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KymchiJourney with Lysandra Log
So, this is a compilation encountered by me and a few players when talking to Lysandra during the Valentines Event 2024. Players have been posting the questions they've encountered in discord in the ⁠#Brave RO⁠: Journey with Lysandra channel.

Since there's a character limit for me in discord, I just decided to post this here. There will be two categories that you can see below. Verified means that I have already encountered the question or came from verified and trusted sources. Unverified, well, are the questions that I have yet to encounter, but are provided by other players with corresponding answers.

Of course, if the answer shows a 250 EXP, choose the other question. The other question would yield 1,000 EXP by the way how things are. The EXP amount placed after each answer only means that the one who gave the info chose that answer.

You can press CTRL + F to easily search parts of the questions below whenever you're going to talk to Lysandra.

Take note that this list will be constantly updated whenever I'll talk to Lysandra and/or someone provides their questions and answers.

I've been contemplating the significance of friendships. How do you approach forming and maintaining friendships in your journey?
  • Friendship is often rooted in shared experiences (1,000 EXP)
  • Friendship is like a secret club.

The nature of homunculi is a fascinating topic. Do you think homunculi can dream, harboring thoughts, and visions, as intricate as those of humans?
  • Homunculi can dream. (250 EXP)
  • Not in the same way.

I've been contemplating the essence of humanity. What do you think is the most important quality of a human?
  • Empathy (1,000 EXP)
  • Resilience

Is the presence of human emotions a prerequisite for one to be deemed a genuine human? Must one possess emotions to be recognized as a real human?
  • Emotions are a cornerstone of the human
  • Emotions can be cultivated (1,000 EXP)

Loneliness is a complex emotion, even for one like me. When you feel lonely, how do you navigate those moments?
  • I seek solace with friends.
  • Immerse myself in activities (250 EXP)

Seeking new pastimes, are we? How about trying these intriguing  pursuits to add a touch of novelty to your journey?
  • Story Telling (250 EXP)
  • Music

The bonds we form are both fragile and enduring, what is parting with a love one for you?
  • Reminder of the impermanence of life
  • Part of your soul drift away (1,000 EXP)

I've been contemplating the duality of time. Given the choice, do you find yourself drawn more to the past or the future?
  • Past (250 EXP)
  • Future

Between dragons and angels, if given the choice, do you find yourself more drawn to the celestial grace of angel race or the awe-inspiring presence of dragon race?
  • Dragon Race
  • Angel Race (1,000 EXP)

If given the choice, do you find yourself more drawn to the independent charm of cats or the loyal companionship of dogs?
  • Dogs
  • Cats (1,000 EXP)

What if an individual were to craft a homunculus in human form? Homunculi are artificial being. What if they are made in human form? Should they be afforded the same treatment as humans due to their humanoid appearance. Is the question of their right to life a consideration that warrants exploration.
  • Everyone deserve a chance at life. (250 EXP)
  • Humans and homunculi are the same.

I've been pondering the sentimental value of possessions. Do you have old items that you cherish?
  • Old books (1,000 EXP)
  • Old pendant

I've been contemplating the mysteries of love. Do you believe one can learn what love is by listening to others' experiences?
  • I believe love is a personal journey (1,000 EXP)
  • Absolutely

The idea of a vacation, a respite from our adventurous pursuits, is intriguing. If I were to embark on such a journey, I wonder what activities might bring solace to my immortal soul.
  • Explore the wonders of the world
  • Quality time with cherished friends (1,000 EXP)

There's a lot of virtues that shape our characters. In our endeavors, which virtue do you consider more crucial? Kindness or courage?
  • Kindness
  • Courage (1,000 EXP)

I've experienced abandonment, left to navigate life in solitude. The concept of family remains elusive to me. It leaves me pondering its true meaning. How do you define the significance of family?
  • Blood relations don't necessarily define families. (1,000 EXP)
  • A source of support, love, and compassion.

If someone finds it challenging to convey their emotions, what advise would you offer?
  • Express it through action
  • Write it (1,000 EXP)

Something something about "journey"
  • ????
  • Travel together (1,000 EXP)

Why do people talk so much about love romantically? What is so special about it, and how can you even know if you're truly  in love with someone?
  • Just a word.
  • It goes beyond words (1,000 EXP)

If given the choice, do you find yourself more drawn to the serene hues of a sunset or the radiant warmth of sunshine?
  • Tranquil sunset
  • Warm sunshine (1,000 EXP)
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