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Easter Event 2023 [Finale] BraveRO
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Brave adventurer. Be forewarned. This event will run from April 9, 2023 and end on May 7, 2023. By May 8, 2023, all event NPCs will be removed.
The event begins with NPCs in the Easter Field crying out for help, as they are besieged by strange and dangerous monsters of unknown origin. The players are tasked with helping the NPCs eliminate the monsters and restore order to the land. As they make their way through the Easter Field, they discover that some of the monsters have arrived from other dimensions, and are more powerful and mysterious than any creature they have ever seen before.

Visit the Easter Researcher in caspen 174 215. He will ask you to assist in helping with the troubles brewing inside Easter Field. Lately, some strange occurrence have been happening inside the area. At the same time, a lot of strange creatures have appeared. He'll need you to explore the Easter Field and find out what's causing the anomaly. 

If you choose to help him, he'll provide you with "season appropriate" gears. And by that, it means he'll give you a choice of a colored bunny headgear set and an Armament Weapon

Once you've worn the gears, you're set to go. You can enter Easter Field either by talking to the Easter Researcher or by typing @warp easter_fild. Once inside the field, eliminate those strange creatures!

Once you've accumulated enough Easter Festival Coins, you can try to upgrade your Armament Weapons via the Armament Upgrader in easter_fild 73 351. Every attempt costs 30 Easter Festival Coins. If the upgrade attempts fail, there's 50% chance that the upgrade level will be reduced by 1, otherwise it will keep its upgrade level.

Please be reminded that the Armament Weapon itself has a time limit, this means that the Easter Festival Coins that you spent upgrading will be forever lost once the weapon expires.

The compendium is making it's return this Easter Event! To get your Compendium: Primordial Codex, you'd first need to take Tome Holyland's quest in easter_fild 62 357. He'll ask you to get 50 pieces of Broken Needle, which can be hunted from Hylozoist. Once you've acquired the items, return to him and he'll give you the book.

You need to have the actual Compendium: Primordial Codex in order to access the compendium rewards. The Codex must be used while standing up.

WARNING: As with before, take note that making the Compendium: Primordial Codex is account and device bound. Please do not create compendiums and claim the rewards in several accounts other than your main account.

Free Version
Upon completion of Tome Holyland's Quest, you immediately unlock the Free Version of the Compendium: Primordial Codex.

Deluxe and Premium Versions
If you wish to acquire additional rewards from your compendium, you can purchase the Deluxe version or the Premium version. 
  • The Deluxe version costs 1,000 1B Zeny Bags. The Premium version costs 300 Credits. Purchasing either one will unlock the option of claiming additional rewards per compendium level.
  • The difference between the Deluxe and Premium versions is that, the Premium version also grants you 50 pieces of [Event] 1000 EXP Crystals. This means you can easily level your compendium to level 50.
  • Except for the fact that buying the Premium version immediately grants you access to some of the free and additional rewards, getting the Deluxe or Premium version simply unlocks access to getting the additional rewards. In the case of Deluxe, paying the 1000 1B Zeny bags does not immediately give you the additional rewards. This means you still need to grind for the compendium EXP to get more rewards/additional rewards.
  • Additionally, you can only purchase one. For example, if you already bought the Deluxe version, you can no longer get the Premium version. So, choose wisely!
  • You can upgrade your compendium anytime you like. For example, if you have the free version from levels 1 to 30, by level 30 you decided to buy the Deluxe version, you can still get the additional rewards from levels 1 to 30.
  • The compendium level is currently capped at 100. More levels will be added in future phases!

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The list indicated below can also be viewed using the Compendium: Primordial Codex and choosing the "More Info" option.

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As with before, simply sign up your name with the Seasonal Attendance NPC in easter_fild 66 351 daily! Return to her after 22 hours to sign up again!

Every 3 hours, there will be a bunch of Easter eggs that will spawn inside Easter Field. These eggs also have the added chance to drop some items like Raffle Tickets, Paragon Tickets, Zeny Bags, etc. There will be two rounds of egg hunt race. Each round will last 30 minutes each. Use the command @ee or @easter to check your current points for each round. The top 5 players per round will win race points and some items. Take note that only the top 3 are announced globally.
  • Round 1 - Kill as many Easter Eggs as you can and earn points. Each egg has a different point, ranging from 1 to 5 points each. The point per egg is indicated in its name. 
  • Round 2 - Almost the same as Round 1, except this time, the points, instead of being indicated in the names, are given at random. 
Take note that the points given by the eggs in regards to the Egg Hunt Race is not the same as the seasonal points that you're getting. The points for the race will only last for the duration of the race and will be the ones to be used to determine the players' rank. Seasonal Points can currently be used to gain buffs when hunting Easter monsters.

