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Weekly Jackpot (March to May - might change it next May):

1. Fortune headgear Chest

2. Poseidon Shoes

3. Magnetite Body Armor

4. Red Rogue Cape

5. Heavenly Angel Wings

6. Shinigami Captain Cloak

7. Gem of Pneuma

8. Armor of forgotten

9. cloak of survivability

10. Juggernaut Armor

11. Executioner's Armor

12. Twilight Boots

Note: Some items are obtainable on these stages but be aware that they can still be rare to extremely rare on those stages.

Stage 1
Mastella Fruite
Blue Siege Potion
Large Magic Defense Potion
Yggdrasil Berries
Large Defense Potion
Attack Power Up
Stage 2
Yggdrasil Seed
Box of Sunlight
Mastella Fruit
Blue Siege Potion
Undead Elemental Scroll
Holy Elemental scroll
War Supplies
Undead Scroll Pack
Stage 3
100m zeny bag
Biotite/Hero Exp
Valkyrie Armor
Bloody Branch
Heroic Coins
Valkyrie Manteau
Lucky Scratch Off
Melee Surprise Box
Magic Surprise Box
Stage 4
Enriched Elunium/Ori
Magic Surprise Box
Bubble Gum
Bloody Branch
Shadow Armor Scroll
Tao Gunka Scroll
Pure Oridecon Fragments
Mystical Card Album
Mystery Box ???? (random item) may contain valuable items. Such as Lord Tunic, Death Weapon Coupon, Spiritual tunic etc.
Adamite Pendant (Extemely Rare)
Copper Rosary (extremely rare)
Aluminum Gloves (extremely rare)
Pure Elunium/Ori Fragment (1,4)
Pure Oridecon
Gym Pass
Shadow Armor Scroll/Box
Ghostring scroll
1b zeny bag
Mystery Forging Box ???? (random item) (rare) may contains random forging material, including chance for Pure Ori and Elu
Stage 6
Weekly Jackpot
Zeny Jackpot
Dawn Essence
Pure elunium
Pure Ori
Hazy Starlight
Fortune headgear chest
Cold Moonlight
Forge Coupon
Dusk Glow
Hero's Remain
Goddess Tear
Legendary Card Album
Mystery Armor Box (random) - combat armors and some forging armors, also chance for forge coupon.
Mystery Custom Card Box (random) - random custom card such as Addax, Draconus, Naght Sieger, etc except hades.
Mystery Gem of Power (random) - random Gem of Power has chance for gem of safety and pneuma and other popular gems.
Stage 7
Mystery Rare (random rare)
Glacial Guard
Hyounmaru Spirit
Sword of Dragon/spell blade
Tiamat Deadly Curse/Spirit
Other Rares