15% - MDEF + 10 - Increases damage to humans by 10% - Unbreakable (Except during refine) [NEW] - MaxHP + 20% - MaxSP + 20% - Perfect Dodge + 10 - Flee + 10% - Increases damage to humans by 10% - Unbreakable (Except during refine) RETURNER AURA [OLD] - Movement Speed + 60% - Immunity to Stun and Freeze - MaxHP + 5% [NEW] - Movement Speed + 60% - Immunity to Silence and Freeze - Reduces after-skill delay by 10% RETURNER HELM [OLD] - Reduces damage from demi-humans by 25% - After-skill delay -30% - MaxHP + 3% [NEW] - Reduces damage from demi-humans by 30% - After-skill delay -20% - Enables user to see Hidden Enemies RETURNER MANTEAU [OLD] - Resistance to all elements + 10% - Enables Lvl 3 Cloaking - MaxHP + 2% [NEW] - Resistance to all elements + 30% - Enables Lvl 3 Cloaking RETURNER NECKLACE [OLD] - STR, DEX & INT + 20 - If both necklaces equipped: Increases damage to humans by 5% [NEW] - STR, DEX & INT + 25 - If both necklaces equipped: Increases damage to all races by 5% RETURNER SHIELD [OLD] - 20% resistance to Fire and Water - Reduces damage from humans by 30% - MaxHP + 5% [NEW] - 20% resistance to Water, Fire Undead and Shadow - Reduces damage from humans by 30% - MaxHP + 5% RETURNER WING [OLD] - Reduces after-skill delay by 70% [NEW] - Reduces after-skill delay by 70% - ATK & MATK + 5% Please make sure to update your BraveRO Patcher to receive the new item descriptions for the freebies! There is no way to receive the new freebies (death coupon & infinite consumables) if you've already claimed your freebies on your character. However, the returner set has been updated for everyone, including permanent versions of the returner items. Death weapons and Infinite consumables can be purchase at the Death Match Shop and Zeny Mall in Caspen respectively.

2024 Apr 01 Announcements

Fool's Odyssey 2024 - [Ended] Waves of weird and mutated monsters have invaded this world's Easter Field! While Easter is officially over, that shouldn't stop you brave adventurers from defending this realm. Reports have shown that some these monsters come from a distant future and are the creations of a mad scientist. Talk to Lysandra [caspen 174 215] and she will bestow upon you armaments and a companion to assist you in pushing back those monsters. Once you're ready, enter the Temporal Rift beside Lysandra that she herself has created by accident. You can try talking to Lysandra instead, but she will gently urge you to go and enter the portal immediately. Make sure to wear the equipment that Lysandra gave you! Or at the very least, you must use the Bear Companion and the armament weapon. The Bear Companion (lower headgear) possesses the effects of the armament ID (which includes vanishing 1% of monster's HP per normal attack) in previous seasonal events. Using the armament weapon (vanish 2% HP per normal attack, or 3% HP at Level 10) and the Bear Companion, you will vanish up to 4% of a monster's HP per normal attack. The HP% vanish effect is very important because the monsters inside Easter Field have REALLY high HP, thus it's more important to deal % damage to their HP rather than dealing random low damage using normal equipment. You can increase the efficiency of the weapon that Lysandra gave you. If you have accumulated enough Fool's Gold Coins, you can avail of the Divine Upgrader's [easter_fild 65 361] service. For 50x Fool's Gold Coins per attempt, she can increase the Equipment Level of your weapon, up to Level 10. It might be to your best interest to increase its Level to 10 soon to greatly increase your damage against the invading monsters. The invading monsters drop a bunch of items. Loot and save these items for future phases. You inadvertently stumble upon a Random Fool [easter_fild 62 357] inside Easter Field. After talking to him, he decides to pass on to you a book: a compendium. This compendium contains tales, lessons, and follies from his own journey as a fool. It's also a compendium of his triumphs, and more prominently, his mistakes. Perhaps you can glean from the compendium the wisdom that has eluded him in his time. Or perhaps you will simply enjoy the folly of his missteps.  