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RilianeBrave RO Kick-off Event! [Phase 3]
[Image: 5778984.png]

Upon succeeding in opening a tunnel in an alternate universe, brave heroes of the previous collapsing realm found themselves in a familiar world; if not identical.

A large number of heroes made it safely to this realm, while still waiting for the others to arrive; the very tunnel that allowed them to travel through space and time continued to open.

What started as a faint shadows now became emergent; there, from far away inside the tunnel, came a big wave of familiar monsters that have secretly ventured from the previous realm, dark creatures that have pledged loyalty to the darkness have launched a massive attack on the new land.

While holding the tunnel for the other heroes to arrive, the heroes that are inside the new realm now need to defend the land from the dangers that these monsters pose. The Legendary Brave Hero Frosty led the defenders of the new land and announced an imminent huge battle is about to go down.

[Image: 5778984.png]

Gear yourselves, buy supplies, prepare for the upcoming long and tiring battle and help Frosty!

  • Winning Team:
    12 x Realm Fragments/minute play
    2 x Rare Rose Orbs
    2 x Common Armor Ore
    2 x Common Weapon Ore
    1% chance to get Mystic Box
    1% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
    0.3% chance to get an Artifact of Trial
  • Losing Team:
    8 x Realm Fragments/minute play
    1 x Common Armor Ore1 x Common Weapon Ore

Daily Quest:
  • 350 x Realm Fragment
  • 25 x Rare Rose Orbs
  • 150 x Armor Ore
  • 150 x Weapon Ore
  • 10% chance to get mystic box
  • 10% chance to get sealed letter

Zeph Hunting Mission
  • Mission Level/3 Realm Fragment
  • 2 x Rare Rose Orbs
  • 10% chance to get wet sealed letter
  • 3% chance to get mystic box
  • 0.30% chance to get Spirit of Heroism

500 PvP Event
  • 500 x Realm Fragments
  • 300 x Common Weapon Ore
  • 30 x Rare Rose Orbs
  • 10% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
  • 10% chance to get Mystic Box
  • 0.25% chance to get Elite Weapon Scroll 

Goblin Invasion
  • 300 x Realm Fragments
  • 100 x Weapon Ore
  • 100 x Armor Ore
  • 20 x rare rose orb
  • 10% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
  • 10% chance to get Mystic Box

Survivor Event
  • 300 x Realm Fragments
  • 100 x Weapon Ore
  • 100 x Armor Ore
  • 20 x rare rose orb
  • 10% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
  • 10% chance to get Mystic Box

Dice Event
  • 300 x Realm Fragments
  • 100 x Weapon Ore
  • 100 x Armor Ore
  • 20 x rare rose orb
  • 10% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
  • 10% chance to get Mystic Box

Poring Catcher
  • 300 x Realm Fragments
  • 100 x Weapon Ore
  • 100 x Armor Ore
  • 20 x rare rose orb
  • 10% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter
  • 10% chance to get Mystic Box

Treasure Chest:
  • 75 x Realm Fragments
  • 1 x Rare Rose orbs
  • 1% chance to get mystic box
  • 1% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter

Scavenger Hunt
  • 75 x Realm Fragments
  • 1 x Rare Rose orbs
  • 1% chance to get mystic box
  • 1% chance to get Wet Sealed Letter


[Image: tkC60it.png]

[Image: 57728984.png]

Brave warriors! We now require your aid!  Vicious monsters from another dimension have started to emerge from the tunnels from which you came from. They have now invaded various maps. 

[Image: msPns6v.png]
@warp caspen 171 215

In order to assist you in fighting off these monsters, the RIFT Agency is willing to give out time-limited free equipment to wiling adventurers. Talk to the RIFT Agency Officer in Caspen.

[Image: DYlk1l7.png]

The monsters are found to be attacking the following maps. You can also talk to the RIFT Agency Officer in order to warp to these maps.
  • Jawaii (@warp jawaii)
  • Easter Field (@warp easter_fild)
  • Hallow Field (@warp hallowfild)
  • Christmas City (@warp xmas_city)

Various new items that have varying uses in future phases also drop from these monsters, make sure to collect them!

[Image: u9simej.png]

[Image: 5778984.png]

[Image: mdVnNrX.png]

Additional Details Provided by Reimu:
The invasions will are already planned by the Demon Lords beforehand. As such, we can anticipate their attacks. They will initiate these invasions once every 3 hours. Each invasion will last for 1 hour. These invasions will target 2 cities. Protect them with all your might!

The top 5 players who gathered the most seasonal points will be granted the following:
  • 1st Place: 500 Realm Fragments, 30 Rare Rose Orb, 1b Zeny Bag, 1 Raffle Ticket, 10 Race Points
  • 2nd Place: 400 Realm Fragments, 20 Rare Rose Orbs, 500m Zeny Bag, 1 Raffle Ticket, 8 Race Points
  • 3rd Place: 300 Realm Fragments, 15 Rare Rose Orbs, 250m Zeny Bag, 1 Raffle Ticket, 6 Race Points
  • 4th Place: 4 Race Points
  • 5th Place: 2 Race Points

The Race Shop will be added at a later time. 

Just be careful brave adventurers! We have just been informed by Reimu that there will be more perils and much more dangerous monsters that may appear in the future! Make sure that you're prepared to face them.

[Image: wzoRU9y.png]

Brave adventurers! Your efforts in defending the realm are starting to bear fruit! The RIFT Agency has dispatched several personnel that will take some of the spoils of war that you've gathered and exchange them into various items of value. Some of these agents may come at a later date and time. Seek them out in Caspen.

