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ClaireBlack Friday Sale Wishlist
[Image: 9V1mdcs.png]

Hello Brave adventurers!

With Black Friday just around the corner, anticipation is building up for some sweet deals. As we prepare for the that day, we would like to ask for your input in the upcoming sale! Share the top 15 items you're hoping to snag during the upcoming Black Friday sale.

Whether it's equipment to upgrade your character, consumables to aid you on your quests, or even some stylish fashion items to show off to your friends and enemies, let your imagination run wild. Let's see the diverse and exciting wish lists our community can come up with!

You can post your wish lists until November 17, 2023, 23:59, server time. This thread will be closed afterwards. Also, please take note that there's no guarantee that everything in your wish lists will be included in the sale. 

Are there any items you didn't think of but now want to add to your own wish list? Feel free to edit your wish list anytime before the set deadline.

Let the countdown to Black Friday begin, and may the sale be ever in your favor!
[Image: gqfZ9QE.png] 
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1.Schulang card
2.Broken Thanatos card
3.Venenum Card
4.Freya Armor
5.Freya Sandals
6.Freya Garment
7.Demi Freya Card
8.Hell Hound Aura
9.Giant Bunny Garment
10.Sunscreen Card
11.Shotgun Buffalo
12.Revolver Bandit card
13.Miguel Card
14.Burning Fang card
15.Entwein Crothen card
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These are the items including services that i wish for a discount Big Grin

Freya Card
Freya Shield
Safe Refine
Poseidon Shoes (fishing equip)
Spirit of Heroism
Phoenix Pet
Elite Kill Scrolls
Infinite Yggdrasilberry
Pure Elunium
Tailored Enchanter
Variant Wings Enchant (enchant zeny discount)
Vanilla Headgear Enchanter (zeny discount)
Mystic Enchanter (zeny discount)
Limited Time Elite weapon and specialist glove enchant using ZENY
New Headgear Set with switch option example Destiny Set = Destiny Helm, Destiny Wings 1, Destiny Wings 2, Destiny Aura 1, Destiny Aura 2
i don't use HG set cause of lack of versatility i'm always using anti strip when there's shadow chaser but if the set includes switch option it will be very useful
All i need is infinity ygg( blank card discount)
1. God of Creation Set
2. Destiny Set
3. Legendary Set
4. Cyber black box promo
1. A 25%/50% more Discount coupon applicable for the remaining 14 Wish List  Blush
2. ~ 15 . To be updated
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id say:
Mythical phoenix pet
Poseidon fishing shoes
Brave card album
demi freya equips
random equipment box
Divine/power insignia
legendary set
infinite consumables
albedo pet
brave card album
pet gatcha
artifact of trial
1: Poseidon Fishing Shoes
2: Christmas coat (Fishing)
3: Black Friday, Cyber Black Box Promo
4: Tailored NPC for WWS armor
5: King Ocean ROD
6: Blueprint for EX rods
7: Random Equipment Box
8: Brave RO token sale
9: Random Fishing Equipment Box (hoping)
10: Change Job Coupon
11: Brave Card Album
Here my simple Wishlist for the incoming Black Friday Event Smile

Fishing Equipment:
  1. Sea Kingdom Set
  2. Random Fishing Ex Rod (Blueprint and fully crafted rod)
  3. Random Fishing Armor (e.g., Varuna, Poseidon Vest)
  4. Random Fishing Rare Accessories (e.g. sea king) 
  5. Random Fishing Rare Shoes (e.g. poseidon shoes)

  1. Random Shoes (e.g., Freya or Modified Temporal Boots)
  2. Random Garment (e.g., Kingsmen, Daeyhon, etc.)
  3. Random Armor (e.g., Freya Robe, etc.)
  4. Random +10 Modified Temporal Shoes
  5. Random +10 Shield (e.g., Freya Shield - Tradable)

  1. Random Pet (e.g., Elder Dragon, Phoenix)
  2. Brave Ro Card Album
  3. Random Rare Sets (e.g., Legendary Set)
  4. Random +10 Shapeless Weapon
  5. Random Custom Garment
[Image: rDIKeI4.png]
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