You can check the rewards available by opening your compendium book. The compendium can be leveled by obtaining Compendium EXP and Chaos EXP Crystals. The current maximum level of this book is 50, but over time, it will slowly increase, thus the potential of more rewards. Take note that for all tiers of rewards, you still need to level up your compendium. If your compendium level is still level 5, this means that you can't get the rewards for level 6 and above. This compendium book has 3 different tiers of rewards:Free Rewards - By simply leveling up your compendium, you can get the rewards in this reward tier. Unlockable Rewards - You can only obtain the items from this reward tier by unlocking them using a Chaos Emerald Key.  Deluxe Rewards - In order to unlock, you need 1200x 1B Zeny Bags, or 100x Donation Tokens. Take note that Donation Tokens is a different item from BraveRO Tokens. By doing the activities indicated below, you can earn the following items of interest:Fool's Gold Coin - This seasonal event's event currency. Chaos EXP Crystals - Consumable items that grants Compendium EXP. Chaos Emerald Key - Used to unlock the Unlockable Rewards tier of the compendium. Bouquet, and Chocolates - Will have future uses. Note: Rates and amount of items earn could be changed any time without prior notice.  You can complete this quest once per day, and resets every new server day (00:00 server time). Completing this Daily Quest earns you 250 Compendium EXP, 1x Chaos Emerald Key, some zeny, and a few other items. To take this quest, simply open your compendium book, and navigate to the Daily Quest option. You are simply tasked to kill 200 of a certain monster inside Easter Field. Once you've completed killing the required amount of monsters, simply open your compendium book again to submit your quest. Worry not of looking for those monsters. These monsters have a certain spawn area, though they could still wander around if left alive long enough. Refer to the locations below for your hunting needs:Armored Copo - easter_fild 48 365 Copo - easter_fild 82 364 Egg Copo - easter_fild 117 364 Blue Iwin - easter_fild 150 372 Green Iwin - easter_fild 175 345 White Iwin - easter_fild 226 321 Red Iwin - easter_fild 272 338 Yellow Iwin - easter_fild 282 338 Jelly Bear - easter_fild 339 360 Four Season - easter_fild 269 311 Female Four Season - easter_fild 226 308 Shiny Slug - easter_fild 187 286 Melibe Slug - easter_fild 153 306 Snow Angel - easter_fild 71 290 Rhetus Cae - easter_fild 44 205 Papila Cae - easter_fild 144 173 Pitaya - easter_fild 243 210 Porkring - easter_fild 330 202 Engineered Heater - easter_fild 363 117 Engineered Megalith - easter_fild 286 51 Engineered Savage - easter_fild 107 103 Engineered Spore - easter_fild 56 103 If you have participated in the event prior to this one, the Valentines Event, Lysandra should be a familiar face. She might have something in store for diligent players in future updates and phases. Simply talk to the Seasonal Attendance NPC [easter_fild 58 362] and sign up your name for daily rewards! You can sign up every 22 hours. Don't miss single attendance day! Every 3 hours, there will be a bunch of Easter eggs that will spawn inside Easter Field. These eggs also have the added chance to drop some items like Raffle Tickets, Paragon Tickets, Zeny Bags, etc. There will be two rounds of egg hunt race. Each round will last 30 minutes each. Use the command @ee or to check your current points for each round. The top 5 players per round will win race points and some items. Take note that only the top 3 are announced globally.Round 1 - Kill as many Easter Eggs as you can and earn points. Each egg has a different point, ranging from 1 to 5 points each. The point per egg is indicated in its name. Round 2 - Almost the same as Round 1, except this time, the points, instead of being indicated in the names, are given at random. Take note that the points given by the eggs in regards to the Egg Hunt Race is not the same as the seasonal points that you're getting. The points for the race will only last for the duration of the race and will be the ones to be used to determine the players' rank.  