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xbockxbg dead?
increase max refine to +20, implement more progressive items depending on refines - more damage output ppl die easier - will keep us busy.

before anyone reacts to this and probably think temporal boots for example will become absolutely op, HD ore refine rates are insanely low especially +12 onwards

add cap to +1 safe refine hammer to only +12 in any case Smile)
(06-03-2023, 01:22 PM)Bravo Wrote: It depends who you ask and when you ask.

Over the last few years the lack of BG activity has been blamed on several things, all of which have been addressed, but the lack of BG activity remains.

Some of the reasons I remember the community using to justify why they dont BG:

1. No rewards - Plenty have been added since, Battle badges doubled, and market was added with access to almost all items in game.
2. Players don't die/tank too much - Several skill and formula changes, damage boosters, 3rd job skills were added.
3. Boring/no 3rd job skills - 3rd job skills added
4. OP/no 2nd job skills - added 3rd job and 2nd job BG days
5. People only join the BG round before it ends and it makes it longer and boring - added time based rewards and limit to obtain round rewards.
6. Again, not enough reason to BG - Added HSS and several other BG initiatives

The reasons above are probably al from the last 2 years.

The reality is that the majority of our players have been here for many years. They already have everything, and any new item that comes out only provides them with 1-2 weeks of effort before they are back to having it all. While knowing this, we developed the HSS system which would require players to constantly farm in order to use the effect, unlike Elite Weapons.. that you farm once and you are done. However, HSS doesn't seem to be enough to drive BG activity.

Although we'd love to say BG and PvP are fun, apparantly they aren't fun enough to drive competition. These same veterans already know each other well. They know who they can kill and who they can't, sometimes ignoring those uber tanks or popular players. Others simply don't want to attack their friends so they focus only the newbies.

The newbie enters BG wanting to enjoy it, only to find he/she is no competition not only in terms of experience and items, but also in the lack of in-game friendships...resulting in the newbie getting ganged non stop to the point that they are pushed out of BG or the server entirely.

To summarize:
The real reason BG is dead is the age of the majority of the community and the culture of bullying newbies with friends rather than helping and raising the competition up to their standards.

I have a suggestion...

How about we put some "Objective missions" to accomplish per job per BG Round.

Rune Knight : Kill 10x Enemy, Destroy 5x Enemy Traps with Magnum Break Skill, Push 1 enemy with Charge Attack.

Royal Guard : Use 20x Devotion, Die 10x when devotion is active, Use 5x Gospel to Debuff Enemy/Buff team, Kill 1 with Sacrifice.

Wanderer : Use 10x Please Dont Forget Me to successfully use Tarot per Unique Enemy, Kill 1 with Vulcan Arrow.

Minstrel : Use 10x Apple's Idun to team, successfully use Tarot per Unique Enemy, Kill 1 with Vulcan Arrow.

Sniper : Use Trap skills 30x, successfully damage/snare a unique player 5x, Kill 1 with Any Trap/Sharpshooting/Double Strafe

Sorcerer : Use Dispel 30x on enemies, Use 5x dispel to teammates that have status ailment, Kill 1 with any bolts.

Warlock : Use 30x Meteor Storm & 30x Lord of Vermillion to Damage Enemies, Use 5x Ganba to remove any ground skill, Kill 1 with Napalm Vulcan 

Sura : Use 30x Finger Offensive, Use 20x Decrease Agi to Enemies. Kill 5 players with Asura Strike

Archbishop : Use Heal 50x to teammates, Use 5x Recovery to teammates that have status ailment, Kill 1 enemy.

Genetic : Use Acid Demonstration 100x to enemies, Use FCP 20x to teammates ( doesnt count if the team have FCP already), Kill 1 enemy .

Mechanic : Use 50x Cart Termination to enemies, Destroy 1 Armor / Weapon of an Enemy. Kill 1 enemy.

Guillotine Cross : Successfully Poisoning an enemy 20x, use 5x Detoxify skill to any poisoned teammate , kill 1 enemy.

Shadow Chaser : Successfully parry 10x attacks with Reject Sword,  Successfully Stripping an enemy with any stripping skill. Kill 1 enemy.

Soul Linker : Use 5x Spirit Link to Unique Target Teammates. Use 3x Kaupe, Kaite, Kaahi to unique target teammates.  Trigger Tumble/Breakfall 10x, Kill 1 enemy.

Star Gladiator : Trigger 20x Break Fall, Kill 7x Players using different Mild Wind Elements.

Kagerou/Oboro : Kill 10x Enemy, Kill 1 with Killing Stroke/Final Strike

GS/Rebellion : Cause bleeding status to enemy 20x when using Piercing Shot, Kill 1 player with Full Buster/Desperado.

Super Novice : Use Heal 50x to teammates, Use Increase Agi and Blessing to teammates 50x, Use Decrease Agility 20x to enemy, Kill 1 Enemy.

Doram/Summoner : No idea to put here.  Undecided


These are only ideasOf course these can be changed when reviewed and if implemented.
Rewards Upon Completing the Task : 3x BraveRO Tokens if Won / 1x BraveRO Tokens if Lose. Or any fulfilling rewards that is and should be only obtainable in BG and doing the task.
Royal Guard - Retaliate- |  Rebellion - Lilac-  |  Rune Knight - Tyrannical  |  Sura - Rosuveisse | Arch Bishop - Barbarra- | Soul Linker - Itarildë- 

Battleground has lost its viability since the majority of its offerings are readily accessible through alternative channels. Engaging in it seems unnecessary and needlessly burdensome.

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