Suicide Bomber

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Are you tired of Warlocks inside bg always chasing you? Well, here's your chance to get back at them. Introducing the Suicide Bomber Build.


Level Spells Reflected Cast Time Duration
1 1 6.0s 1m
2 5.5s 2m
3 5.0s 3m
4 4.5s 4m
5 2 4.0s 5m
6 3.5s 6m
7 3.0s 10m

Kaite is an Expanded class supportive skill that is available as Soul Linker. As a Ka- skill, this can only be used on self, family members and other Soul Linkers. Coats a single target with spiritual energy that reflects incoming magic damage back at the original caster. However it does come wit ha down side, it also increases physical damage taken from phyiscal attacks by 400%.

In this build you will have to increase your patience because there are other jobs that might & will chase you but its worth it if your rival Warlock died on your hands. This build is different from other builds, instead of building up resist you will have to increase their damage inflicted upon you.

Building your Stats

Stats are very important for a Soul linker. Your often a walking free kill for other classes that are not magical. You stats have to be distributed in a way where ur able to tank a few hits from the enemies but as well deal massive amounts of reflect damage to warlocks.

Stat type Base Stat Example
Strength Enough to carry consumables
Soul Linker Stats.png
Agility 182 (195 apsd)
Vitality 500
Intelligence 350
Dexterity 300
Luck Extra Stats


Here are some great equipment for Soul Linkers to have. A suicide build often doesn't require a ton of expensive items but a few of them can be costly.


Upper Headear
Horned Helm (MaxHP + 100, Cannot be knocked back, increase physical and magical DMG received by 30%)

Middle Headgear
+30 Stats Wing - Maya Purple Card (for more stats and enable to see hidden/cloaked enemies (maya purple for you to see if someone in cloaking is chasing you))

Lower Headgear
Saint Ring - Nigmare Card (+15% MaxHP, Nightmare grants immunity to sleep status)

Fire Spirit Armor - Draconus Card (Draconus immunity to Freeze, Curse, Stun, Poison, Stone Curse. Earth Armor enchants armor with Fire Property)


Death Grimtooth - 3 Lunatic 1 Golem (more PD and golem makes your weapon unbreakable)

Any Shield - Alice Card (Increase DMG taken from non-boss type monsters by 40% (including players))

Keeper's Manteau - Choco Card (K-mant enables level 3 cloaking, Choco card for more PD)

Sleipnir - Eddga (Sleipnir gives 20% MaxHP, Eddga for Permanent Endure)

2 Copper Rosary - 2 Judicious Eremes (more PD and HP)

Always Bring

Earthproof Potions

  • Earth Resist +20%
  • Fire Resist -15% (THIS IS WHAT WE NEED)

Ygg Berries


Use cloaking to evade RK and Rangers they hurt a lot
Don't worry if you die too often as long as you keep chasing warlocks you can be happy (AS LONG AS YOU ANNOY THEM /GG)
Use Kaite for Warlocks/Sorcerer/Archbishops, Kaupe if chased by physical jobs, Tumbling to dodge other skills as well