RACE REWARDS: 1ST PLACE1x 1000 EXP Crystal 1x 1B Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 300x Fool's Gold Coins 10 Race Points 2ND PLACE1x 500 EXP Crystal 1x 500M Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 250x Fool's Gold Coins 8 Race Points 3RD PLACE3x 100 EXP Crystal 1x 250M Zeny Bag 1x Raffle Ticket 150x Fool's Gold Coins 6 Race Points 4TH PLACE2x 100 EXP Crystal 4 Race Points 5TH PLACE1x 100 EXP Crystal 2 Race Points RACE START TIME: Note that these times are based on server time. Use to check the current server time.02:03 05:03 08:03 11:03 14:03 17:03 20:03 23:03 The Gear Hunting NPC has arrived in Easter Field (easter_fild 69 355). Via this NPC, you can select 1 headgear from its list, and then all mobs inside Easter Field with have a 0.01% chance to drop your chosen headgear. Take note that all drop rate boosters wont affect the drop rate of the chosen headgear, and you can only choose one headgear at a time. You can use to check your current gear hunting status. You can change your target headgear any time. For example, you first chose Commentator's Headset as your target headgear, but after 1 hour, you decided that you want to instead get Love Bunny Band. You can go back to the Gear Hunting NPC and choose Love Bunny Band as your new target headgear. Each time you choose a headgear to hunt will require a small payment of Bottle Caps, and those Bottle Caps won't be returned even if you haven't obtained your chosen gear from hunting monsters. The headgears included in the Gear Hunting NPC are some of the older Easter Headgears. Epic Headgears will be added as one of the headgears that you can hunt for during the Phase 2 of this seasonal event. Compendium Level 51 to 100 has been updated. Deluxe Rewards have been added. Deluxe Rewards - In order to unlock, you need 1200x 1B Zeny Bags, or 100x Donation Tokens. Take note that Donation Tokens is a different item from BraveRO Tokens. Donation Tokens are account bound, and can only be obtained by converting Donation Credits into Donation Tokens. You can find the Seasonal Vanilla Enchanter in Caspen City (caspen 174 220). The first enchant for a Vanilla Headgear slot is free, except for Force Enchants. If your headgear already has an enchant on its slot, you will need to pay the necessary fees for enchanting. NOTE: While the Vanilla Enchanter as of this writing (April 18, 2024) can enchant most vanillas, there are some that it can't enchant. This isn't intentional, since it's only supposed to to enchant Easter Vanillas.  If a certain vanilla headgear can't be enchanted, and if it is an Easter Vanilla, kindly report it. You can now exchange the four primary event materials into Fools Gold Coins and other items! Seek out the NPCs in Easter Field (easter_fild 66 377). Each NPC will use one of the event materials. They have a 70% chance of giving you Fools Gold Coins. For the other 30%, each one of them may specialize in giving certain item types, or just random items in general.Etse Terra - uses the Spring Feathers Konsu Mahbols - uses the Autumn Monster Skin Karen Sy - uses the Summer Monster Horn Kardo - uses the Winter Scales Find the Foolish Bird, Morya in Easter Field (easter_fild 81 375). You can use your Fools Gold Coins to purchase the old Easter Headgears and Vanillas. Take note that additional headgears will be added by Phase 3. Here's how it works: (NPC can be found on easter_field 74 351)Combine 4 eggs to obtain a new egg randomly. The quality of the resulting egg is determined by the eggs used. For instance, combining 4 common eggs will likely yield another common egg. However, there's a 10% chance of obtaining a higher rarity egg. Each individual egg contributes a 25% chance of obtaining an egg of the same quality. For example, if you combine 1 common egg, 1 uncommon egg, 1 rare egg, and 1 epic egg, you'll have a 25% chance for each rarity. Plus, there's an additional 10% chance of obtaining a mythical rarity egg. Eggs are consumed during the fusion process. Each fusion attempt requires 150 Chronos Runes and Time Dimensional Runes. FAQ Are all eggs included here?Yes, including some unreleased one. And a few will be added in pool during phase 3. How to know egg rarity?No idea Dr. Eggman and his minions are on a tight schedule, so he will only appear during the server times below. Use to check the current server time.04:04 07:04 10:04 13:04 16:04 19:04 22:04 01:04 You can find these NPCs at easter_fild 