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emileSharp Shooter Guide (Save the Princess)
Just an FYI; This is an Elite Geared Guide. It's going to be expensive but can kill just as fast as Dragon Breath when used properly. Modify it as you please. This is what works well for me.

Recommended Stats: 

STR :100 (enough to carry your consumables)

AGI :120 (Keep your ASPD 195 against Arachne's Quagmire)

DEX :500 (Max Damage)

INT :50 (Enough for 10k SP)

VIT :100 (Get close to 2m HP)

LUK :500 (Critical Damage)

Recommended Equipment:

Top Headgear: Green Captain's Hat (Increase Long range dmg by 20%. Reduce dmg from demi-human by 25%)

Card: Kiel D-01 card (-30% ACD)

Middle Headgear:

Unions Wings (Increase Long Range damage by 25%, Walking Speed +5%, Reduce after-skill delay by 15%)

Card : Kiel D-01 card (-30% ACD)

Lower Headgear

Dragon Aura (70% Movements, Attack +450, Reduce cast delay by 20%)

Card : Orc Hero (Immunity to Stun)


+10 White Wing Suit (Must have Enchant) (Increases ranged attack damage by 2x refine level, Increases Flee by 1 per refine level)

Card : Tao Gunka (MaxHP +100%, Reduce Hard Def and Mdef by 50)

Shield : Shield of Evalach (20% ATK and MATK. If +8, low chance of casting lv.7 Kyrie Eleison when receiving physical attacks)

Card: Khalitzburg Knight (DEF+20. Reduces Physical and Magical dmg from medium/large monster by 25%. Additional 5% reduction from medium/large monsters. when paired with White Knight)

Sub: +8 Onyx Guard [(STR/INT+ 15. ATK/MATK+8%. If +8 or above, no knockback.)In case FCP wears off, swap to this with a thara frog]


Card : Vengeful Eremes (Critical Damage +25%, PD+2)

Card : Tyrant Cecil Card (Increase Physical range damage by 18%, Provides a 0.75% chance to auto cast Lex aterna on then enemy when using long range attacks.)

Card : Fused Dracula (Increase dmg to all races by 15%. 10% chance to convert 15% of dmg as HP/SP) Won't need to use that many mastelas when you kill large mobs. You regen HP/SP super fast this way.

Card 4: White Knight (ATK+ 75, Increase physical dmg to medium/large monsters by 20%. Additional +15% dmg when paired with Khalitzburg Knight)


+8 Albite Garment [(STR+15, Dex+15, HP+5%, Increase resistance to Neutral, Holy, and Ghost attacks by 15%) if +8 or above, +10% ATK]

Card : Deviling (Reduces dmg from Neutral property by 50%. Increase dmg from other elements by 50%)


Temp Luck Boots (HP/SP +12%, Luk+25. Every 2 Refines,+2% crit dmg. If base LUK at least 350, 30% crit dmg. (*15% more dmg from holy attacks)

Card: Furious Seyren (Max HP+8%. Increase physical damage by 5%. If +8, additional 5% hit rate and additional 3% physical dmg to medium monsters) 

Accessory 1: Specialist Glove 

lvl 1: DEX+25, MDEF+5

lvl 2: DEX+30, MDEF+5, 0.05% of casting Stun or sleep with physical attacks.

lvl 3: DEX+35, MDEF+7, 0.05% of casting Stun or sleep with physical attacks. +5% HP.

Card : Gold Scaraba

Accessory 2:

Medal of Honor ( MaxHP+300, MaxSP+80, Increase Physical damage to all race by 5%. Matk+5%. Crit+10 )

Card : Gold Scaraba

Things to Bring:

Mastela Fruit
Genetic or Scrolls for FCP
Abrasive (Increased Crit)
Fire Arrows
Ghost Arrows
Water Arrows
Earth Arrows

  • Lure mobs in a circle and kill them faster
  • Battlemode is a must!
  • If you see a Soul Linker or Mage class, just find another set of mobs to kill xD

After a run, you should be earning a descent amount of EXP. This is my total EXP after 2 runs.

EXP Snapshot

Hopefully more range classes come out and become more active in STP. Best of luck  Big Grin

Don't forget to checkout my shop.

The Black Market
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Where to get shield of evalach?
Can you make soul linker build for phantasmagoria?
(12-13-2023, 05:19 PM)AR21 Wrote: Where to get shield of evalach?

You can buy it using castle tokens at prt_gld 160 90.

(12-19-2023, 06:49 PM)AR21 Wrote: Can you make soul linker build for phantasmagoria?

In progress. Bare with me.
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(12-29-2023, 02:24 AM)emile Wrote: You can buy it using castle tokens at prt_gld 160 90.

In progress. Bare with me.

Thank you so much! Big Grin

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