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RilianeTutorial Quest, Challenge Quest and Social Stamina System
[Image: 1-3.png]
There are 2 updates that will be implemented today while we wait for Easter update.
[Image: 1-1.png]
Tutorial Quest is a pretty simple quest that any veteran can finish in a day but it might take some time for newbie to finish if they really try to use it to learn things about the server.

You can start the tutorial main quest at caspen 176 212.

The tutorial quest is account bound quest and anyone can take it. As your account progress in tutorial quest, you'll also unlock "challenge quests". 

Challenge quest is similar to our achievement system where you'll be ask to do many stuffs repeatedly. If there's any difference on it, it's because it's account bound. It means you can use any character in your account to do your challenge and finish them. The rewards on this challenge quest is also helpful for new players.

Example Challenge Quest:
Daily Grinder 1 - Reward 1 x [Vanilla] Nobleman Hat
Vote 4 Gears 1 - Reward 1 x [Vanilla] Nobleman Eyeglass
Born to hunt 1 - Reward 1 x [Vanilla] Nobleman Cape.

These headgears can be obtained in around 1 week of playing in the server and doing similar features. There's also other challenge quest that give more rewards. 

Additionally this headgears be enchanted once, with your chosen effect for free. This headgears however cannot be re enchanted again so be careful in choosing the stat you want for it. We are hoping that this system can help new players get a much smoother start in our server.

The tutorial quest will also reward players with some helpful freebies. This include some infinite consumables that can be used in PVP or PVE and freebies like a free costume garment.

New challenge quest will be added after the phase testing of this system. There are currently 9 challenge quest available which you can unlock by finishing your tutorial quest. 

Note: Your old achievement is not counted in challenge quests. 
[Image: 1-2.png]
To balance the fishing system and to open it for more future updates and reduce the possibility of people exploiting it, we decided to add the social stamina system. Each fishing attempt will now consume 1 stamina. There are plenty of ways to gain stamina. 

This is once a day. Please take note that this reset everyday and it uses gepard check. It means even if you use new account it will only allow you to do it once per device. 

1. Daily Quest - + 20 stamina potion (once a day)
2. Fishing Daily Quest - 20 stamina (once)
3. Zeph Quest - 10 stamina potion (max 5x a day)
4. Scavenger Hunt - 5 stamina (max 3x a day)
5. Join Dice - 10 stamina (please take note that you only need to join, not to win)
6. Join Survival - 10 stamina (once a day)
7. Join Poring Catcher - 10 stamina (once a day)
8. Join Goblin invasion and kill at least 10 goblins - 10 stamina (once a day)
9. Some Instances - (Kimi/Orc Memory/Faceworm) - 10 stamina (max 30). you can repeat doing instances like Orc memory if you like.

We have plan to improve the balance in fishing and release newer fishing spots soon. This should give more importance on where you should go fishing instead of repeatedly spamming lower level fishing spots.

Fishing Race and rewards will also be updated in few days. 

The easter event will start around this week with a new compendium book.
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at least just a suggestion maybe, if no nibble and failed bcoz stamina fish to big, don't used up the stamina.
Thank you
april fools or what
(04-03-2023, 08:11 AM)aaaaa Wrote: april fools or what

We are the fools!
[Image: kekw-emote-2.jpg]
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If stamina prevents you from fishing all day then maybe the fishing shop rates were good as they were before...
» Legacy «
If had a zeny for every PvE and vanilla hg updates, I'll be rich.
(04-03-2023, 08:11 AM)aaaaa Wrote: april fools or what

I hope so... KEKW
prevent stamina from being consumed when no nibble, just as bait won't be consumed if it happens.
(04-03-2023, 10:07 AM)soulkaizer Wrote: prevent stamina from being consumed when no nibble, just as bait won't be consumed if it happens.

this will be added in next reload.

Will also increase the number of stamina gain in zeph to max of 50
Golden Piranha will be activated until easter event.
Golden Piranha will not consume stamina.
if ppl go to kimi/orc's memory/faceworm nest as a party will all of the member get stamina too?

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