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Halloween Madness Carnival [Phase 3] 10-07-2022, 07:07 AM 8
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Halloween Madness Carnival [Phase 3] BraveRO
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This Halloween season we introduce the Halloween Compendium - Book of Madness. It is said that before the conveniences such as cursed mobile phones/ or cursed fax numbers, people had to make do with plain old cursed books; you never know what might be lurking in those texts, for thousands of years, grimoires have been attached to textbooks, novels, poems, encyclopedias, historiographies, and even poetry collections.

But when we talk about the Compendium Book of Madness, you won't encounter lousy luck or even be cursed in a traditional sense, but more of a supernaturally dangerous one. What is written in this book shall be determined by your own effort, and what is written, shall be done accordingly. Halloween Compendium once belonged to a powerful entity that the GMs should not name. It contains an ancient manuscript that teams of scribes and scholars have compiled. Brave players will have to encode it with each passing time.


The spookiest event has arrived in BraveRO for the first time! Every player will be able to take part in the Halloween Event where they can earn and exchange items for exclusive rewards! Every brave adventurer participating in this event will have their hands full for the foreseeable future. Riches and rewards await those who have the bravery to work for them.

There will be some new things in this Halloween event such as the introduction of the Compendium Book of Madness in Phase 1 and the addition of a modified Airship Halloween instance in phase 2!

The festivities will run from Oct 7 2022 to November 6 Sunday. It will run for a total of 31 days.

Let the Madness Carnival begin! 

It's the time again when the barrier between the living and the dead grows thin, and those who have passed on can be sensed by the living. It's the time when those imprisoned and sealed in chaotic planes gain strength to temporarily descend and manifest themselves among mortals. Rigel, the Queen of the Dead can no longer wait until she can descend. She sent her legions from the Madness Dimension to shape this realm of the Braves into a world filled with torment, sorrow, and death. 

They must be stopped! The Caspen Research And Paranormal Study team is looking for brave adventurers who can aid them in their fight against these invading monsters. To be qualified, a player must be Lv. 500, and at least of 2nd class or above, they should have sufficient courage to face these rampaging creatures of madness.

The monsters this time are different, they are extremely strong, have extremely high life ratings, and they are also immune to normal physical and magical attacks. Only with the new equipment designed to battle them can you deal significant damage against them.

Players can register as a Ghost Hunter through the Ghost Hunting Tech Officer located in Caspen. This time normal equipments will have no power against these monsters. The only way to deal against them is through equipping the Divine Armaments. These equipments is capable of vanishing a specified amount of life points from seasonal monsters. Every 2nd job and above classes should be able to get and equip one. 

Weapons will remain time-limited but players can choose to upgrade them up to level 10 giving them a little bit of bonus especially at Lvl 10. Weapon can be upgraded at the Armament Mastersmith located inside Halloween city.

Notes: Compendium of Madness is account bound/gepard bound. You should not create multiple compendium in different accounts other than your main account. Once one of your character in your main account finished the compendium quest, you can just use @compendium command to access the book on your other account. 

Compendium Book of Madness Current Reward List:
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100 compendium exp (capped at 2k exp per day)
12 x BG Playtime halloween candies
1% chance to win Hellship raid Pass
1/50 chance to get 500 exp crystal. (uncapped)

50 compendium exp (capped at 2k exp per day)
8 x BG Playtime halloween candies

Daily Quest
250 compendium of madness exp
250 x halloween candies
10 x Yin flowers
10% chance to get hellship pass

100 x compendium exp

500 PVP
200 compendium exp
200 x Halloween candies
10 x Yin flowers
1 x Paragon ticket
10% chance to get hellship pass

Zeph Quest
mission/3 token
1 yin flower
1% chance to get 100 exp token (tradeable)
0.1% chance to get Hallow City Treasure Key

Goblin Invasion
150 x Compendium Exp
150 x Halloween Candies
5 x Yin Flowers
1 x Paragon Ticket
10% chance to get hellship pass

250 x Compendium Exp
200 x Halloween Candies
5 x Yin flowers
1 x Paragon Ticket
10% chance to get hellship pass

Dice Event
350 x Compendium Exp
250 x Halloween Candies
10 x Yin Flowers
1 x Paragon Ticket
20% chance to get hellship pass
20% chance to get Hallow City Treasure Key

Poring Catcher
350 x Compendium Exp
250 x Halloween Candies
10 x Yin Flowers
1 x Paragon Ticket
10% chance to get hellship pass
10% chance to get Hallow City Treasure Key

Scavenger Hunt
40 x Halloween Candies
1 x Yin Flower
1% chance to get 100 exp crystal
0.1% chance to get Hallow City Treasure Key

Treasure Box
50 x Seasonal Coins
1% chance to get 100 exp crystal

The Attendance NPC is back. Just sign up everyday to receive a daily reward. List to be added soon. The NPC is located in Caspen. Other than the usual attendance reward, the NPC also give 200 compendium exp. You can sign up to the attendance NPC once every 23 hours. Don't miss a single day, you might get something really nice.

