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HaZeBraveRO Token Donation Item Suggestion
Greetings, BraveRO adventurers!

We're excited to announce that we're opening up suggestions for new items to be added to our BraveRO Market & donation market. It has been a while since our Market was last updated and it is due for a big expansion. Who else to get ideas from than the community itself?

Whether you're dreaming of a unique headgear that adds flair to your character, a powerful weapon to vanquish your foes, a rare card to enhance your abilities, or essential equipment to bolster your defenses, now's your chance to make your voice heard.

Here's how it works:
  • Submit as many unique item suggestions as you'd like using the Google Forms link provided below.
  • Avoid repeating items already suggested by others. Let's keep the suggestions fresh and diverse!
  • Don't forget to include your character's name along with your suggestion. This way, if your item is chosen, you'll receive credit and a special reward.
  • Give a good estimate of the price in Zeny.
  • On February 16, 2024, we'll carefully review all submissions and select 10 valid entries at random. However 1 person can only win up to 2 times.
  • Each selected entry will have the item they suggested added to the BraveRO Token donation market, and the submitter will receive their suggested item as a reward.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and let us know what items you'd like to see added to the BraveRO Market! Your contributions will help shape the future of our server and enhance the gaming experience for all.

Submit your suggestions here:

Thank you for being a part of the BraveRO community, and we can't wait to see what amazing items you come up with!

Happy gaming!
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200 str/int/dex lower aura on donation mall

example : Demi Freya Card = 600b in zeny / 300 BraveRO Tokens

IGN : ~JiccoJiccoJicco

All kind of account bound GI cards to stabilize the price in the market due to unstable demand and supply .

Example : Schulang / Miguel / Time Holder / Queen of Abyss / Venenum / Dead Witch / Demi Freya Card and so on .

Price : About 20% cheaper than market rate since they are bound - For example Miguel could be 120 BraveRO Token since market is about 300b-350b.

2) Exchange Temporal Boots shop to Modified Temporal Boots shop [ Bound or Non-Bound version] .

Price : Since the market has high floating price for Mod Temp due to increased drop rate from fishing , we can put it in BraveRO market that has the standard price of around 100b for each .

3) Bound Version Capes [ Giant White Rabbit , Twisted Freya Cape , Valkyrie Curse Robe [ Lvl 0 or 10 depends on pricepoint]

Example : Giant White Rabbit [ They are no where to be obtained at the moment causing crazy price in market] , i hope it can be available somewhere in market that has standard price about the rate of Twisted Freya Cape / Valkyrie Curse Robe.

4) Increased selection of Top/Mid/Bottom Headgear [ Bound or Non-bound ]

Example : Current amount of top/mid/bottom headgear has been there for years and players are bored with them. I hope to see some new exclusive HG that can be obtained through BraveRO Token.

5) Demi Freya Items [ Bound Version ]

Example : Demi Freya Robe / Shoes / Shield / Rosary / Card

Price : Expected 20% below market rate for bound version .

IGN : Erikaaaaaaaa
Submit your suggestions here:

Not on this topic
I've been thinking of something else the past days when I read this post.
But because of work, I somehow forgot to submit my suggestion.

Anyway...because of the EWP/Elite Accessories Revamps , it could align with my idea.

I posted here since, I think I can explain it better than in the provided google suggestion link.

So, when a player becomes a HERO - Rank D, C, B...
We obtain these Hero Weapons ( depending on what we choose from the Blacksmith).

We can also see these Hero Weapons usually sold at markets, and probably, some kept a large/huge number of these weapons for collections. about, when a character had his Elite Weapon Maxed at Level 5 or 4 (i think this is better),
there will be an NPC that can make his previous Hero Weapon Rank D C and B convert into a 1 NEW WEAPON.
And is upgradable like the Elite Weapon.

I wanted to call those as : Ceremonial Weapons 
Knight's Ceremonial Sword/spear, Sinx's Ceremonial katar/dagger , Mage's Ceremonial Staff/dagger, Monk's Ceremonial Knuckles/Mace, and so on.

Now this weapon has only 1 purpose.
To select ONE 2nd/3rd Job skill to buff. (except skills that are already listed on Elite Weapons)

Example :
For RK's Elite weapon.

Angel Slayer - Lord Knight's 1HSword[4]
STR 10+(2*EWLVL) (MAX: 20)
DEX 10+1*EWLVL (MAX: 15)
ATK Rate 5+(1*EWLVL)% (MAX: 10%)
Bowling Bash Damage 15+(2*EWLVL)% (MAX: 25%)
MaxHP 7+(1*EWLVL)% (MAX: 12%)
Hit Rate 10+(2*EWLVL)%  (MAX: 20%)
Dragon Breath Damage: 5+(2*EWLVL)%
+10 Refinement Bonus: Reduces after-skill delay by 5%
ATK: 510

RK's New Weapon Effect :

Ceremonial Sword [4]
ATK: 500
+5%/10%/15% Death Bound Return Damage (just an example)
+15%/20%/25% CRIT DMG from while in Berzerk (just an example) - doesnt apply the effect when sinx use LK card

(also with hp% or demi redux% or reduce vit def% according to level)

The idea here is to see new builds to be used by other players.
and keep the BG activity active.

The issue: if that player had already sold his/her Hero C, D, B weapons.
Solution : Can be purchased ( only if EWP is maxed as a requirement) on Battlegrounds either via Victory Badges (example : 10~30 Victory Badges per weapon according to Hero Rank Weapon) or Battleground Bravery badge. Victory Badges/Battle Badges are also available via Donation. See link here : Donation Rewards - BraveRO Wiki (
Victory Badges from fishing should be nerfed alittle.
The new weapon is permanent. except the effect.
The Hero Rank D, C, and B weapons will be permanently gone / consumed.

Weapon Effect Upgrade :
5~10 Victory Badge / ???? battle badges : Upgrade to Level 1.
10~20 Victory Badge / ???? battle badges : Upgrade to level 2.
20~30 Victory Badge / ???? battle badges: Upgrade to Level 3.
Weapon Effect Duration : 15~30 days - Resets the Effect. (to keep the BG activity at least a little active)

Lastly... to discuss the list of 2nd job/3rd job skills per class  that can be upgraded into those weapons.
Royal Guard - Retaliate- |  Rebellion - Lilac-  |  Rune Knight - Tyrannical  |  Sura - Rosuveisse | Arch Bishop - Barbarra- | Soul Linker - Itarildë- 


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