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If you wish to know the latest donation rates, promos, coupons, etc., please visit the Main Website Donation Page for more information.

The update below was made last January 11, 2023.
The coupons below can be claimed via the helpdesk ticket.

  • In order to receive the freebie item, your donation must meet the minimum donation according to the table below.
  • If you don't want to use any of the coupons below, you will receive 4 donation credits for each 1$ USD donated.
Coupon Name Minimum Donation Donation Credits Freebie Item
20 Free Credits $10 USD 30 Credits Additional 20 Credits (50 total)
50 Free Credits $25 USD 75 Credits Additional 50 Credits (125 total)
125 Free Credits $50 USD 150 Credits Additional 125 Credits (275 total)
300 Free Credits $100 USD 300 Credits Additional 300 Credits (600 total)