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Hero Specialty Skills

Posted on 2023-05-20

In the world of battles and adventure, there are special abilities known as Hero Specialty Skills (HSS). 
The realm of HSS encompasses 20 different skills, each bestowing a distinct bonus when used. 
These skills possess remarkable effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor...
Do you have what it takes to unlock them all?
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Fishing Stat - Self Tempering

Posted on 2023-05-19

[Image: Nq50XuI.png]
Welcome, heroes, in Brave where the art of fishing transcends mere technique and becomes an ethereal dance between the realms of nature and the human spirit. In this land, where the sun kisses the tranquil waters and the gentle breeze whispers secrets of the ancient seas, fishing is not merely a means to catch sustenance but a profound journey of self-discovery.

Here, amidst the serene lakes and winding rivers, fishing is regarded as a sacred rite, an avenue through which one can embark upon a transformative quest of the mind, body, heart, and spirit. The wisdom of the ancients teaches that to fish effectively, one must embark on a path of cultivation, where the angler's inner peace becomes intertwined with the ebb and flow of the waters.

Alright... The original plan to allow players to enchant their fishing equipment using fishing stones didn't work as we had originally intended. Due to the current limitations of our server, we have decided to change it from fishing equipment enchantment to inner self tempering.

Similar to how you enchant equipment, you can now 'enchant' yourself with additional fishing stats using those fishing stones. 

Your inner self is divided into 6 aspects called: 


Each aspect can only be tempered with 1 enchantment/tempering stone for now. You can change the enchantment on each aspect but remember that each aspect can only have 1 enchantment at a time. It means if you have 3 pcs of loot stone and 3 pcs of fetch stone then you can enchant each aspect with 1 stone each and get a total of +3 loot rate and +3 fetch rate. Re enchanting the same aspect will replace the current stat it has with a new one.

The pros of this are that the stats are permanent and are not removed when changing equipment. It is also account-based, so you can use any character in your account, and all of those characters will have the same tempered fishing stats.

There are currently 11 types of stones atm.
  • Fetch Stone
  • Loot Stone
  • Rebait Stone
  • Lucky Stone
  • Refresh Stone
  • Attraction Stone
  • Mythical Attraction Stone
  • Raw damage stone
  • Boss damage stone
  • Retract stone
  • Reeling stone

The common requirement to temper your stat is a Bloodbranch Coral and blood pearls. You can also use a specific fishing stone but some of those stones are pretty rare. Bloodbranch Coral will be a rare drop from mythical fishes.

You can also craft a random stone using Bloodbranch Coral and blood pearls but the chance to craft rare stones is only 3%. (the NPC for crafting will be added today)

For now you can enchant your inner self using Bloodbranch Coral and fishing stones. ( atlantis 138 223).

There is no failure chance in tempering your inner self. So good luck finding your inner fish now.

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