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HaZeWill you keep ignoring BraveRO's plea for help?
In the last 30 days we've worked hard to revamp our server and make the lives of our players better. At the same time, I've personally been asking for reviews almost daily, messaged several users in-game, discord and forums. We have a pop-up on the vote site asking for help, but our pleas continue to fall on death ears.

Despite our efforts, we've only managed to receive 50 reviews in the last 180 days. To put that into perspective, during the same 180 days, we've had 2,900 unique devices log into the server.. which means only 1.7% of players have reviewed. In the last 30 days? 890 unique devices have logged in, which means only 5.7% of the players who have logged in the last 30 days have reviewed.

We are not asking for money or donations. We are far from a pay to win server, we are extremely stable and responsible. Can you name another server that has been up for 16 years and not had a wipe? one that still remains populated and continues to innovate? You probably can't.

You choose to spend you time here at BraveRO. You've grinded for hours, days, or even years... So why is it that you find it so difficult to take 5 minutes every 6 months to write a new review for BraveRO? 99% of players do not donate, and that is fine... but at the very least we do expect our players to support us so we can continue to offer a free to play server you can come back to.

It is very discouraging to have to continuously beg for review and getting ignored, while at the same time seeing the players thoroughly enjoy the server completely for free. 

It does not matter how hard the GM team works, how awesome, unique or stable a server is, if new players can't find us. The best way for new players to find us is through Ratemyserver. I would really love to understand why it is so hard for players to support a server they love. Spend hours every day but can't spare 5 minutes every 6 months. It is extremely discouraging. 

If you want there to be a BraveRO in 2025, the time to support it is now. 

I know that this message will more than likely be ignored and will not change anything.. but it will be on record that as an administrator, I did what I could to ensure the future of BraveRO.

Hopefully I can count on some of you.
Link to review:

Thank you.
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Bump.. If anybody needs help or guidance on how to write a review, please let me know... can't think of any other reason..
Haze? Are you the old haze? As in Jon, the Jon I knew??

Damn, if so, I'm of course willing to write a review and help you out
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Review submitted.

Rune Knight
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Submitted too!
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(03-31-2024, 10:49 PM)Luciara Wrote: Haze? Are you the old haze? As in Jon, the Jon I knew??

Damn, if so, I'm of course willing to write a review and help you out

Hehe yes, it is me.

Thank you to those that answered the call and wrote a review for BraveRO!
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