Warning: Do not try claiming multiple reward in this NPC using multiple accounts. 

There are six different boosters all providing different buffs. They last for 15 minutes. Do take note that the timer will still continue even if you're offline. Boosters can be obtained from the Seasonal Point Shop NPC, drops from Trick Mimics, or as additional rewards from Dispatch Missions.

Every 3 hours, there will be an Invasion Event inside Hallow City and 1 other map. Monsters from the Madness Dimension will appear and wreak havoc. Kill them and earn 1~3 seasonal points. The race for each map will be counted separately. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranked players after each invasion will win various items and 10, 8, and 6 race shop points respectively. The 4th and 5th ranked players gets 4 and 2 race shop points respectively.

A few minutes after the Invasion Race, Trick Mimics will spawn inside Halloween City, bringing various rewards. Every player may kill them for a chance to win valuable rewards! The event duration is 45 minutes.

Rewards range from Raffle Tickets, Zeny Bags, EXP Crystals, Boosters, valuable items like Pure Elunium, Pure Oridecon, Divinium Ore, and many more!

Several days after the nonstop legions of monsters sent by Rigel, the Brave Heroes of the realm have learned to adapt and survive. Over time, the Caspen Research and Paranormal Study has sent various personnel to aid and assist our heroes in the fight against the tide of darkness.

Now that we have somewhat adapted to fighting the monsters from the Madness Dimension, the time to make an offensive move has come! In order to further understand and counter the vicious monsters, Brave Heroes are tasked to capture various ghosts throughout the realm. Every ghost captured is a step closer to victory.

Rigel must not succeed in her relentless attempt to enslave our beloved realm! Push forward heroes!

The time to hunt ghosts is here! Talk to the Mission Dispatcher NPC in Halloween City to take a mission. You will be assigned to capture and take pictures of ghosts in a random location. To know the location of your mission, you can check using the @ghosthunt command. The Dispatcher will reward you based on the number of ghosts you have identified.

When you're at the location, you're greeted by a Ghost Trap. The minimum activation cost for a trap are 5 Ghost Coffins, 5 Magic Candles, 2 Jars of Blood, and 1 Evil Scroll. However, you can amplify the power of the trap by a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20. Amplifying the trap increases its catching power and attraction. This means that if you'll maximize the amplification, you'll have higher chance of capturing a ghost and luring rarer ghosts. Rarer ghosts can give better rewards. 

If you have successfully captured a ghost, it will reward you with Halloween Candies. Afterwards, an additional question will be asked. If you answered correctly, it will grant bonus rewards.

Do take note that maximizing the amplification does not guarantee good drops, higher rarity ghosts, or capturing anything. As such, there's still a chance that the ghost may escape.

After you have captured the required amount of ghosts, return to the Dispatcher and he'll reward you with Compendium EXP and a random booster item.

  • You can now open the bag
  • You can obtain 1 random new Halloween headgear inside (normal and epic), and a chance to obtain an Exclusive Rare (Mystic Wings) and a headgear set (Furious Dragon Knight)
  • The system will try to avoid giving you duplicate rewards. It means if you have the same headgear of similar ID inside your inventory, it will try to look for a new item to give you. However this is not absolute. It will only roll 50x at best, and if you roll 50x and all of the items are already in your inventory, you will still receive a duplicate. 
  • Some of the items will be available in Phase 3 shops. But some will be exclusive in Halloween Headgear Bag II. You can try buying the items in Phase 3, and just open the bag when you already have items you can afford to avoid duplicate. But it's up to you.
  • There's around 50+ new items inside the bag.
  • There are 15 new epic vanilla headgears.

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  • The Halloween vanilla enchanter can only enchant HALLOWEEN EVENT HEADGEARS.
  • You can find this NPC inside Halloween City.
  • You can only enchant Halloween Vanilla Headgears in this enchanter. 
  • This enchanter will remain until the end of November even after the event but the cost of enchantment will still remain the same.
  • The enchanter has extra service allowing players to choose specific enchants in some cases for a high cost.
  • You can force enchant non-epic headgear using more yin flowers. 

