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ClaireBattlegrounds Press Your Luck (PYL) Update
[Image: csidXn7.png]

The BG Press Your Luck rewards have been updated! They should give similar, if not better, rewards compared to the Seasonal Paragon. Guild Instance Cards have also been added to the prize pool. As well as some costume garments including a cute new one.

Additionally, Stage 9 is now a pick-your-reward-of-choice stage instead of simple Rare Headgear of Choice.

Stage 9 choice rewards:
  • Instant +10 Refine Ticket
  • Rare of Choice Coupon
  • Tailored Enchant Coupon
  • Mythical Pet Egg of Choice Coupon
  • Fishing Gear Exchange Coupon
  • Headgear Set of Choice Coupon
  • Variant Headgear of Choice Coupon

You don't need to create a ticket to claim those coupons. You can exchange those coupon to the NPCs that will be added soon.

We will continue to update this NPC with new rewards once in a while.

PS: Make sure to patch your clients to update the item descriptions. Overloaded gear system is also coming soon.
[Image: LTUU9f9.png] 
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