If you have saved up some seasonal points, you can use them to gain useful buffs to use while killing monsters inside Easter Field. Seek the Buffer NPC in caspen 170 215. Each minute of a buff will cost you 4 seasonal points. Every time you avail of a buff, you can only put in a maximum of 180 minutes. You cannot refresh, renew, or add additional minutes to a buff until it expires. There are four buffs available and you can choose to avail all of them. You can check how many minutes are left with the buffs using @raidbuff.
  • Four Leaf Clover - Adds the chance to get Raffle Tickets while killing Easter monsters.
  • Leprechaun's Luck - Adds the chance to get Zeny while killing Easter monsters.
  • Hermes Blessing - Adds the chance to get Paragon Tickets while killing Easter monsters.
  • Winter Plum/Spring Blossom - Adds the chance to get Clover Rings while killing Easter monsters.

As the players progress, they encounter more and more powerful monsters, which seem to be increasing in number and strength. The NPCs grow increasingly concerned and begin to investigate the cause of the anomaly that brought the monsters to the Easter Field. The players must help the NPCs gather clues, uncover the truth behind the anomaly, and discover how to stop it before it's too late.

A lot of the previous Easter headgears, including Vanillas, have made their way back for this year's event! Seek out this NPC at caspen 166 215.
  • These headgears will usually require common materials, such as the Voidcracked Eggshells, Angel's Tails, Enigma Eggs, and Xenocytes. 
  • For the epic headgears, they may require additional rare materials, like the Nebula Feather.
  • If you have saved some Easter Festival Coins, you can spend some to purchase additional extra materials. The Easter Material Box contains a set amount of common materials. Nebula Feathers are also available.

The enchanter for Easter Vanilla Headgears is now available! Avail of her service in caspen 178 218.
  • The first enchant for a Vanilla Headgear slot is free, except for Force Enchants.
  • If your headgear already has an enchant on its slot, you will need to pay the necessary fees for enchanting.
  • You can only enchant Easter Vanilla Headgears using this NPC. Headgears from other seasonal events or features cannot be enchanted here.
  • Enchanting Middle and Lower headgear Vanillas is currently disabled because there has yet to be Vanillas for these headgear categories.

If you have been saving those Wonderballs, now's the time to use them. Head over to this NPC in easter_fild 51 334 and test your luck, skill, and ability to strategize! Each attempt at challenging the beast will cost 5 Wonderballs.

How do you challenge the Deep Sea Beast?
  • Before the start of each battle, you'll be assigned a "Virtue." The monster will also be assigned a "Sin." The Virtue and Sin that you and the monster get will determine the skills that are available for the two of you respectively. The monster will also be given stats, and these are given at random every time.
  • There are seven Virtues and seven Sins. The Virtue and Sin that you and the monster will get is given at random.
  • Once the battle starts, your main objective is to defeat the monster by reducing its health to 0 or less.
  • There are various skills that you and the monster can use. These skills require a number of "energy" points. You and the monster automatically regenerates 1 energy after every turn.
  • There are 3 types of skills that you use each turn: (1) Normal Attacks, which are your bread and butter skills in dealing damage, and they cost 1-3 energy; (2) Recovery Skills, which can only be used once every two turns, and they cost 0-3 energy. These skills can allow you to regenerate energy and/or health; and lastly the (3) Virtues Skills, which varies depending on the Virtue that has been assigned to you and costs 3-5 energy. These skills are considered your ultimate skills and have unique effects.
  • In turn, each monster of sin also have their own skills to use. Each monster possesses seven skills each.
  • If you have successfully defeated the monster, you will be given rewards. You can get a up to a maximum of seven items. The amount of rewards you get and the the rewards given are random every time.

After many battles and much exploration, the players finally discover the true source of the  anomaly - a powerful and evil boss who has been using interdimensional travel to summon the monsters in Easter Field. The players must fight their way through the boss' lair, defeating his minions and obstacles, until they finally reach the boss himself. The final battle is an epic showdown, in which the players must use all of their skills and strategy to defeat the boss and finally close the portal leading to other dimensions for good.

New vanilla headgears have been added inside the shop in caspen 166 215! These new headgears are under the Phase 3 Vanilla option of this shop.