[Image: ZkwByks.png]

[Image: glULPxW.png]
[Image: TN5RYsN.png]

Some important things to remember when Smelting!
  • Like the Temporal Resetter NPC, the Smelting Expert NPC is lost somewhere in Caspen.
  • When smelting, the resulting item is random, but its quality and success rate will depend on your choices. 
  • The more ores you use, you will have a higher chance of getting a high quality equipment. 
  • The smelting duration increases the success rate of forging an item. You can set this from 1 minute up to 360 minutes.
  • Each minute of forging time will cost you 2 pieces of each Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Silver Orbs. 
  • If you have Gold Realm Orbs, you can use these to reduce the initial smelting time by 60 minutes each. So if you use 2 Gold Realm Orbs while you have set the smelting duration to 360 minutes, it will be reduced to 240 minutes. 
  • If you get an item called "Null" it means Whammy.

[Image: kD2x8FP.png]

[Image: qN92bRP.png]
????: Oh, dear Legendary Brave Hero Frosty, you didn't even suspect that it would come to this.
Frosty: But how? Why? We trusted you! We took your every word as the truth! We never doubted you! We treated you as our own comrade!
????: Oh please. You didn't seriously think that I, a high ranking general of the demon lords' army would defect that easily just because innocent people are dying? Foolish humans, when will you ever learn?
Frosty: You... You will not get away with this! We will drive you back from whence you came!
????: My, my. Such hollow threats will not change anything. Now, watch and tremble in fear, as our dark masters have finally come to personally end this world!

Raid Boss Information:
  • The Raid Boss will spawn at 00:10, 03:10, 06:10, 09:10, 12:10, 18:10, and 21:10 server time at a random map.
  • Unlike the usual Raid Bosses that you've experienced before, these ones carry the power of darkness within them. This means, that they will be dealing heavy damage most of the time. 
  • Careful planning and team coordination will be of utmost importance if you want to emerge victorious.
  • The party that manages to get the last hit will get a party drop bonus.
  • The MVP (the player that deals the most damage) will get the Boss' drops.

Notable drops for party:
  • Gold Orbs
  • Treasure Keys (Easter and Christmas)
  • Seasonal Garments
  • Elemental Boots (Normal and Modified)

[Image: 8frf2qF.png]
[Image: RuzQ7bv.png]
[Image: 3IiCa3y.png]
[Image: LUdDtK9.png]
[Image: f1Dz8n9.png]
[Image: z4YYMER.png]

[Image: 1pUX58h.png]
[Image: 5eTe2wL.png]

[Image: KJBwIzP.png]

[Image: JG3fYxS.png]

With the aid of countless Brave heroes, we have pushed back the tide of darkness! Even though interdimensional invasions are still happening, we have successfully dwindled the morale of the invaders! Bear witness to these spoils of war!

The Finale Event and release of Raffle NPC will be around June 12, 2022, 07:00 server time. Make sure to join the Finale Event for a chance to win items!

[Image: nAqyTx3.gif]
The Blue Devil Blade and Yokai Slayer Cape rare headgears will both have variant versions.
  • [Melee] / [Magic] Blue Devil Blade - 65 Credits
  • [Variant] Blue Devil Blade - 125 Credits / 600b Zeny
  • [Melee] / [Magic] Yokai Slayer Cape - 50 Credits
  • [Variant] Yokai Slayer Cape - 100 Credits / 500b Zeny

The following rares will be available via Raffle Tickets:
  • [Melee] / [Magic] Yokai Slayer Cape
  • Frosty Rune/Spell Blade of Dragon

[Image: nWtsacH.png]

[Image: gCe9a6i.png]
@warp caspen 175 215

Every day, talk to the Agency Attendance NPC in Caspen. She will grant you various useful items that will help you in the fight against the otherworldly monsters.  

For now, these will be the items that she will be handing out.
  • Day 1: Phoenix Costume + 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 2: 2x Mystic Box + 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 3: 2x Raffle Ticket + 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 4: 2x Wet Sealed Letter + 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 5: 150x Battle Badges + 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 6: 20~30x Rare Rose Orbs
  • Day 7: 3x Lucky Scratch Off Ticket
  • Day 8: 1x Legendary Card Album
  • Day 9:  3x Melee/Magic Surprise Boxes
  • Day 10~Day 20: To be revealed in Phase 2
  • Day 21 and beyond: 1 Bubblegum & 1 Random Fortune Food
  • Day 25: Happy Butterfly (Epic Lower Headgear)

These fortune foods grant useful buffs that lasts for 15 minutes.  
[Image: 85dtAEH.png]
Be warned, that the timer for these items will still continue even when you're offline. Type @raid to check the remaining time of your buffs.

Also, using the same fortune food twice will not extend its buff time to 30 minutes, rather, it only refreshes the timer. So, if you have a remaining time of 10 minutes for Midas Touch, using a Golden Apple again, will set the remaining time back to 15 minutes.

[Image: OffK3Qd.png]

1. Will there be a monster invasion?
  • Yes, a huge one. It will start on Sunday. Phase 1B
2. How long will this event run?
  • From May 13 to June 12 2022.
3. Will there be new gears?
  • Yes, around phase 3
4. Will there be Spirit of Heroism in this event?
  • Yes. one method to obtain it is already available there.
5. Can I use dual account for this event
  • This event will have multiple Raid Bosses. You can login dual accounts in map but you can only join 1 of them in a party participating in boss hunts. 
6. Will there be House of Trials on this event? 
  • Yes on phase 3.

Frosty for Event Banner and Introduction
All the staff for the work they'll have to do for the duration of the event. 
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