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HaZeEquipment & Card Advisor NPC
Greetings Brave Adventures,

We've noticed a huge influx of new and returning players recently as a result of our advertising efforts and the recent flood of updates. After so many years of development, our list of custom equipment and cards has grown to a collection that would be the envy of any High Rate server. Unfortunately, having so many custom items also hurts the server, because newbies have no clue on what item they should aim for... and sure, we have a wonderful wiki full of job guides, but many guides are now out dated and do not include the newest items.

In the last few days we started collecting information on what equipment's and cards our Elite Heroes were wearing in PvP or in MvP, and now, although we have limited data, we can already start reaping the benefits of the data we've collected.

We've created a brand new NPC that we have high expectations for... this NPC will use the equipment data collected to recommend the most commonly used equipment and cards by Elite Heroes. This should help newbies and veterans alike to have an idea of what items they should focus on and insights on the effects of such items.

  • Located in Caspen (@go 0) for easy access.
  • Provides the top 10 Overall or Class Specific equipment & Cards worn by Elites.
  • Ability to filter the Equipment & Cards for PvP or MvP.
  • Collects data automatically and updates NPC instantly.
  • Provides the item description of the most commonly used items.

Since we only have about 2 days worth of data, the NPC is still limited on the classes and items available. However, as time goes by, the NPC will continue gathering data and optimizing the recommendations.

If a Job Class is currently not listed on the NPC, it means that the NPC currently has no data for the job class. The NPC only collects data from Elite Heroes lvl 3 or higher. The class will automatically be included onto the NPC as soon as enough data becomes available.

Below are some screenshots of how it works:

[Image: screen1.gif]  [Image: screen2.gif]

Once the most commonly equipment or card is identified, naturally the next question would be "where can I get this item"? This is a planned future enhancement for the NPC. For now, players will need to rely on our wiki, discord, forums or just asking in-game on how to obtain the item.

We hope this NPC shines a light and helps newbies and veterans alike to find new items and builds.
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