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RilianeSummer Battleground Battlepass Event
(06-19-2023, 01:35 PM)Elvira Wrote: can remove 3rds bg? 3rds bg very niche and not newbie friendly at all

Make a poll and see where the community stands on this topic right now. The only reason there is 3rd job skills in BG is because people requested it and voted for it, same as they did for 2nds, so we compromised by having 2nd jobs bg days and 3rd job bg days..
a lot of things in this compendium looks awesome
Mini Event Announcement:
This is supposed to be yesterday but lets do it for Sunday to Monday for now.

Weekend Explosive Blitz:
When: 00:00 Friday server time to Sunday 23:59.

During the event time battle pass exp cap for BG will be increased from 3000 to 6000
Battle Pass Exp gained when winning and losing battleground games is tripled.
Drop rate of other random valuable rewards is also increased.
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Hello Brave Ones!

These are the Items to be released during this event, including Rares Zhao Yun Imperial Cape and Lasgand Serpent Shadow with Exclusive World Helios Set in the Higher/Highest Level of Battleground Battlepass!

[Image: BG-BPASS.png]

New Rare - Zhao Yun Imperial Cape is in the photo above
New Rare - Lasgand Serpent Shadow

[Image: Lasgand-Serpent-Shadow.gif]
New Rare Set - World Helios Sun God Set
[Image: Final-World-Helios-Set.png]
The animations:
[Image: World-Helios-Sun-God-Set.gif]

Just stay tuned! And let's join Battlegrounds and earn regular rewards!
New Garments to be included soon!
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Late announcement.

Mini Event Explosive Blitz extended until Sunday July 2 2023.
Added 51-100 rewards
Sunscreen card, a summer battlepass card can be obtained at lvl 51.
2 new costume garments can be obtained at 51-100
[Character Bound] gears - please make sure to claim these stuffs at the right character.
New Rare Serpent Shadow can be obtained at lvl 100.
Fix jewelry box.

The next update will be in July 15 2023. Make sure to level up your battlepass by then so you can enjoy the high tier rewards. 

The next update will include rewards for level 101-200.
The rewards will include all the headgears posted here including the new Helios Set and some new other stuffs.
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what time does daily cap reset?? 3 hrs since server erset stil lcapepd from ytd
(06-30-2023, 10:35 AM)aaaaa Wrote: what time does daily cap reset?? 3 hrs since server erset stil lcapepd from ytd

probably got bugged because of the explosive blitz, fixed now.
so explosive blitz got turned off?
(06-30-2023, 01:31 PM)Libon Wrote: so explosive blitz got turned off?

no it's turned on. It got bugged because it wasn't deactivated for a whole week when it's only supposed to run during friday to sunday. Reset on friday should start when explosive blitz is turned on, but since it's already active it didn't re run, ignoring the reset.
when can show list of all rewards til 200? i need to see if anything is worth wasting money on. already bad enough that its more expensive and worst of all account bound kekw. maybe reconsider this

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