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RilianeHalloween Event 2023 [Ended]
[Image: 21pDM3r.png]

[Image: lqkUQ7D.png]
Saved enough Bloodstained Bookmarks? Head over to the Spirit Cat found in the middle of Hallow City [hallow_city 142 196]. At the moment, this cat sells previous Halloween Headgears. If you missed one headgear from last year, now's a good chance to snag them!

[Image: TvWIMZe.png]
If you have been farming a lot, then it's the time to put them into good  use. Head over to the Merchant Officer in Hallow City [hallow_city 167 189]. He'll task you of repairing a broken carriage using those items that you have found scattered inside Hallow City. If you feel that you have forgotten the coordinates that the Merchant gave you, you can use @repairtask to check the coordinates.

Once you find the broken carriage, you'll need to repair it several times. When repairing, you can choose the amount of material batches that you will use, up to 20. Each batch will consume the following materials:
  • 6x Abandoned Wood
  • 6x Rusted Nail
  • 6x Tough Rope
  • 6x Stained Cloth
  • 2x Ragged Horse Reins
  • 2x Bloodied Wine Bottle
The more batches you choose, the more rewards you can get. However, increasing the materials used will not guarantee the success of a repair. After repairing, there's a chance that a ghost will appear. However, there's also a chance that the ghost will escape. If the ghost does not escape, you'll receive some Bookmarks. Furthermore, if you correctly answer the question that follows to exorcise the ghost, you'll receive additional rewards. Once you've repaired the carriage enough, return to the Merchant Officer to claim your additional rewards. 

[Image: Dc9qm5V.png]
If you have acquired some Halloween Vanilla Headgears, you can head over to the Master Enchanter at Caspen [caspen 175 215]. Take note you can only enchant Halloween Vanilla Headgears. As with before, the first time enchant for a vanilla's slot is free. If your vanilla headgear already has an existing enchant, then you'll need to pay the required enchanting fees.

[Image: Xxs1M8K.png]
Compendium has been updated. Rewards are now available from Level 51 to 100. 

Level 100 Compendium Bonus Reward: Fallen Bezaliel Set
[Image: SGBV9n5.png]
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
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Will there be a world boss? Also can we have an npc that can exchange our farming materials for the other one?
Will there be enchanter for AoT on future phases?
(10-15-2023, 03:42 PM)soulkaizer Wrote: Will there be enchanter for AoT on future phases?

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[Image: D4guROJ.png]

[Image: RYtmf0C.png]
The Paragone NPC is back and is waiting to make your hard earned tickets go poof. Find her definitely not laughing at your whammys at caspen 162 215.

[Image: Xxs1M8K.png]
Compendium has been updated. Rewards from Level 101-200 are now available.

New variant rare: [Variant] Cerulean Demon Colossus
[Image: 6Yv8h8W.png]

New headgear set: Dreadful Legendary Set
[Image: JElyiWr.png]

[Image: TxCRqtB.png]
To be added soon.

[Image: 9GzhFOf.png]

Seek out this Captain inside Hallow City. He usually resides where Dark Shoals are found. He has a little task for you. Complete it and you'll be rewarded with a vanilla headgear. Afterwards, he will also sell you a bunch of his items, though these items might be a bit expensive. In order to trigger and start his quest in the first place, you'll need something that you usually use to dig stuff from the ground.

[Image: x0bFkfp.png]
A raid boss will appear during the server times below. Kill it with your party and obtain various rewards!
  • 04:04
  • 07:04
  • 10:04
  • 13:04
  • 16:04
  • 19:04
  • 22:04
  • 01:04

[Image: YXl6hlU.png]
If you were able to acquire some Hellship Raid Pass, you can enter this instance in caspen 166 214.
  • Solo Instance
  • Monsters Inside are mostly event map monsters.
  • Armaments and Halloween Gears work inside this instance.
  • There are 3 bosses inside the instance. 
  • Bosses are immune to all type of damage and only receive 1 damage from all type of damage.
  • Unlimited Re entry as long that the instance is running. (you can re-enter if you died).
  • Cooldown: N/A
  • Instance Duration: Max time - 1 hour. can be finished in 10 minutes.
  • Can acquire the boss cards below:
[Image: MAINfuZ.png][Image: wlir1yl.png]

[Image: wipdCVy.png]
  • Halloween Vanilla Headgear Box III can now be opened.
  • New Halloween Pets have been added to Pet Gacha Ticket.
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
where i can use halloween candy?
(10-26-2023, 03:02 PM)azhuric07 Wrote: where i can use halloween candy?
if you mean one of the items that drop after killing the raid boss, you can't use it anywhere.. that is last year's event currency
[Image: be9VuVj.png]

[Image: vMx5a0C.png]        [Image: O46QPxI.png]

Leon and Cecilia have appeared inside Hallow City. But it seems that they have lost their memories. You can help them recover their memories by giving them specific items. While both of them will accept Crystallized Blood, Cecilia will only accept White Necklaces, and Leon will only accept Red Necklaces. Aid them and you will be rewarded.
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
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[Image: aSsiZ1z.png]

The Halloween Event 2023 will be extended for another week! It will now end on November 12, 2023.
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
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[Image: CuqiIcD.png]
Aurous Demon Colossus
[Image: qEUrVmT.gif]
Blazing Pandora Wings
[Image: YnFldAX.gif]
Dragonoid Scroll of Darkness
[Image: hcMX1lo.gif]
King Gol D Roger Cape
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
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