87 371:Seasonal Points Shop - the items here costs quite a lot. If you've been saving all those seasonal points from the previous seasonal events, then you're in luck. Foolish Race Shop - if you have been participating and getting to the top 5 during the hunting races, you can make use of the Race Points that you have accumulated. You can find the Artifact of Trial Enchanter at easter_fild 95 367. It costs 25x Ethereum Crystals and 3x 1B Zeny Bags per enchanting attempt. You can find the Sleipnir and Temporal Boots Enchanter at easter_fild 98 364. You can find the Temporal Boots Resetter at easter_fild 102 371. You will need 500x Ethereum Crystals to avail of this service. Compendium has been updated to level 101 to 200! She's back and waiting to snag your hard earned paragone tickets! Don't worry, she's just coughing a bit and definitely not laughing at your misfortunes. You can find her in Caspen. For 18,000 Fool's Gold Coins, you can purchase additional Chaos Emerald Boxes from the cat in Easter Field (easter_fild 79 380). Added 80 new headgears Added new pets, mythical and legendary. They can be obtained from the Egg Fusion System except for Usalia. Usalia the level 200 compendium deluxe reward. Added new headgears in vanilla enchanter Added new fishing equipment. Except for the new fishing license, they can also be obtained from Paragon. Coming soon.  The Event Finale will be held on May 5, 2024. This usually happens before or after the of War of Emperium scheduled for that day. The Event Finale will feature the release of rare headgears, as well as the Raffle NPC. Since this marks the end of the event, when the Event Finale begins, a bunch of stuff may be disabled which may include but not limited to the following:Monsters inside Easter Field will no longer drop items. Raid Bosses will be disabled Disable earning of Coins and other event currencies/items from features. Other exact details will be unveiled once we reach this phase. Additionally, starting May 6, 2024, some or all event NPCs will be removed. For those of you who don't have enough time to take full advantage of this event and its limited edition rewards, the donation system could be a generous alternative. By donating to BraveRO you'll earn Donation Credits, which can be used to purchase seasonal event currencies such as: Ethereum Crystal: 0.025 Credits each Paragon Ticket: 0.75 Credits each Chaos Emerald Key: 3 Credits each [Bound] Red Chaos Crystal: 3 Credits each [Tradeable] Red Chaos Crystal: 5 Credits each For more information about donating to BraveRO please follow this link: FINALE - RARE RELEASE Rare releases during event finale has been traditional in the server, it comes with a melee(physical) and magic(magical) damage versions of each middle headgear.                  PIRATE KING CAPE - 75 Credits                                                    ELEMENTAL AUTHORITY - 75 Credits                                                        BLUE GRAND FAIRY WINGS - 60 Credits                                GOD OF THUNDER SET - 175 Credits   FINALE - RAFFLE RARE If you don't have credits to spend on the following rares, you can use the farmed raffle tickets you have during the event, you can also save your raffle tickets in the next event if you don't want to collect the following rares to be included in the raffle below!        LITTLE PANDORA WINGS ( Better Chance of Winning )                 BLUE GRAND FAIRY WINGS ( Low Chance of Winning )              ELEMENTAL AUTHORITY - ( Lower Chance of Winning )           GOD OF THUNDER SET - ( Lowest Chance of Winning )   To be added To any new player reading this: As you've noticed, the event is "separated" by Phases. If you're thinking that you can't avail or participate in certain stuff if you happen to start in Phase 2 or beyond, worry not! This only means that with each new Phase, additional features and items will be implemented. For example, if you see that the title of the thread is already at Phase 3, you can still do and participate on the events that are indicated in Phase 1 and 2, as long as there's still ample time to do them. This also applies to any and all future seasonal events, unless otherwise specified.

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