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RilianeSummer Battleground Battlepass Event
[Image: dIqfvOK.png]
Get Ready to Embrace the Summer Heat! Introducing the Spectacular Summer Battle Pass!

Greetings, valiant warriors and battle-hardened champions!

As the temperature rises and the battlefields ignite with intensity, it's time to gear up for an adrenaline-fueled season of PvP mayhem! We are thrilled to unveil the scorching Summer Battle Pass, specifically crafted for those who seek glory and dominance on the battlegrounds!

[Image: QXOrc6F.png]
This event will run from June 16 2023 - August 16 2023

[Image: ToHQ8Cq.png]
The battle pass this time is free and cannot be upgraded. To obtain your battle pass go to the Gift Code NPC located at caspen 179 188

Giftcode NPC > Redeem Codes > Type "Summer Pass"

The Giftcode is: Summer Pass

[Image: p3rjXuM.png]
Note: Make sure to open your Battle Pass after you obtained it. This will automatically register you as a Battle Pass holder. If you use an EXP Crystal or earn Battle Pass EXP without opening your Battle Pass first, the EXP gain in these ways will be wasted.

The way to level up your Battle Pass is through playing the Battlegrounds. You can buy EXP Crystals from players who join Battlegrounds, or from the Donation Girl NPC.

100 Battle Pass EXP (daily cap: 3000 exp)
30% chance to obtain 10 summer Battle Pass coins
15% chance to get a random valuable item (Blood Stone, Bloodbranch coral, etc. )
3% chance to get 1k exp crystal

50 battlepass exp (daily cap: 3000 exp)
10% chance to obtain 5 summer coins
1% chance to get 1k exp crystal.

1x Bound Summer Exp Crystal (1000 EXP): 5 Donation Credits each
1x Summer Battleground Headgear Bag: 20 Donation Credits each
1x Summer Pet Gacha Ticket: 35 Donation Credits each

[Image: eAs800U.png]
The Battle Pass max level is capped at level 200.

The rewards are currently capped at level 50. The level 51 - 100 rewards will be posted in few days. While the 101 to 200 will be updated on July 15 2023.

Most of these rewards can only be obtained at higher levels. But they are all free if you can level your Battle Pass.
  • New Exclusive Summer Cards
  • New Battleground Exclusive Summer Set
  • New Rare
  • New Vanilla Headgears
  • New Costume Garments
  • New Garments with effects
  • New Fishing Gears, baits and attractants
  • Bound Demi Freya gears
  • and many more

Note: Please be reminded that some of these rewards will be exclusive in this Battle Pass and won't be obtainable anymore even in the next similar season.
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