If you finally collected 999 pieces of the Fragment of Sakura Branch, seek out this NPC in caspen 174 218. She'll turn those fragments into a Sakura Branch costume garment. This garment also has the effect of increasing regeneration rate by 1%

A few minutes after the Easter Egg Hunt Race, the Evil Jormungand reveals himself inside Easter Field. He is this season's raid boss. Kill him to free this realm from his grasp! 

If you've saved enough Paragon Tickets, now's the time to wast- I mean use them. Find her at caspen 163 215. She's not laughing at your misfortune, I swear! Every attempt costs 1 ticket, and the higher the stage you get to, the higher the chance of getting good item rewards! 

If you have been winning those Easter Egg Hunts and saved quite a bit of Race Points, the shop to use those points is now here! Find her at caspen 166 218.

If you have a Poring Basket Garment or a Giant White Rabbit Garment, you can use this NPC's service in caspen 170 218. The normal upgrade method costs 30x Clover Flowers and 3x 1B Zeny Bag, and it has a 25% chance of failing which downgrades the garment level by 1. The premium upgrade method costs 60x Clover Flowers and 5x 1B Zeny Bags, and it has a 100% chance of upgrading the garment.

If you have some Sleipnirs or Temporal Boots that needs enchanting, head over to this NPC in caspen 181 218. 

Find this NPC in caspen 174 222 if you still got any Artifact of Trials that are left unenchanted or some that you want to get re-enchanted.

If you've been constantly killing all those Easter Eggs during Easter Egg Hunts, you might have saved up quite a bit of Seasonal Points by now. If you wish to spend those, head over to caspen 162 218 and see what wares he has for you.

If you got your hands on a Shapeless Weapon Claim Ticket, now's the time to claim a free shapeless weapon for yourself in caspen 170 222!


Its time of the year again to release exclusive rare wings during end or finale of every seasonal event! These are the rare wings are available for this season via donation credits in the donation girl! These wings have magic or melee version according to your needs!

            [ AQUA REGISTA - 60 Credits]                                        [ DARK BLUE AWAKENED PHOENIX WINGS - 60 Credits ]                                   [ GREEN FALLEN GRAND CROW WINGS - 60 Credits ]

[Image:]                              [Image:]                                              [Image:]

If you don't have any available credits and have prepared and farmed during the event, It is your time to shine and pot your luck to win one or all of these rares during raffle release! Each BRO Raffle ticket has a small chance to win these wings. The more BRO Raffle Tickets you have, the more chances of winning!

              [ AQUA REGISTA ]                                         [ DARK BLUE AWAKENED PHOENIX WINGS ]                                   [ GREEN FALLEN GRAND CROW WINGS ]

[Image:]                              [Image:]                                     [Image:]

If you are running low on Easter Festival Coins, want to Level up your Compedium quicker, or simply want to try your luck opening Easter Headgear Bags, then donating to BraveRO can be very rewarding! 

We accept many different payment methods, including Crypto, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ApplePay and Google Pay. You can get up to 40 Donation credits for 10$ or 275 credits for 50$. 

Please make sure to mention this when requesting your donation to be processed via helpdesk ticket.

For more information on how to donate, please visit our donation page:

Easter Event Items on Donation:
  • 250x Easter Festival Coins - 1 Credit
  • Paragon Ticket - 1 Credit
  • 1000 EXP Easter Event Crystal - 3 Credits
  • Easter Festival Bag I - 7 Credits
  • Easter Festival Bag II - 9 Credits

  • 04-11-23: You can now Queue for Battlegrounds inside Easter Field.
  • 04-17-23: Drop rates for Voidcracked Eggshells, Angel's Tails, Egg of Enigma, and Xenocytes have been adjusted. This change affects the common mobs and Easter eggs.
  • 04-26-23: Easter Festival Bag II can now be opened. Some headgears are exclusive on Easter Festival Bag II
  • 04-26-23: Monster Battle - Boss health now capped at 2500
  • 04-26-23: Monster Battle - Charitable Return skill damage fix, and adjusted to 200 damage.

This event will run from April 9, 2023 and end on May 7, 2023. By May 8, 2023 all NPCs will be removed. 

Brave adventurers, as of this writing, we're still at Act 1 or Phase 1. More NPCs and/or services will be added in future Acts/Phases. Stay tuned!
If you encounter any bugs/issues of the sort, please report them immediately. Anyone who will abuse them will be punished accordingly. Thank you!

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