  • Winning in Battleground will now give 5 x Yin Flowers, Losing will give 2 x Yin Flowers.
  • Winning in battleground now also give chance for players to obtain more random rewards after the round such as Zeny bags, EXP crystals, Halloween candies, raid pass, he gum, blueprints and many more. 
  • BG Double Down token NPC will be added soon. 

  • The NPC is located at bat_room 159 143.
  • It requires 1 double down token per bet.
  • You can cancel your bet if you haven't played battleground yet.
  • You must not log out /character select after betting. You can cancel your bet if you want to char select/logout. It will return your bet and the double down token you used.
  • You can bet 1-3 pcs victory badge and win 2x that amount by winning your next battleground game. If you lose, then it's gone.

  • The Sage is found in Caspen 166 215.
  • It sell 1k exp crystal (1 level) for 10b or 4 credits each.
  • It cost a lot so its still better to go farming if you want to reach lvl 100 on its worth. 
  • Current compendium is capped at lvl 100. But it will be increased to 150+ in phase 3 as we add some surprise special rewards. 

  • Entrance: Dimensional Device NPC (caspen 173 213)
  • It is a Solo Instance
  • Monsters Inside are mostly event map monsters.
  • Armaments and Halloween Gears work inside this instance.
  • There are 3 bosses inside the instance. 
  • Bosses are immune to all type of damage and only receive 1 damage from all type of damage.
  • Unlimited re-entry is possible as long that the instance is running. (you can re-enter if you died).
  • Added 2 new cards.
  • Cooldown: N/A
  • Instance Duration: Max time - 1 hour. Can be finished in 10 minutes.


Brave Adventurers, so far, are successful in culling the tide of darkness. But, a malevolent force lies in wait. Her patience is ever dwindling. Rigel, the Queen of the Dead will make her apperance in our realm soon. Brave Heroes! Remain steadfast, and never falter! Rigel must be stopped at all costs!

  • Halloween Vanilla Headgears have been added to the Spirit Cat (Hallow Shop) in Halloween City

  • Rewards from Level 101 up to 150 have been updated.
  • You can check the available rewards using @compendium.

Costume Sealed Compendium (Compendium Level 120)

Costume Muranyasa (Compendium Level 140)

Variant Rare Reward Added to Compendium Level 150 (Red Flame Giant)

  • The Paragone NPC has returned to Caspen. Try your luck with her using your hard earned Paragon Tickets. Who knows? You might get lucky and get a rare item. Otherwise, she'll just laugh-, I mean, she'll console you in your grief.

Costume Ninetails Garment has been added to Paragon NPC.

  • Golden Flame Giant  (Melee/Magic/Variant)
  • Red Flame Giant (Variant - from Compendium Level 150)
  • Red Fallen Crow Wings (Melee/Magic/Variant)


[Image:]   [Image:]       

  • The Treasure Box respawns every 10 minutes after the last one is opened.
  • Only 1 treasure box will spawn in the map every time.
  • Requires a treasure key to open. (Hallow Treasure Key ID: 26464)
  • The higher the upgrade of the treasure key the higher your chance of successfully opening the chest (up to 100%)
  • The higher the upgrade level of the treasure key the higher your chance of getting rare rewards.
  • Rare rewards is very random and depends on chance, you can get random equipment including temporal, modified temporal boots, Custom cards and vanilla items, shapeless weapons and many more.

  • Located at caspen 183 214
  • For a cost, she'll upgrade your Poring Basket and Giant White Rabbit Garments.
  • For 30x Yin Flowers and 3x 1B Zeny Bag, she'll normally upgrade your garment, but it has a 25% chance of failure and the garment level will be reduced by 1.
  • For 60 Yin Flowers and 5x 1B Zeny Bags, she'll upgrade your garment with a 100% success rate.

  • Located at hallow_city 174 196
  • For a cost, she'll enchant your garments.
  • Additionally, she can also turn your garments into costumes.

  • Located at hallow_city 133 200
  • For 10x Yin Flowers and 1x 1B Zeny Bag, she'll enchant your Artifact of Trials.

The following have been added on donation credits exchange. 
  • Halloween Candy: 250 pcs = 1x credit.
  • Halloween Bag I: 9x credits.
  • Halloween Bag II: 12x credits
  • Paragon Ticket: 1x credit
  • Hellship Raid Pass: 7x credits


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