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BravoCalling All BraveRO Adventurers: Help Us Rise to the Top!
Thanks for your hard work
(06-14-2023, 11:43 AM)Bravo Wrote: It saddens me that 24 hours later, only 3 players reviewed and 2 of those were negative reviews based on false ratings such as 4/10 for stability, when our server hasn't lagged or crashed in months. I'm well aware those 2 negative reviews were probably made by banned players, but what's sad is that HATE is more powerful than LOVE and that OUR ACTUAL players don't give a crap about reviewing, while the people that got banned and hate us still find the time to do so.

In any case, the GM team has been working diligently on new updates, seasonal events, server stability and overall bug fixes. However, it seems despite our attempts the players are too lazy to provide feed back, partake on the feature, or support the server in any kind of way.

It boggles my mind how we work for free all this time and the majority of you can't even take 3 minutes to say thanks. Yet spend 3 hours everyday enjoying our work for free, expecting support, bug fixes and constant "new stuff". Without the player's support we are not going to be able to keep BraveRO online for much longer. It almost seems like the veterans that have been here for years have grown spiteful and would much rather AFK and dismiss any new feature or request for support. In the end, it will be your years of progress that will be gone. Our NPC scripts can be recycled, sold or shared for free. Your character progress, not so much. The choice is yours.

I wanted to follow up on this topic to share how your reviews have been, and will continue helping BraveRO grow.

[Image: rms.png]

Prior to your reviews on June 14, we were getting an average of 5 new players per day. After your reviews, the number of new players per day jumped to 15.. that's 300% more newbies entering every day..

While that may not sounds like a lot, compare this:
5 new players per day for 3 months  = 450 new players
15 new players per day for 3 months = 1,350 new players.

But that was just with 15 reviews we received.. we are still below in rankings. What happens if the 500+ unique players we have logging in every day renew their review? How many more players per day can we get?

Not all new players stay, but a % of them do.. and the more newbies at least try our server, the more of them will stay, and more will join BG, PVP, WoE and every other feature in BraveRO.

So again, thank you all for renewing your review on ratemyserver. For the 90% of others who have not renewed their review yet, please look at the evidence and the numbers. Literally 5 minutes of your day every 3 months can help BraveRO grow and remain active.

Please do your part and renew, tell your friends to renew, and be nice to the newbies when they get here.
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