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RilianeBeta: Freestyle Cooking System
Today I will release the beta version of the freestyle cooking system.

This is beta because nothing is final on this current system.
  • There are currently no skills, level and exp obtainable in this system. No idea if I'll add them anytime soon. 
  • The effect of dishes are subject for observation and adjustment.
  • There is currently no stamina requirement when cooking (there will be in the future)
  • Cooking currently has no equipments except cooking pots.
  • There are limited number of ingredients available atm. Maybe about 30 types. 
  • Ingredients success rate may change without notice

With these in mind, you can still try cooking and we will adjust and do changes as necessary. 


Freestyle cooking is a cooking style separate from the tradition ragnarok online cooking. In freestyle cooking you can make a dish by combining various ingredients with each other. In short in freestyle cooking you can just slap ingredients together and hope for the best. 

Each ingredient in freestyle cooking has specific success rate: 

[Image: DyoKogv.png] [Image: 5kw7fGL.png]

You can combine a maximum of 4 different types of ingredients in freestyle cooking. You can try cooking 1 type of ingredient as well, but you'll have to increase it's quantity to have a higher success chance of creating a dish.

You will need 20 x fish meat to have a 100% chance of success in creating a dish.

[Image: l7zewmJ.png]

Higher quality ingredients has higher success rate. 

[Image: NC8ejQJ.png]

Each dish comes with its own unique recipe. While it may require a bit of experimentation, understanding these recipes can empower you to recreate the same dish consistently by combining the same set of ingredients repeatedly. 

Ordinary Cooking pots are consumed upon use. 

We will release one special cooking pot in limited numbers sometime soon. This pot is not consumed when use and it will also add a bit of success rate in cooking, saving you a bit of ingredients. It will be limited in number and I won't release it again. 

How to get cooking pot and ingredients:

We will add npc later that sell these pots and ingredients later. Some will be added as monster drops. However you can also use high level shoal fishes in cooking. Slicing them open can also provide ingredients. By chance freezer seal for example can drop high quality fishing meat.

Available Dishes:

There are currently 20+ available dishes. All of them are creatable if you have the right ingredients. The question is if you have one. 

Should I cook now?

The decision is entirely yours; there's no pressure to start cooking now. Alternatively, you can choose to wait until it's fully released, which is likely to be around next year.

How about low level fishes can we use them as ingredients?

No. I currently have no plan to make low level fishes useful for cooking. You can also cook without high level fishes as those fish meat will be available in npc, though at quite a high cost.
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